#1 January, 2023 by Eric Dunkelberger

We have been under a state of emergency due to Covid for almost three years. This state of emergency provided for vaccines and treatment for Covid at Government (Taxpayer) expense. Over those three years, the emergency declaration has been renewed 13 times. The current declaration ends 15 April and the White House has added an extra month, so it will end 15 May, 2023. Or, I should say it’s supposed to end at that time. I’m not sure it will.

The Sewer Stream Media is already launched a scare campaign, saying what the end will mean. It will mean vaccines and boosters will no longer be free. Of course, it was never free to begin with; Taxpayers have been paying all along through Covid Relief Acts and stimulus programs. Pfizer’s Paxlovid treatment will also come at a cost to patients. Pfizer charges the Government over $500 for the treatment. They are saying that price will be double at least. The vaccines and boosters will cost four times the $30 fee they get paid by the Government. Hospital stays will also come from the individual and insurance. I’ll also bet the hospitals will add in the extra 20% they claim the government pays them for treating Covid patients.

But, I have questions! The vaccines and boosters don’t have FDA approval. They are being used under an Emergency Use Authorization. Well, one does have approval, but it is currently used only in Europe. It’s made by Pfizer and isn’t supposed to be brought here until next year. Will that change if the emergency ends? What about all those fat fees for the drugs they are expecting you to pay them for their drugs? Will the drug companies rush for approval from the FDA? I’m not really sure how that will work, because all those adverse effects on the VAERS will have to be explained.

Most of us have known that the vaccines weren’t what they professed. From the time the FDA had to change their definition of a vaccine, it was obvious the mRNA vaccines were not vaccines. Information is leaking out, albeit slowly, pointing to a gigantic hoax at best. It could well be something worse!. If the emergency comes to an end, there could be a lot of people going to prison.

Last year, there were many younger people who died suddenly. The trend has increased this year. It has been suspicious enough that a new cause of death has been coined: Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. It’s a catch-all when too many young, healthy, in many cases, athletic people die of heart issues or stroke caused by blood clots, etc. Currently, as I say, the emergency is planned to end on 15 May, 2023. The Speaker of the House wants it to end sooner. There are a lot of people who don’t want it to end. My bet is those are the ones that will prevail and keep the emergency going. It will be a loss for Americans. But, remember, in the event of Covid, Ivermectin works. JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association finally had to admit it and so did the FDA. Too little, too late!