25 January, 2023 by Eric Dunkelberger

For purposes of illustration, let’s assume a family has a bank charge card with a limit of $31,000 and it is now maxed out. The family has income coming in, but, for every $100 coming in, $129 goes out. They have a couple of debts that are coming due within a few months. Things are looking bad. They decide to call the bank to see about raising the card’s limit.. The bank tells them they need to have a serious discussion! There has to be changes made in their finances. This is how a family loses everything!

But, we’re not talking about a family in reality. Actually, we’re talking about the US Government. Instead of being in debt to the tune of $31,000, the National Debt is now over $31Trillion ($31,000,000,000,000) and we’ve just recently hit our debt ceiling. We’ve got about six months before we start defaulting on loans. The income to spending is still valid in reality. Now, historically, our elected officials play around until the last minute, then raise the debt ceiling so they can keep on spending recklessly. Kicking the can down the road doesn’t work. Sooner or later, it catches up to you.

However, now, thanks to a few Conservatives who stood up to Establishment members in the House of Representatives, demanding an end to business as usual. We can no longer just spend without repercussions. Biden, through his handlers, has said there is nothing to talk about; just raise the debt limit. Hopefully, Speaker McCarthy will stand his ground. There needs to be serious discussions about rampant (and corrupt) spending. Sen Mitch McConnell has already begged off, saying this is a discussion between Biden and McCarthy, effectively throwing the Speaker under the bus. McConnell has never seen a debt ceiling he wasn’t willing to raise!

When Biden took office, the National Debt was around $28.5 Trillion. The economy was returning to normal, slowly. It was being dragged down by DemSocialist policies keeping Blue states under lockdown and, later, by paying people to stay out of work. One of his first actions was a $1.7 Trillion Covid spending bill. Spending soared from there. It was wasteful spending bill after wasteful spending bill.

The Border Crisis is a national security risk. The National Debt is also. The cost to every citizen because of this debt is $94,250. But it won’t be paid by every citizen; the cost to each taxpayer is $246,867. Inflation increases with each dollar spent by the Federal Government. It’s not Putin’s fault; it’s not even Biden’s fault entirely. But, what happens at this juncture depends on Biden. All parties need to come to the table and talk. A blank check to the DemSocialists can not happen! James Madison said, ” I go on the principle that a public debt is a public curse and in a republican government more than in any other.” I agree. So get busy and now instead of later!


14 January, 2023 by Eric Dunkelberger

So far, this year has been very busy, to say the least. The new session of Congress opened on the third of this month, then there was the turmoil over the Speakership between the Establishment and Swamp dwellers on the one side and Conservatives on the other. After much negotiation (mostly between Establishment and swamp creatures, but occasionally also the Conservatives), 15 ballots over five days, a greatly fettered Kevin McCarthy won the Speakership.

The new committee chairs hadn’t been chosen before the news shifted. Breaking news came out that classified documents had been found in Vice President Biden’s UPenn Biden Center office in Washington DC. The DOJ had been notified of the find, back in November, just days before the 2022 General Election! Why the delay in letting the American people know about this? The White House pretty much ignored the question. The interesting thing was the fact that it wasn’t just Fox News, One America News and Newsmax talking about it. The Sewer Stream Media was questioning things also!

Of course, The SSM started by comparing this news to the classified document situation of President Trump. They were determined to show that this was nowhere near as serious as what Trump did. That failed miserably: as VP, why was he in possession of classified documents? Security was another issue. There is heavy security at Mar-A-Lago, while the building housing the “think tank” UPenn Biden Center has none. Nobody at the White House could say what documents were there or when Biden had been there last.

Last Wednesday, more classified documents were found in the garage of Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware home. At least, Biden was aware this time. Biden acknowledged the documents were in his locked garage next to his Corvette. Friday brought us another document found in his house, followed by six more found Saturday! How many people have had access to this house? It’s a safe bet Hunter has. There’s no way he should be anywhere near classified documents.

There are serious concerns here. The DOJ tried to cover it up until after the election. They wanted to save the DemSocialist Party from losses that might have happened had the news gotten out. Now, the Attorney General has appointed a Special Council to “investigate” the fiasco. The Sewer Stream Media is raising questions. Surprisingly, they aren’t ignoring problems caused by Biden, as they normally would for DemSocialists. There’s now a House committee wanting answers on top of it all.

This isn’t a classic cover-up that’s going on. The news is out there and getting worse by the day. It’s being talked about. To add to that, Biden has announced his run for re-election in 2024, much to the chagrin of many DemSocialists. One of them has raised the possibility of the documents having been planted to “embarrass” Biden. Really! With the tactic of blaming others of what you yourself are doiing, employed by Socialist everywhere, that raises the question. What if the papers were planted, but by Biden’s own party, to stop Biden’s run, install Kamala as President so she can run for President in 2024? Why? That would ensure the people running Biden could stay in power with Kamala, because everyone knows she doesn’t have a clue!

5 January, 2023 by Eric Dunkelberger

Our Founding Fathers declared independence from an oppressive monarchy in 1776. For seven years, they fought the American Revolution against the British Army, sent by the British monarchy. Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence condemned the abuses inflicted on the American colonists in the name of the monarchy. Eventually, we signed a peace treaty with the monarchy, officially recognizing American Independence! When it became time to determine the type of government, is it any wonder they didn’t choose a monarchy?

The Founding Fathers were quite tired of an automatic ascension to power. They created a Constitution that laid out a Representative Republic. They decided the United States of America would be led by a President. The Constitution set forth three branches of government, the Executive, the Judicial and the Legislative. The Legislative branch would be the Senate, with members being sent by the individual states (changed by Amendment XVII), and the People’s House, the House of Representatives, with members elected by citizens of the states. The House members would elect a Speaker by a majority vote.

The Speakership was never intended to be handed down to a previously chosen, hand-picked few. It was designed with the possibility of being messy. It wasn’t supposed to be one ballot and done. In 1923, it took nine ballots to find a Speaker. Ultimately, the Speaker reports to the American People. In 2015, John Boehner resigned from the Speakership because the People protested and demanded it. When it came time to vote for the new Speaker, common consensus said Rep. Kevin McCarthy (Conservatives were against him then as well) was favored, by he lost and Rep Paul Ryan became the Speaker of the House.

As of this writing, we are in the third day of voting for a Speaker of the House. There have been a total of nine votes so far. The “favored” member is (again) Kevin McCarthy. There is a block of 20 Republicans, all Conservative, holding up his coronation. Later this evening, there should be a tenth vote. McCarthy can only give up four votes, the margin between Republican and Democrat is so close.

And that’s where we are right now. Democrats are making fun of the Republicans, saying its embarrassing. No, if you want embarrassing, look to the White House and it’s resident. Look at how other countries no longer think America a world leader. Look at a country that can’t, or won’t, control its border. Some of the Republican establishment are saying if they don’t elect McCarthy, a Democrat will be Speaker. Hogwash! That will only happen IF six Republicans vote for him. That would be the kiss of death for their careers (or should be).

McCarthy has a problem. As I say, he can only give up four votes and there are five who want him to step down. He can give concessions to the holdouts, but he won’t give up everything asked of him. The thing is, few of those 20 Conservatives believe he will actually follow through. McCarthy is no Conservative and would rather negotiate with Democrats than fellow Republicans. He is not a believer in term limits or curtailing spending, two of the items Conservatives want. He is an Establishment politician, a Swamp Creature.

I stand with the 20 proudly. These Representatives were voted in for change. The “business as usual” atmosphere is sucking the air out of the country. They say we need to elect McCarthy so we can get down to business. They ARE taking care of business! They are fighting the Swamp. Like Matt Gaetz said, if you want to drain the swamp, you can’t put the gator in charge. I say, stand on your principles, though you may stand alone (Hat tip to John Adams).

29, December, 2022 by Eric Dunkelberger

Around this time of year, between Christmas and New Year, everyone is looking back at what happened and what they did over the past year. Music outlets are going over their top 100. I’m not really interested, because, let’s face it, most of them aren’t as good as the music made in the ’60’s and ’70’s. Sadly, a Christian station I listen to could only do a top “20 in ’22” show. Oh, well. I’ll leave all of the looking back for the upcoming awards shows, which I never watch. So much for looking back!

Looking back, can you really change anything that happened last year or last decade? Well, not really. You can change your behavior, your attitude, you perspective and your habits. Some of that happens this time of year as we look to make resolutions. While deciding to quit smoking, stop drinking, lose weight and go to the gym are worthwhile endeavors, are you really willing to put in the exertion to go through with the resolution or is it all for show?

I don’t make resolutions. Aren’t you doing that more for pier-pressure? It always comes with the announcement , “I’ve made a resolution to…” If you decide to change something for the better, just do it! I quit smoking 14 years ago and curtailed drinking to around two or three beers a week. Those were personal choices that I made. I didn’t announce it to anyone, except maybe my wife. I did it to be a healthier person. For me! Other changes I’ve made over the last year were not only for myself, but for my Lord, my Saviour, my King! While, hopefully, you see a change, I did it more for Him, for the grace He has shown me, past, present and future.

Instead of looking back, I prefer looking forward. And, doing this, I am hopeful. I hope Conservative views prevail in the House of Representatives and tend to stifle the DemSocialist machinations. I truly hope a Conservative is elected to the Speakership of the House. I hope the incoming Congress works FOR the People instead of against. I hope we can return the United States of America to being a world leader and foil the plans of the World Economic Forum! I hope we achieve true integrity in our voting process. I hope a great list of real Conservative candidates comes forward to run for office in the next cycle of elections. I’ve already decided on several candidates for my state; just waiting for their decision to run. Is this too much to be hopeful for? This is what I’ll be working on. God’s will be done! Have a happy and safe New Year!

17 December, 2022 by Eric Dunkelberger

Yellow journalism is the sensationalization of news solely to gain circulation. It refers to a period in time between 1895 and 1898 when two New York newspapers, Pulitzer’s New York World and Hearst’s New York Journal were in competition with each other. Both papers served the same city and both were the same price. Customers would look at both papers and buy the one with the headline that screamed at them or a picture that claimed their attention. Facts took a back seat to embellishment.

Skip ahead 60 years and you have a different look. Television news is cutting into the profits of the newspapers. Back then, there were only three channels from which to choose. To attract an audience, news stations adopted the policy, “If it bleeds, it leads”. That’s pretty much the same thing as yellow journalism. They show something gruesome to lock you into watching. Again, truth takes a backseat.

Today, the same struggle goes on. Print news, although there are still newspapers, most news has gone online. Television news has gone from three channels to a myriad of channels, many of them 24/7 news. There is a lot of competition for your attention. You can always get a news update. It’s simple. You can turn on the TV, the computer or check your phone. You’re connected. With so much information out there, it’s a shame so many are so ill-informed.

Much like the two newspapers in New York in 1895, which favored Democrats, so too do the vast majority of newspapers and probably 95% of news programming. The problem is, journalism has gone out the window. There’s little need for investigating if your information comes from the Democrat Party. Even writing news copy is almost a lost art. This is evidenced by the news, no matter your source, using the exact same adjectives for a subject of a story. Every story or program you look at uses the same words or phrases.. A noteworthy example is the use of insurrection for a protest. Or “a peaceful protest” when thugs (Democrats or Anarchists) are burning down a city. Next time you watch CNN or MSNBC or any of the others, check it out.

In times gone past, people used to go to college to take journalism classes. They used to teach you a story requires a who, what, when, where and why.. Experience tells you to check your sources. Being able to put a sentence together is helpful. That was then; this is now! I’m sure that very little journalism is taught in college classes now. It’s more indoctrination into Socialism. That’s what happens in college now, with very few exceptions.

I don’t read most newspapers. Maybe an occasional article. I don’t watch the Sewer Stream Media. It’s mostly garbage and agenda-driven. I have a couple of news channels I watch (Newsmax and OAN). There are several websites I check. If I am checking out a story to see if it’s real, I’m not going to use a leftist source. I don’t trust it! I’ve been watching the various releases from Twitter. I’ve seen the crushing of Conservative opinions by the media and Big Tech and Big Government. One thing I have learned is that WE are the new journalists.

10 December, 2022 by Eric Dunkelberger

Over the last week or so, Elon Musk has been releasing internal files and communications from Twitter employees and management centered on the Washington Post release of news of Hunter Biden’s laptop. Personally, I believe the release should have started with files before the onset of Covid. Much of the vehicles for censorship were well in use by that time. In an effort to restore free speech, we need to know how Twitter strayed, or was allowed to stray, so far from the goal of free speech.

Immediately after the drop started, the left lost their collective mind. There were denials, accusations of the spread of false information and Musk trying to destroy his new purchase. But, within two days, CBS reported on the existence of the laptop, about two years after the Washington Post broke the story. Of course, they still downplay it, saying it’s just the computer of a drug addicted son of the President. You know, it’s just porn. What it actually contains is evidence of foreign interventions and 10% for the Big Guy! Well, now the story is out and the rest of the Alphabet Media, aka Sewer Stream Media, will look like the fools we’ve been saying they are for years if they continued to ignore it!

So, after three drops of information, what have we learned? We found out that Jack Dorsey, former CEO of Twitter relied on his managers to run things. When the laptop story broke, it was primarily Vijaya Gadde, the former head of legal, policy and trust played the major role on clamping down on the story, along with several others. It was two to three days before Dorsey was made aware, according to the releases. We know that, before all of this began, there was a working relationship between management at Twitter and both the DNC ant the GOP. Anytime either of them had an issue with a post, they could go to Twitter and they could handle the issue. Gradually, bias caused the favoring of the DNC, eventually exclusively. By the way, Gadde was one of the first Musk fired when he took over!

There was coordination between Twitter, other members of Big Tech, and the DNC. They were able to amplify the DemSocialists posts, while throttling back or stifling opposing posts during the campaigns leading up to the 2020 election. They advocated for mail-in ballots. their viewpoint was they were safe and easy and they wouldn’t allow any other view. As early voting began and machines started having problems, any report of such would find the disclaimer that the use of the machines was safe. Everything was fine.

People who were watching the drops as they happened commented that this was evidence of voter interference. Even Elon Musk agreed. Of course, any mention of that back in 2020 would have gotten you in Twitmo. But now, Rep. Jim Jordan has expressed an interest in seeing the raw data. Good luck Jim!

Last night’s drop concerned the lead-up to January 6th. It showed a cooperation with the DHS, FBI and the Director of National Intelligence. This was blatantly the weaponization of the intelligence community. Twitter HQ was seeing the events in almost real time, right up until the murder of Ashli Babbett by a Capitol Police officer. They weren’t sure what to do with the pictures that were coming through. They were disappointed with Trump’s Tweet telling everyone to stay calm and go home. I wonder why this tweet didn’t get to the J6 hearings. I know why: it orchestrated. Just like a lot of the events that happened on the 6th of January!

There is supposed to be another drop this evening, but that hasn’t happened as yet. Tonight’s is supposed to cover J6. Tomorrow’s is supposed to cover January 6-8. There is much to see in the drops so far. I hope the next drops are as revealing. More over, I hope something comes from it. There were crimes committed!

2 December, 2022 by Eric Dunkelberger

During the last couple of months, social media is ablaze with talk of free speech. Ever since Elon Musk purchased Twitter, statements have exploded either in support of the freedom of speech or against . Basically, the issue boils down to everybody wants their voice heard, but not necessarily opposing views.In my opinion, if you support free speech, it applies to all speech. I may not like what you have to say. You may not like what I have to say. The First Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees both sides have an equal right to express their opinions.

The problem isn’t new by any means. Until recently, social media has had an issue with speech. Big Tech has the same issues with speech. They had a prevailing view that their beliefs are the true viewpoint and they enforced it by canceling out any opposing view. I’ve been in both Facebook Jail and Twitmo numerous times. Every time, I stood behind what I said. It was the truth; it just didn’t fit into the prevailing agenda. Over the last ten years, the differences were mainly between the Anarchists and DemSocialists against the Conservatives. With Covid, a whole new disagreement came into being.

From the viewpoint of a Constitutional Conservative, there were many times and different ways to stifle our voice. Search engines would show only results to a search that agreed with their beliefs. To get to an opposing result, you would have to scroll down several pages to get there. Social media would flag a Conservative post with disclaimers or flat out ban it. I don’t use those search engines any longer. I left Facebook and Twitter in January of 2021. There were other platforms to use. The problem with that is you end up “preaching to the choir”.

I returned to Twitter in April of this year, after Elon Musk bought it. I’ve seen a huge difference. Voices that were missing, are back. The DemSocialists are up in arms! Their viewpoints are no longer the only voices. That’s why they are crying. They’ve had an echo chamber for to long. Well, their opinions no longer go unchallenged. They don’t argue their point now, they resort to name-calling and gaslighting. Anyone who argues against them, suddenly becomes a racist or a Nazi or a White Supremist. They run to management to have them removed from the platform.

Benjamin Franklin said, “Without freedom of thought there can be no such thing as wisdom: and no such thing as public liberty, without freedom of speech”. We know that the DemSocialists aren’t great disseminators of wisdom. It isn’t wisdom they are sharing in our public schools; it’s the ideas laid out by Big Government and Big Tech. Anything violating that needs to be squashed. Knowledge can be a dangerous thing. I mean, why do you think the people protesting in Iran hasn’t been in the news? Or those protests in Brazil? Or the Netherlands?

26 November, 2022 by Eric Dunkelberger

When I was young and acting impetuously, my parents would scold me by saying, ” Use your common sense”. Back then, when something came up on the spur of the moment, there was maybe a 50%-50% chance of me actually stopping and thinking before I acted. By that, I mean that thinking kept me from getting into bad situations half of the time. I like to think that I’ve improved on that percentage as I got older, but, sometimes, it’s still a struggle.

Looking back, I’m pretty sure common sense was introduced to me by my parents. Mom was a stay at home mom, so, early in our formative years, she was usually fairly close and knew what I was doing. Another phrase I heard a lot was, “Think about what you’re doing”. The two phrases were fairly interchangeable. Ignoring those two phrases never really worked out for me.

Recently, I’ve been wondering where common sense has gone. Looking around, I can’t see it being employed very often. Then it occurred to me; who’s around our kids to introduce common sense? I grew up in the 50 and 60’s, with an economy in which you could live on one income. Things changed in the 70’s with the double-digit inflation that wreaked havoc on the economy. Both parents had to go to work to be able to live comfortable. The economy ebbs and flows. There are good times and bad times. The question remains; who teaches the kids to use common sense?

We send our children to schools for their education. We quickly (hopefully) discover that schools are more into indoctrination. We want our children to succeed. The schools are more into equity. Critical thought has given way to critical race theory. The pathway to excellence is effectively obstructed. They don’t want anyone to be successful, because they aren’t followers. They are trailblazers! Trailblazers cause problems in a Progressive (Socialist) environment.

Where does common sense come from? I believe it comes from the parents or other family members. Barring that, it comes from mentors. You won’t get it from government facilities, whether federal, state or local. However you get it, it’s necessary for survival. You need it to get ahead. The problem is, common sense isn’t all that common anymore.

15 November, 2022 by Eric Dunkelberger

Here we are. The 2022 Election was a week ago and the cycle is over. Well, it should be! The truth is, The US Senate is still up for grabs, and the House and at least one Governor. The Sewer Stream Media is complicit in calling races (again) way too soon. Everybody is expected to allow the media and the opposite party to tell them who won the election. Anything less is, or will be, called domestic terrorism.

There were problems with this election cycle from the beginning. Absentee ballots were being mailed out to people who never asked for them. In some places, more ballots were sent than are registered voters in the area. On election day, conservatives were turned away from their voting places due to malfunctioning machines. Elsewhere, people showed up to vote, only to find out a vote had already been registered in their name. There had been warnings of this, and the advice was to stay at the polling place, call the police and report an incident of identity theft. I’m unaware this ever happened, but it should have. A crime had definitely occurred!

I’ve seen videos of plenty of malfeasance, or criminal activity. Video out of Georgia showed a man doctoring ballots. Out of Arizona, video shows the current Secretary of State, who was running for higher office, in the ballot room. At that time, the Governor’s race which she was in was highly contested. This was a blatant conflict of interest! The corruption ran deep in this election. It ran deep in in the 2020 election! It was evident in the election of 2016!

Voter integrity and election security has been proven lacking. Things have to change! After 2020, the DemSocialists tried to take over the election system and hand it to the Federal Government. That would have been a huge mistake. The answer to any problem should never be “give it to the Feds”! They’ve already taken too much power from the States. Read the Tenth Amendment! The States actually need to take some of that power back! The States need to handle the credibility problem of the election system. Quickly!

When the state of Florida can count 22 million votes in one night and Arizona takes more that 7 days to count 7 million and Nevada the same amount of time to count 3 million, there’s a definite problem. I’ve said it before. The amount of time it takes to count the vote is in direct proportion to the amount of cheating necessary. Before the election of 2020. most states had there votes counted in one night. That needs to return! There were audits done in Fulton County, Georgia and a full forensic audit in Maricopa County in Arizona after the 2020 election and they found many problems. The DemSocialists denied the problems and too many of the Republican leadership let it go without doing anything!

My state of North Carolina needs to implement Voter ID. It’s already been ruled as constitutional by the US Supreme Court. It was passed as a NC Constitutional Amendment in 2016 and it’s past time to implement! The vote was counted this election cycle in one night. That should be the standard. Better security should be employed so that ballots aren’t suddenly “found” in the amount that propels a candidate, surprisingly always a DemSocialist, to victory, with a total passing the threshold for a mandatory recount! Our current Governor won two elections that way!

The States have a lot of improvement before integrity is worthy of our trust! The alternative is in full view. Just look to the protests in Brazil. You may need to do a search on a search engine other than Google to see it. But it’s there and it’s huge!

1 November,2022 by Eric Dunkelberger

As of February of this year, the Department of Homeland inSecurity reported they had lost 20,000 children and their sponsors. They just don’t know where they are. Now, this would be horrible were we talking about illegals only. But, we’re talking about children. The DHS says they aren’t even sure of the names of the kids. They don’t really mention whether or not they know the true relationship of the “sponsors”!.

I’m sorry, but the first thing I think of with this involves child slavery and the sex trade. There are three options. Some of the “sponsors” are more than likely members of the cartels (unbeknownst to the DHS) and supply the children to the slavers. Another option is the DHS is facilitating the trade. Then, there’s the option where DHS may be more involved. I hate to consider this, but we all know how this Cabinet-level agency bends and/or disregards the law.

But one has to think, if the DHS were not involved in the effort, why are they not forthcoming with information that Oversight Committees of the Senate has asked of them regarding the lost children? What are the ages of the children? What’s being done to find the “lost”? Undoubtedly, benefits are going somewhere. I mean, when the DHS sends illegal aliens somewhere, they also send more benefits than American seniors get. Come on man, follow the money!

The fact that the DHS lost that many children is disturbing enough. Their dereliction should be illegal! How far up the ladder does this go? Is Secretary Mayorkas involved? How about AG Garland? Is there 10% for the Big Guy? The DHS is a rogue organization. They use the FBI as stormtroopers against parents who don’t want their children exposed to drag queens or mutilated by “medical facilities”. If a person is Pro-American, that means you could be a domestic terrorist.

There are plenty of actual criminals out there that could occupy the time of the DHS. Of course, they would probably not stay in jail long because some judge somewhere would let them go without bail. The only ones of interest to this DHS are the ones who disagree with their DemSocialist masters! The number of missing kids, like I said, was as of February this year. How many more have been “lost” in the subsequent eight months? No matter what: Remember The 20,000+! Evidently, the DHS wants us to forget them!