20 May, 2023 by Eric Dunkelberger

DemSocialist policies are in full view. The streets of our major cities run rampant with crime. The District Attorneys of those cities are derelict in their duties by ignoring those responsible for the criminal activity or releasing those criminals with no bail or just released without charges. When criminals find that there are no repercussions for their activities, crime rates rise astronomically. Of course, eventually, businesses get tired of being robbed blind and close up and leave. The people most damaged by this are the poor and the elderly. But that’s fine, because the DemSocialist policy says the businesses are at fault due to their lack of community spirit. The mayors of cities, as well as the City counsels contently spend the budgets into oblivion and the school boards have long given up any semblance of educating their charges; they’re easier to control if they can’t think for themselves.

The DemSocialist-run states are just a step more corrupt. The governors and attorneys general enforce laws to their own benefit or that of the Party. They stand up before the crowds of citizens espousing their agendas supposedly for those people, but, in actuality, they hurt the poor and elderly. Of course, the Government-sponsored media will blame the pain felt by the people on Republicans and many of the people will believe them!

The corruption on the federal level reigns supreme. The DemSocialists stand by their Party platform. They allow an invasion at the Southern Border, with a high proportion of military age males. Some of those could be terrorists who hate the country; so far this year, over 90 terrorists on the watchlist have been found. There is a steady stream of human trafficking and drug trade crossing the border illegally. The illegals go across at Ports of Entry, get processed (for all that’s worth), are given a court date three to four years down the road, then are shipped to cities and towns across the country, never to be heard from again. Thankfully, much of the open areas, especially in Texas, was closed by State Troopers and the Texas National Guard, an example of a State doing what the Federal Government refuses to do!

Preventing terrorism is the responsibility of the Intelligence Community, but, apparently, they have abrogated that responsibility. They would rather dabble in the take-over and perversion of the political system of the country whose Constitution they took an oath to protect and serve. I’m quite sure Party over Country is not in the US Constitution.

The Federal law enforcement agencies swore that same oath. They, also, have failed to do their duties! The Departments of (In)Justice and Homeland Security have advanced to the level of the old KGB or Stasi. Their new obligation is to the Party rather than to the Rights as laid out by the Constitution of the United States. They give cover to crimes committed by fellow DemSocialists while hiding exculpatory evidence or twist the law to manufacture whole new crimes! They set out to stage events using undercover agents and/or confidential informants to entrap their political enemies. They should be going after the Deep State conspirators instead, but they are too busy giving them cover, furthering their agenda!

The Swamp is deep. Draining it is difficult. Far too many fear the agents provocateurs of the Swamp. Recently, the release of the Durham Report outlined details of the corruption of the current political system and showed who did which crimes at what time. Anyone know the statute of limitations on Treason? There isn’t one! The hard part, before anything can be done about going after the wrongdoers, the alphabet agencies are going to have to go through a thorough shakeup, righting their path to follow the Constitution. After all, you can’t ask the snake in the hen house to judge himself. It’s time to hold the snakes accountable.