1 November, 2021 by Erich Dunkelberger

When I was younger a long time ago, there was a saying; “Crime doesn’t pay”. I spent my life working, getting paid for what I did, and, if I qualified for a bonus, I gladly accepted. I understood that anything done against the law, there were consequences I would have to pay. It was the way life worked. For most of us, that’s the way it still works.

Now, however, crime might pay for some. Wrapped up in the multi-trillion dollar bill being discussed in Congress is a provision to pay “reparations” to those who illegally crossed into our country and had children separated from them. The amount of this extravaganza is $450,000 each. At this point, I’m sure the language is still being drafted because the bill hasn’t passed yet and provisions in the bill are still being pulled to make the total price, currently at $1.7 Trillion, acceptable to enough to get it through. The thing to remember is, so far, everything that’s been pulled would have been to the benefit of American citizens to pay those who couldn’t care less for our country.

They want to pay a fortune to aliens who had children removed from their “care” after illegally crossing our borders. They broke the law as far as that goes. However, looking deeper, the children were separated because the adults couldn’t prove the children were theirs. These massive influxes of people crossing the borders was a perfect way for human traffickers or coyotes (and no, not the canine types) to make huge sums of money. President Trump stopped a lot of that from happening. President Biden is doing nothing to stop it, preferring to allow anyone and every one into the country and giving them free transport all over the country. Either way, this is proof of the Biden administration sanctioning a “Crime Pays” policy. They get paid for illegally crossing the border or they get paid for the inconvenience to the trafficking business.

Of course, you can put this right at the feet of Congress. For a lot of them, crime has been paying for years. Let’s face it; how can so many multi-millionaires come from a $174,000 salary? I doubt that happens legally. But, nobody is going to investigate wrong doing when you are one of the elite. In other words, that old saying about crime not paying, well, it doesn’t apply to everybody!


16 October, 2021 by Erich Dunkelberger

More and more people are beginning to feel some heat where their economic situation is concerned. We seem to be working harder and still losing ground. It’s hard to watch the evening news on network television paint such a rosy picture of our economy. Obviously, they aren’t in touch with any reality you know. I haven’t heard them tell the truth in ages. The truth of the matter is the average family is spending approximately $179 more a month than they did nine months ago for the same products.

Of course, chances are, you have trouble finding all of those products in stores. Some of this is caused by a lack of workers reporting to work because of Covid. That’s what the Sewer Stream Media says anyway. They say things will be fine shortly. The Government is taking care of things. My hair stood on end just writing that! More regulations and restrictions are being handed to businesses and industries every day. it’s what socialist governments do. And they’ll keep it up until Bernie Sanders is happy and all the shelves are empty like in Venezuela!

The gas pump isn’t really helping matters right now, is it? At the end of 2020, I was paying about $1.75/gallon. The closest gas to me currently is $3.05. Now, I know I’m not in the one of the most expensive areas, like California or New York, but that difference still hurts the old wallet. Of course, that will continue to climb as the United States has gone from being self-sufficient in gas and oil production to reliant on others for our needs.

How did we get here? At present, The United States is $28.88 Trillion in debt. This isn’t all Biden’s fault; he had a lot of help in this. But, he has surely accelerated the pace! To break that down, that’s $228,999 per taxpayer ($86,776 per citizen). Our debt owned by other countries is around $7.6 Trillion. This is not a good position to be in for our national security. And we are spending more than the Gross Domestic Produts is earning us!

On the employment front, we have about 153,000,000 in the workforce. But, there’s over 100,000,000 out of the workforce. Just about every business I drive by has a “Help Wanted” sign in the window. Our unemployment rate, as reported by the media is 4.8% (the U-3). However, if you use the U-6 formulation, the number is 8.1%. That will increase as companies are forced to lay off people who are not vaccinated. They will more than likely be added to the unemployable number, thus not figuring into the 4.8% figure.

If this causes you concern, just remember: the DemSocialists and some of their supporters among the Republicans are not finished spending yet! And don’t forget those new tax increases they want!

6 October, 2021 by Erich Dunkelberger

After the creation of The Constitution of the United States, the People determined that there was something missing. There needed to be assurances that their God-given natural rights would always be protected. The Bill of Rights was written with that intent. It laid out specific rights and guaranteed those rights against violation. In 1791, it became part of the US Constitution. It stated that these rights weren’t created by the government and couldn’t be stripped by the government!

The First Amendment of the Bill of Rights protects the freedom of speech, religion and the press. It also protects the right to peaceful protest and to petition the government. Freedom of religion has been under attack for many years. Religion makes living an immoral, perverted and indecent life difficult. Freedom of the press has been a joke for a couple of decades at least. Only a few outlets report actual news. The rest spout nothing but propaganda, calling the few true news sources conspiracy theorists! Freedom of speech has been attacked numerous times and defended successfully all the way up to the Supreme Court. But, it continues to be assaulted.

Earlier this week, Joe Biden asked his Attorney General, Merrick Garland, to declare any person arguing against the use of Critical Race Theory, Project 1619, mask mandates or sex education at a school board meeting a domestic terrorist. There was agreement between the two to employ the FBI to harass parents wanting only the best for their children. Now, granted that there have been some board meeting that have gotten loud, but most of the time, it was instigated by intransigence among the board members. Recently, a nearby county school board meeting was cancelled after members saw 50 parents wanting to speak. The meeting was just ended abruptly, and the meeting was rescheduled for the following week in a closed session! The parents were definitely upset, but the members didn’t want to hear their voices and they got their way.

School board members are elected officials. They should be responsible to the People. They are, after all, responsible for determining policy to educate our children! Way too many times, the members are in the pocket of the teachers’ groups or unions and too many of them want to indoctrinate to an agenda as opposed to actually educating.

One of the very few good things that came out of Covid (funny how that keeps popping up everywhere) was parents had the opportunity to see what was going on in the “classroom” as kid were taught remotely in their own homes. Parents were incensed and rightfully so! Those school board members should hear how those parents feel. Those children do not belong to those members to do whatever they want. They are the responsibility of those parents!

The FBI doesn’t belong in those meetings. They don’t need to be harassing parents protecting their children! Maybe they should go and do their actual duty. They could go and investigate election fraud (they can learn how from the forensic auditors in Arizona) or track down some human traffickers. You know, real bad guys instead of trying to entrap parents!

25 September, 2021 by Erich Dunkelberger

I get a lot of poll questions thrown my way. Many are sent as a fundraising tool. Others are just an effort to get an email for future advertisements. The ones I like most are those that seriously ask a question, then give the results at that point. The last category is the only one in which I participate.

This morning, AMAC (The Association of Mature American Citizens) sent me their weekly poll. To paraphrase, the question asked which mistake by the Biden Administration was the greatest threat to the country. The choices are as follows:

  1. The border crisis
  2. The Afghanistan pull-out and stranding of citizens
  3. The handling of COVID
  4. The economic policies
  5. Unsure

Now personally, I believe there should have been another choice. My choice would have been “None of these were a mistake”!

The Biden Administration has always wanted an open borders policy. They deliberately opened the southern border for that goal. Their plan is to let as many people into the country as they can, ship them all across the country, “lose” them, grant them amnesty then give them the right to vote (DemSocialist, of course). I doubt that the Haitians who were gathered in Del Rio, Texas were sent back to Haiti. They are now all over the United States, probably with taxpayer money. The Central Americans normally at our borders are in camps all along the southern states. The Afghan refugees have been sent to military bases “for processing” but many of them are just walking off of the base. It’s certainly not military members providing security! Lastly, amnesty is in one of those Infrastructure bills just waiting to be passed.

The sudden pull-out from Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan and the complete mismanagement of the withdrawal of American citizens, Afghans who helped Americans and should have a special visa, and the refugees was absolutely a debacle, or in military jargon, a Charlie Foxtrot! But was it a classic case of bureaucracies not working together and getting people killed or was it a plan to demoralize our military and ruin relations with governments who have worked hand in hand for years?

The handling of the China Virus was no mistake. It has always been about dividing people. Do you mask or not? Do you get the vaccine or not? Do you need the vaccine if you’ve had the virus before and have antibodies? Do you lockdown or not? These questions are coming to a head all over the world. There are protests in Great Britain, France, Italy and Australia. It’s at a boiling point here!

The economic situation is obviously by design. The DemSocialists want to destroy Capitalism, but can’t because they need the businesses to tax at a crippling rate so they can spend all of their money. Let’s face it; they are going to need around $25-30 TRILLION to waste on all of their dream programs.

So, that’s my case for the sixth choice of “it’s no mistake”. Yes, Biden is completely inept, but those who are running him are pure evil. Prove me wrong.

19 September, 2021 by Erich Dunkelberger

When you begin a discussion on Covid, there often is a move to pigeon-hole participants into various categories. In all honesty, I guess that goes on in just about any discussion. It’s that kind of a divisive world. But, in regards to Covid, division is almost automatic. Many people are being turned away from businesses because they aren’t vaccinated. A couple of businesses are going the opposite direction and refusing service to those who are vaccinated. Personally, limiting your clientele for any reason just doesn’t seem like a good business plan.

One phrase heard a lot is “Follow the science”. That usually works. But Covid is different. Actual science is provable. Given certain data, the results should always be the same. If a new valid parameter to that data is added, the result may change, but that new data, when tested, should give the same new result. If someone tells you the science is settled, question that source. Fauci uses that phrase quite a bit and he has been on every side of an argument at some point in his life. I swear, it’s like he goes along with whoever pays the most. True science can’t be bought. However, data can be manipulated. When an experiment starts with a desired outcome and the data is massaged to get to that desired outcome, that’s no longer science!

That phony outcome becomes Sewer Stream Media fodder. It gets disseminated to the public, too many of whom don’t do any form of questioning of that information and take that fiction as fact. The science is settled so it must be true. If this information is on every platform you use, every television screen, or every governmental meeting you see, it must be true. But, is it really?

The origins of Covid is uncertain. I believe it came from a bioweapons lab in Wuhan, China. Others, including the media, says it came from a bat in a wet market. Dr. Fauci says maybe the lab, although his agency funded the research at the Wuhan lab! Once the virus showed up here, it was within a couple of weeks before they had the virus isolated. That’s pretty miraculous. of course, they could have gotten the sequencing from the Chinese, but that seems a little strange that the data would be trusted. however the structure of the virus was determined, it took just a few months before vaccines were ready for trials. The first two Messenger RNA vaccines were in the mix. Immediately, critics with impressive credentials began raising questions about long term consequences. Of course, those questions remain and will remain for the next five+ years. But, by all means, follow the science!

At this point, everyone who wants a vaccine in the United States has had one or two injections of the three vaccines available here. The Biden Administration wants more people to take the jab. Now we have mandates! You have to have the injection if you want work, eat out, go to the gym, etc. Of course the vaccine doesn’t prevent the virus and doesn’t make it a lighter case when you do get Covid. It won’t even keep you from death. But, follow the science!

The media tells you that it’s the unvaccinated who are getting sick and filling the hospital beds. Yet our borders are allowing anyone across and the illegals are being shipped all across the country, but more heavily in the red states. They certainly aren’t getting vaccinated at the border. How do we know they aren’t the ones filling the beds? Who checks? Since the hospitals are paid for treating Covid patients and paid extra for intubating them, how can a spokesperson from the hospital be trusted to tell us the truth?

Then again, there is a leaked zoom meeting between hospital managers for a group of hospitals in the area I live. During the meeting, one of the participants says they need to scare these people (the unvaccinated) into getting the vaccine so they needed to inflate the numbers of cases and the number of beds being used. The video has made the rounds. Even the local NBC affiliate had to report on it! Of course, the numbers have been inflated from the very start of Covid!

When it comes down to it, everything that is being done is for division of the country. They ask you to choose between security of the vaccine against your freedom to go to work and go to the store. They tell you choosing freedom is selfish. Benjamin Franklin once said, “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” The DemSocialists don’t want you to have liberty. But, follow the science.

8 September, 2021 by Erich Dunkelberger

Thomas Paine once wrote, “Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.” While there is truth to this statement, most of us would prefer parts of our various governments not take up the mantle for evil. Now, I have voted for the lesser of two evils before and regretted it. Let’s face it: the lesser of two evils is still evil. This week, we actually have a political party looking to Satan for salvation!

Let me clarify. Last week, the US Supreme Court ruled that a Texas abortion bill was constitutional. It was signed into law by Gov Greg Abbott amid the expected outcries from the Sewer Stream Media, telling their sheep that this law bans abortion. It, of course, does no such thing. It does make it illegal for a doctor to perform an abortion after a heart beat is detected. It’s hard to argue when life starts, when the argument includes a heart beat. That is a definite sign of life!

Actually, I don’t think there’s really an argument of when life starts. My Christian belief says life starts at conception. There are two sides to this story though. On one side, we have the Pro-Life movement, of which I am a part. On the other side, there’s the Pro-Abortion group. One political party, the Democrat Party prefers the label Pro-Choice, but that’s pretty much a false narrative as the only choice pushed is to abort the pregnancy. I mentioned the Democrat Party, because every election cycle, right there on their platform, they proudly proclaim Pro-Choice (phony name for Pro-Abortion).

As a Conservative, I disagree with just about everything the Democrat Party stands for. I believe their platform goes against every American principle. I hardly ever thought of them as evil though… until this year. In 2021, they have done everything they can to destroy the economy, our standing among other countries, our technology, our children’s education, and in the energy field. Every step they take, I ask how much further into the depths of the morass of evil intentions can the Democrats go. Now, we have an answer!

The Democrats want to jump on the wagon driven by the Satanic Temple of Texas in suing the Lone Star State. They say the law violates their religious freedom to kill babies as long as they want to before birth. Of course, there are several Democrats that think it’s just fine to deliver the baby, then kill it! Pure evil! That’s called murder! It looks to me like the Democrat Party has sold its soul (or something) to the Devil. I wonder if they get his endorsement in the next election cycle.

1 September, 2021 by Erich Dunkelberger

Well, we are officially out of Afghanistan, and ahead of schedule. President Biden’s date certain for withdrawal was 31 August and the last aircraft was wheels up at 0030 (local time) that morning. At yesterday’s press conference, Biden referred to the evacuation mission as an “extraordinary success”. Really?

The mission began with the complete abandonment of the Bagram Air Base in the middle of the night. Afghanis reporting to work at the base the next morning were asking each other the question, “Where are the Americans?”. But, we left a lot of equipment behind, from uniforms, body armor, a weapons cache that makes Fast and Furious look like amateur hour, trucks, helicopters and aircraft.

Now, the Taliban were sitting on their heels just waiting for the withdrawal of forces to assert control over the country. They began eating up the country, one province at a time. At a press conference around early August, Biden told reporters that the intelligence he had said the 300,000 man Afghan Army would be able to maintain control of the region over the 70-80,000 Taliban forces. That proved wildly wrong! In a short time, Taliban had Kabul surrounded to the point we had to send US Marine and Army units back to aid in the evacuation of our US Embassy personnel, American citizens, Afghans who had helped our military and diplomats (thus becoming enemies of the Taliban) and their families.

With Americans in control of the airport in Kabul, the Embassy was evacuated there, then flights took off out of Afghanistan. The evacuation was in full swing. At the same time, Taliban forces were establishing choke points around the airport to keep the people they were looking for from getting away. Men, women and children were being pulled out and escorted away to answer for their crimes of wanting freedom!

Planes were being loaded with Afghans wanting to leave, but little in the way of vetting was taking place. Many of us will remember the pictures of Afghani people trying to hold onto the outside hull of C-17’s at take-off and falling back to the ground. We were told that vetting would take place in neighboring countries, but those countries started balking at the numbers of refugees arriving in their countries. They stopped taking flights. The planes continued to be loaded and flown out. Tens of thousands of Afghans fled their country, but we don’t know with certainty who they are . Many arrived with no ID at all. Where are they?

Press conferences from the White House and the Pentagon asking the Taliban for assistance in allowing people through the check points. It became obvious to many that the Taliban were the ones in control. Joe Biden set the end date as 31 August. He said every American and Afghan SIV holder would get out by that date. As that date approached, the Taliban spokesman said there would be no extension. Basically, we weren’t negotiating; we had surrendered.

Then, the bomb went off, killing 11 Marines, a Navy Corpsman and an Army soldier and wounding many others, both military and civilian. Biden’s first act was to blame Trump, who had left office on 20 January. Biden signed 40 or so executive orders ending programs and plans Trump had made, including the plans for withdrawal to be completed by the end of May!

Biden’s promise to get everyone out failed. There are still Americans in Afghanistan. The Pentagon says it is now the mission of the State Department to get them out. Their estimate is around 250 people, but people on the ground are saying it is many more. There are several groups of US veterans who are still working to get them out. Last night one of the groups said they got a plane out with over 500 people aboard. More remain.

Joe Biden’s approval rating is down to 47% (yeah, right) and he has offended the families of the heroes who died over there. He has demeaned everyone who ever served in Afghanistan. If this was an “extraordinary success”, I’d hate to see this Administration’s idea of a debacle!

23 August, 2021 by Erich Dunkelberger

Currently, around 51% of Americans are fully vaccinated against the Covid virus. All this year, there has been a daily call for everyone to get the vaccine. News programs from the Sewer Stream Media, television shows, celebrities, and advertising agencies across America are involved in pushing these drugs. Cities and businesses are considering mandating the vaccine to go anywhere inside a building. Colleges and universities want to mandate it for students and staff.

None of the vaccines, to date, have completed Stage three clinical trials and all of the vaccines are authorized for emergency use only. That is until this morning, when the FDA fully approved the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine. It was announced late last week that the FDA was likely to issue approval as early as today. Immediately, health officials jumped up saying that now more people who had been hesitant to get the shot would surely get it now. They also said mandates should go ahead. Think, Papers Please! Pfizer stock opened up 2% this morning. The Pentagon briefing on the debacle in Afghanistan included announcement that a timeline for mandating military personnel to be vaccinated would be finalized soon!

Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer, made the statement, “Based on the longer-term follow-up data that we submitted, today’s approval for those aged 16 and over affirms the efficacy and safety profile of our vaccine at a time when it is urgently needed.” I sure would be interested in seeing that data. Did it include the almost 500 deaths in the first 3 months of roll-out? Did it say that the trial patients were those very same patients getting the vaccine through the emergency use? The statement mentioned efficacy. Does it keep you from getting Covid? No! When you get the virus after the vaccine, are the effects as bad or worse. You can’t answer that one; how could you know. And now, you have to have a third shot! Are you going to need to take one every eight months or so?

Now that the Pfizer vaccine is fully approved, does that end the waiver for liability. If not, being fully approved means nothing. It means that approval was nothing more than a ploy to get more people vaccinated! If liability is still blocked, does that open the FDA to being sued? Now that the vaccine has a name (Comirnaty) and you need at least one more shot, what will keep Pfizer from raising the price like so many other drugs?

None of this answers the big question of concern for me. What will the side effects be five to ten years from now. Let me remind you that this is the first mRNA vaccine, with very limited study of long term effects. Basically, I don’t trust the CDC (they still haven’t explained how they test for the Delta variant) or the FDA. I am not at all sure this wasn’t just an approval in name only to get more people jabbed! I have questions. I’ll wait for more answers to change my opinion. I’ll follow the science once I see the data! Being told what to do isn’t following the science!

3 August, 2021 By Erich Dunkelberger

If you listen or read to the Sewer Stream Media ( CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS makes no difference as they all regurgitate the same phrases) or get your “news” from any of the Big Tech companies, you must know we are in the midst of of the Delta variant of Covid-19. The spread is spiking everywhere. The Delta is more highly transmissible, causing hospitals to fill fast.

However, details that have filtered through the CDC, FDA and others may tell a different story, one not reported by the above “media”. But first, let me repeat that the Covid virus IS real. Whether it was a natural virus or a manufactured one I can’t tell you. I BELIEVE it was manufactured and Fauci himself commented that it wasn’t out of the realm of possibility. But, it is a virus that has, or been partially responsible, killed people around the world. Some of the droppings from the above agencies might be enlightening. They should at least turn on the lightbulb over your head.

The agencies that we should trust with our health have been manipulating numbers throughout the pandemic. They put out for publication a daily death toll Covid caused. Around five months ago, CDC reported that, of those deaths, only 6% actually died from Covid. The other 94% died of pre-existing conditions. That’s a significant difference. At that time, my state had just reported 500,000 deaths since the beginning of the virus. Using the number reported by the CDC, 30,000 of the deaths were from Covid. Granted, every death is painful, but lies are inexcusable!

The FDA several weeks ago, said they were pulling emergency use authorization for the PCR test at the end of the year. Why are they pulling the most commonly used test for Covid? Turns out it is cycled way too many times to be a reliable test; it gives too many false positives. Imagine all those people who tested positive and had to miss work because of a false positive. Imagine having to trust the test again to be able to go back to work. I always knew that the number of cases was inflated.

Of course, the CDC revealed not long ago that the PCR test couldn’t really distinguish between Covid and the flu. In 2019, our local news was reporting flu deaths and school closures because of the flu. Those reports disappeared at the start of 2020, as if the flu had been completely eradicated, despite the 41% efficacy of the flu vaccine that year!

The world is full of viruses. Some are deadly. Others cause discomfort. Lately, the biggest viruses have been the SSM, Big Tech, the FDA and the CDC. Their cause to create hysteria have completely blown their credibility, at least for me. How about you?

13 July, 2021 By Erich Dunkelberger

Independence Day was a short week and a half ago. It was a great day! Flags were displayed proudly everywhere along with buntings on porches. Because it was on a Sunday this week, it started with church. The attendees were dressed in red, white and blue from scarves, shirts, ties. The American flag was on the screen when I walked in. After the service, a few of us went for a quick lunch, then four of us headed to a free concert celebrating God and Country in North Myrtle Beach, SC. I mention the town because any city that supports a concert for both God and Country deserves to be mentioned in this day and age! It was a fantastic afternoon, culminating with the song, “I Pledge Allegiance To The Lamb”. What a way to end a show!

I start with this description as one take on the American flag. I’ve always thought of myself as fairly patriotic! The prior week, we saw the other side of the coin. A employee of the New York Times said there were a lot of American flags on display and how disturbed she was by that. Disturbed? I just shook my head. Then, we had athletes trying to win a spot in the Olympic trials disrespecting the flag. I’m sorry, but, if you win a spot on the team, aren’t you going to be wearing that flag on your uniform? Why even try out for the USA team if you dislike the country? Perhaps you should try out for the teams from China, North Korea or Iran.

Over the last few days, I’ve seen other American flags. These flags have been carried by Cubans in the streets of Havana in protests of government abuse of their citizenry, while chanting “Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!” Now, if you still watch the Sewer Stream Media, You probably didn’t see the American flags carried through the streets. They tend to edit things like that out. They’ll tell you that they are protesting for better Covid care or more vaccines or some such garbage. That’s a lie! The Cubans see the American flag as a symbol of Freedom! Socialism and Communism never do anything FOR the people! They do it TO the people! Their only achievement is shared misery! The Cubans are tired of the misery. They want Freedom and they want it now! My prayers are with the Cuban people! Unfortunately, Communist governments are hard tyrants!

In 2020, we saw American flags in the streets of Hong Kong too. The Communist Chinese used the Wuhan Flu as a reason to clear the streets of protesters and silence the people in quarantine! They brought their security forces in to maintain “peace” and the voices of those protesters remain silenced!

Around the world, the American flag stands for Freedom. When there is trouble, disaster or otherwise, other countries call out for the United States of America and people come to there aid, usually wearing the American flag on their uniforms! So, why would an American be disturbed by the American flag? Could it be they she belongs to those against Freedom? There are plenty of Marxists, Socialists and Communists in this country. Maybe we should take a hard look at Hong Kong and Cuba (and Venezuela) to see the tyranny unleashed by those philosophies, before it gets any more entrenched here!

As for me, I’ll continue to fly the American flag in front of my house. I’ll continue to do what I can to maintain the Freedom our Constitution guarantees. If that disturbs you, sorry, NOT SORRY! Remember, Socialism and Liberty are incompatible philosophies!