15 April, 2023 by Eric Dunkelberger

As I said before, the two hallmarks of a Banana Republic are having rigged elections and the arrest of political opponents. With that in mind, welcome to the Banana Republic of America. With that moniker, comes the tendency of a “rules for thee, but not for me (and my cronies)” mentality. This is exactly where we sit right now. The Biden Abomination has completely weaponized federal agencies against its citizens.

In Biden’s speech of 20 January, 2021, he claimed to want unity and said he would work toward that goal. Of course, from that point on, and actually much before that on the campaign trail, he has gone the opposite direction, a complete 180 degrees from his promise. From the J6 debacle on, conservatives, Republicans, and Trump supporters are treated differently that DemSocialists, Communists and Tyrants. The J6ers were set-up, arrested, perp-walked, detained, imprisoned without lawyers or trials. On the other side, in 2011, protesters, upward to 100,000 of them, took control of the Wisconsin State House and I don’t recall any incarcerations or trials. Same with the DemSocialist controlled cities going up in flames, while news crews are calmly saying these were peaceful protests, with the flames in the background of the news feed. If there were any arrests, it was catch and release.

The FBI and DHS both actively work to suppress dissenting viewpoints. If you go against their positions, you are labeled a “domestic terrorist” and the full weight of the threat from the agencies, who take an oath to protect and serve the Constitution, will land on them. If a concerned parent is upset that a activist teacher is trying to talk their child into a sex change operation, often behind the parent’s back, the fault is on the parent. Under a new law in the state of Washington, this could actually mean the state takes the child away from the parents! However, it’s just fine for drag queens to gyrate in front of a toddler.

After the Washington Post published the story of Hunter Biden’s laptop, the FBI did nothing. In Congressional hearings as much as a year later, the testimony was they weren’t sure where the laptop was. When Rudy Giuliani pushed the point, the FBI came and took all of his electronic devices. All of them, except the hard drive copy of Hunter’s computer, which he tried to give to FBI agents. They said they didn’t want that device and they took everything else!

Right now, there’s another example developing. In January of this year, Pentagon security information began leaking out. This is definitely classified information. It must really be classified, because the Secretary of Defense said recently he knew nothing about the leak until last week. Of course. that points more toward the complete incompetence of him and his whole staff than anything else. The information released gave data on operations in Ukraine (including our troops on the ground), conditions on the ground, as well as current and ongoing spying on our allies. It points out the lies put forth by the Biden Abomination to the American public. Thursday, a 21 year old Massachusetts Air National Guardsman was arrested, complete with drones to video the perp walk and detention in an armored personnel carrier. He was apparently an IT person, although the Left calls him a gamer.

The Left is screaming about how terrible the leak was, which it was, but not so much the nature of the data. It looks to me like a whistleblower who broke major security laws. If this is what happened, then he went about it in an abysmal manner! On the other hand, how could he have gotten the information out? To whom could he have turned?

Now that the accused leaker has been arrested, The Sewer Stream Media will drop coverage of it. They may mention future court appearances in short “news breaks”, but any mention of the data will be dropped. It doesn’t benefit them or their masters to mention it further. After all, isn’t that another hallmark of a Banana Republic? They all have a state-owned media that reports on the good that the tyrant does, never mentioning the damage they do to the People!