30 April, 2023 by Eric Dunkelberger

The DemSocialists have been waging war on America for over two years. Rarely do they fire a shot; they are fighting against the middle-class by economic means. They have clamped down on the supply chain. Mothers looking for baby formula, couldn’t find it. DemSocialists found it overseas. They have made America dependent on foreign oil, where we once were (and could be again) producing enough petroleum for our self-sufficiency and export of the remainder. During Covid, DemSocialists shut down businesses. Many of those businesses didn’t survive the Scamdemic. When it became “safe” to go back to work, they made hiring much more difficult by paying people not to work! I live in a beach area and, to this day, there are a lot of restaurants with “Help Wanted” signs in the window.

I am a Christian Conservative. I hate seeing what the Biden Abomination and Demsocialists have done, and continue to do, to the United States. I love America and the US Constitution. More importantly, I love Jesus Christ and his Word! It’s time to fight back. Any company that demonstrates their hatred of America or Christian values doesn’t deserve my money. Actually, I’ve been doing this for around a decade. When a blue jean company declared they didn’t want gun owners to buy their jeans, I, as a gun owner, obliged them. Any company that donates to groups that don’t have the best interests of the USA, shouldn’t expect any of my dollars. I won’t be funding their agenda! If a company tries to exploit or degrade my family values, I’m not game for it.

The old Mickey Mouse Club and the Disney programming of today are vastly different. Today, Disney is making movies with MA or R ratings marketed toward family viewing. Well, not my family! I haven’t watched Disney in a long time, I hated it when the Star Wars movies fell under Disney’s label. There’s no way I’m taking my family to Disney parks because of their in-your-face promotion of the LBGQTXYZ agenda. And then there are the links to pedophilia by some of the employees at the parks. There are better family activities in which to partake, thanks. I’ve been completely satisfied with my selection of movies and documentaries on Pure Flix, a Christian option to Netflix and Hulu.

Big Tech isn’t immune. I don’t use Google. Their browser results are slanted heavily to the DemSocialist side. To get true results, you have to scroll down a minimum of two to three pages, if at all! There are better choices. I dropped DirecTV after they dropped One America News from their programming. It’s not wise to mess with my First Amendment. Or any of the other Amendments! Don’t even get me started on Big Pharma!

With the uproar recently over Bud Light’ alignment with Dylan Mulvaney was interesting to watch. It didn’t affect me as I switched from Bud Light to Yuengling years ago when they decided to put a rainbow on their can. I’ve never gone back. Obviously, they haven’t changed their opinions, but have gone more extreme, so there’s no reason to change my mind.

As far as shopping goes, I have choices there too. I don’t buy Nike products. They lost me when they were fine with kneeling for the American flag. Of course, the slave labor from China was another strike against them. Under Armour was okay with Nike’s position, so it was fine for me to not buy their products. Amazon is out; Mammoth Nation is in. They use vendors who support the United States!

I’m not rich, but I do have principles. My values must match those of the businesses I patronize. I see no reason to spend my dollars only to have it go to an entity I cannot support. I will do it no longer. Recent events show me that I am not alone.