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26 November, 2022 by Eric Dunkelberger

When I was young and acting impetuously, my parents would scold me by saying, ” Use your common sense”. Back then, when something came up on the spur of the moment, there was maybe a 50%-50% chance of me actually stopping and thinking before I acted. By that, I mean that thinking kept me from getting into bad situations half of the time. I like to think that I’ve improved on that percentage as I got older, but, sometimes, it’s still a struggle.

Looking back, I’m pretty sure common sense was introduced to me by my parents. Mom was a stay at home mom, so, early in our formative years, she was usually fairly close and knew what I was doing. Another phrase I heard a lot was, “Think about what you’re doing”. The two phrases were fairly interchangeable. Ignoring those two phrases never really worked out for me.

Recently, I’ve been wondering where common sense has gone. Looking around, I can’t see it being employed very often. Then it occurred to me; who’s around our kids to introduce common sense? I grew up in the 50 and 60’s, with an economy in which you could live on one income. Things changed in the 70’s with the double-digit inflation that wreaked havoc on the economy. Both parents had to go to work to be able to live comfortable. The economy ebbs and flows. There are good times and bad times. The question remains; who teaches the kids to use common sense?

We send our children to schools for their education. We quickly (hopefully) discover that schools are more into indoctrination. We want our children to succeed. The schools are more into equity. Critical thought has given way to critical race theory. The pathway to excellence is effectively obstructed. They don’t want anyone to be successful, because they aren’t followers. They are trailblazers! Trailblazers cause problems in a Progressive (Socialist) environment.

Where does common sense come from? I believe it comes from the parents or other family members. Barring that, it comes from mentors. You won’t get it from government facilities, whether federal, state or local. However you get it, it’s necessary for survival. You need it to get ahead. The problem is, common sense isn’t all that common anymore.


15 November, 2022 by Eric Dunkelberger

Here we are. The 2022 Election was a week ago and the cycle is over. Well, it should be! The truth is, The US Senate is still up for grabs, and the House and at least one Governor. The Sewer Stream Media is complicit in calling races (again) way too soon. Everybody is expected to allow the media and the opposite party to tell them who won the election. Anything less is, or will be, called domestic terrorism.

There were problems with this election cycle from the beginning. Absentee ballots were being mailed out to people who never asked for them. In some places, more ballots were sent than are registered voters in the area. On election day, conservatives were turned away from their voting places due to malfunctioning machines. Elsewhere, people showed up to vote, only to find out a vote had already been registered in their name. There had been warnings of this, and the advice was to stay at the polling place, call the police and report an incident of identity theft. I’m unaware this ever happened, but it should have. A crime had definitely occurred!

I’ve seen videos of plenty of malfeasance, or criminal activity. Video out of Georgia showed a man doctoring ballots. Out of Arizona, video shows the current Secretary of State, who was running for higher office, in the ballot room. At that time, the Governor’s race which she was in was highly contested. This was a blatant conflict of interest! The corruption ran deep in this election. It ran deep in in the 2020 election! It was evident in the election of 2016!

Voter integrity and election security has been proven lacking. Things have to change! After 2020, the DemSocialists tried to take over the election system and hand it to the Federal Government. That would have been a huge mistake. The answer to any problem should never be “give it to the Feds”! They’ve already taken too much power from the States. Read the Tenth Amendment! The States actually need to take some of that power back! The States need to handle the credibility problem of the election system. Quickly!

When the state of Florida can count 22 million votes in one night and Arizona takes more that 7 days to count 7 million and Nevada the same amount of time to count 3 million, there’s a definite problem. I’ve said it before. The amount of time it takes to count the vote is in direct proportion to the amount of cheating necessary. Before the election of 2020. most states had there votes counted in one night. That needs to return! There were audits done in Fulton County, Georgia and a full forensic audit in Maricopa County in Arizona after the 2020 election and they found many problems. The DemSocialists denied the problems and too many of the Republican leadership let it go without doing anything!

My state of North Carolina needs to implement Voter ID. It’s already been ruled as constitutional by the US Supreme Court. It was passed as a NC Constitutional Amendment in 2016 and it’s past time to implement! The vote was counted this election cycle in one night. That should be the standard. Better security should be employed so that ballots aren’t suddenly “found” in the amount that propels a candidate, surprisingly always a DemSocialist, to victory, with a total passing the threshold for a mandatory recount! Our current Governor won two elections that way!

The States have a lot of improvement before integrity is worthy of our trust! The alternative is in full view. Just look to the protests in Brazil. You may need to do a search on a search engine other than Google to see it. But it’s there and it’s huge!

1 November,2022 by Eric Dunkelberger

As of February of this year, the Department of Homeland inSecurity reported they had lost 20,000 children and their sponsors. They just don’t know where they are. Now, this would be horrible were we talking about illegals only. But, we’re talking about children. The DHS says they aren’t even sure of the names of the kids. They don’t really mention whether or not they know the true relationship of the “sponsors”!.

I’m sorry, but the first thing I think of with this involves child slavery and the sex trade. There are three options. Some of the “sponsors” are more than likely members of the cartels (unbeknownst to the DHS) and supply the children to the slavers. Another option is the DHS is facilitating the trade. Then, there’s the option where DHS may be more involved. I hate to consider this, but we all know how this Cabinet-level agency bends and/or disregards the law.

But one has to think, if the DHS were not involved in the effort, why are they not forthcoming with information that Oversight Committees of the Senate has asked of them regarding the lost children? What are the ages of the children? What’s being done to find the “lost”? Undoubtedly, benefits are going somewhere. I mean, when the DHS sends illegal aliens somewhere, they also send more benefits than American seniors get. Come on man, follow the money!

The fact that the DHS lost that many children is disturbing enough. Their dereliction should be illegal! How far up the ladder does this go? Is Secretary Mayorkas involved? How about AG Garland? Is there 10% for the Big Guy? The DHS is a rogue organization. They use the FBI as stormtroopers against parents who don’t want their children exposed to drag queens or mutilated by “medical facilities”. If a person is Pro-American, that means you could be a domestic terrorist.

There are plenty of actual criminals out there that could occupy the time of the DHS. Of course, they would probably not stay in jail long because some judge somewhere would let them go without bail. The only ones of interest to this DHS are the ones who disagree with their DemSocialist masters! The number of missing kids, like I said, was as of February this year. How many more have been “lost” in the subsequent eight months? No matter what: Remember The 20,000+! Evidently, the DHS wants us to forget them!

27 October, 2022 by Eric Dunkelberger

It’s less than two weeks until Election Day, 8 November, and already the shenanigans have begun. Pollsters are gathering last minute data in an effort to get the best results they can get. The goal here is to get as close to the election results, while still manipulating results in favor of their candidates. There are, of course, some honest polls, but they are rarely connected to universities or liberal news sources: those will always lean extreme left. I have my favorite, but do your own homework.

Candidates are out campaigning. Republicans are talking about issues. Democrats are criticizing their opponents, using quarter-truths (at best) and flat out lies! They are heavy into accusing Republicans of worst case scenarios. Republicans will tell you what they want for America: the curbing of inflation, lower crime rates, a strong economy, a strong military, and closed borders to name a few. DemSocialists are more vague in what they want. They want access to abortions though the third trimester, and to end “global warming”. Anything else, you have to read between the lines.

From now until Election Day, you will also see the underhanded parts of politics. There will be people coming out of nowhere to accuse Republicans of this, that or the other. No proof? No problem. The Sewer Stream Media will cover for the accuser. There will be more bombshells exploding on the campaign trail than in Ukraine. Innuendos carry weight (through the SSM) when repeated enough. Ruin a man’s reputation and it’s difficult to recover.

Of course, then there’s always the cheat going on. And it’s begun in earnest! Earlier this week Hillary Clinton accused the Republicans of already plotting to steal the 2024 election. She should be an expert in that because of her failed attempt to steal the 2016 election. The DemSocialists have a definite trait. Anything they are guilty of doing, they blame their opponent. Joseph Goebbels, Chief Propagandist of the Nazi Party in Germany, would be so proud that his favorite habit is being kept alive so well.

As it stands, GOP lawmakers are already questioning Pennsylvania as to why they sent out 255,000 absentee ballots to unverified people. My home state of North Carolina Board of Elections was issued a court order to clean 40,000 voter registrations from their rolls. These were duplicates registrations, deceased voters, voters who had moved out of state. They’ve been under court order for several months and have yet to do anything.

Right now, there are more than 100 lawsuits surrounding elections nationwide. They encompass mail-in ballots, voting machines, voter registrations and poll watchers. The cheat will be strong this year. DemSocialists are already prepping for it. Just today, reports came out that there may be a shortage of ballot paper. Better vote early, so the Dems know how many ballots they need to “find” on Election night. That’s exactly how our Governor won his two elections, late at night “finding” enough votes to, not only win, but overcome the trigger amount for a recount!

We’ve done precious little for election integrity. Very few states have paid any attention to it at all. In 12 days, we’ll see the results. If states start shutting down, delaying the final result. we’ll know we should have done more. After all, it’s the only way the DemSocialist can maintain control.

20 October, 2022 by Eric Dunkelberger

Yesterday, Joe Biden announced that his administration is releasing another 15 Million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. I’m already on record as saying this was a terrible idea (click here to see) and my opinion hasn’t changed. It wasn’t an emergency back in April and it still isn’t. It’s terrible energy policy instead!

This latest release is nothing more than a vote buying scheme. The Biden Abomination thinks that if they can keep the price low(ish) until after the mid-term election in November, the lemmings will vote for them. Never mind the fact that it was their policies that caused the prices to more than double, close to triple in some locations, in the first place. They have to lie about this. In the same speech on the plundering of the reserve, they said that their Abomination did not repress or stop oil production in America. Oh, yes they did! On the first day in office, Biden halted the production of the Keystone pipeline and cancelled all drilling on federal land. Production nosedived from that point in time, 20 January, 2021! They want to blame Putin and his war for the price increases at the pump, but, in reality, that increase began more than a year before, on day one of the Biden Abomination.

A few months ago, Biden went to negotiate with Saudi Arabia for an increase of their production of oil. That was the reason given for the trip. Last month, OPEC decided to cut production by up to 2 Million barrels a day in an effort to bring the price up internationally. This brought talk of sanctions toward Saudi Arabia from the United States. Interesting enough, there’s 26 nations involved in OPEC, but Biden singled out just the Saudi’s. In response to Biden’s comments, the Saudis put out the statement that the discussions regarded not so much an increase of production, but rather a delay of the cut of production until after the November elections!. If true, and I believe it is, Quid Pro Joe was hoping for a quid pro quo. All he was after was a delay until the election for the price at the pump to start going up.

The release of 15 Million barrels of oil from the SPR will barely make a dent for Americans feeling the bite of inflation. Who knows, maybe Biden can make a deal with our enemies in Venezuela for oil. Or, maybe we can get oil from our enemies Iran. Or, how about ending the sanctions on Russian oil. One thing is certain: Biden has no interest in becoming energy independent again. They are talking about American production again, but they have no intention of bringing it on line.

I remember the gas lines of the ’70’s. I remember the rationing. I remember the violence at the gas pumps as someone tried to cut in front of another. I remember the gas stations running out of gas. Is this where we’re heading? Is this what Joe wanted to delay until after the election?

Things are looking grim. Globalists are all calling for war. Americans are low on their oil needs. What could be the worst time for a war? Throw into the mix a report by the Heritage Foundation giving a rating of weak, for the first time, to the US Military. If the DemSocialist’s goal is the destruction of the United States of America, how much closer can they get.

14 October, 2022 by Eric Dunkelberger

Earlier this week, Tulsi Gabbard, former Representative from Hawaii (2013-2021), publicly walked away from the Democrat Party. The former Vice-Chair of the Democrat National Committee posted a video laying out why she was leaving the party behind. In the video, she accused the Democrat Party of everything the Republicans knew the Dems were guilty of. She said the Democrat Party were an “elitist cabal of warmongers” that pushes “cowardly wokeness” and “anti-white racism”. She also said the Party “actively work(s) to undermine our God-given freedoms enshrined in our Constitution”. She implied that Faith and Freedom have no place in the Democrat Party. She laid Open Borders, rampant crime and a lack of unity at the feet of the Biden Abomination.

Tulsi’s video, her speech and subsequent interviews all raised much speculation. Yahoo had a headline after her video came out that said she was leaving the Democrat Party for the GOP. Nowhere in the video did she say anything about joining the GOP. Ballotpedia yesterday had Tulsi listed as an Independent (as of October 2022). Of course, Yahoo is usually wrong about everything. On the other side, I hear those saying what a great Vice Presidential candidate she would make.

Here’s the thing: I absolutely applaud her walking away from the Democrat Party. I applaud anyone who walks away from that Party. When someone walks away so vocally, setting the Party ablaze, I’ll stand and give her the ovation she deserves. But, I’m going to keep things in perspective. While she blasted the Dems for their open border policies, she is an advocate for amnesty, like Lyndsey Graham and Marco Rubio. In 2016, she endorsed Socialist Bernie Sanders. After dropping out of the 2020 Presidential run, she endorsed Joe Biden. Over her tenure in the House of Representatives, she voted with Democrats on 90-94% of votes. She might not of voted with them on the truly wacko bills (I don’t know if she did or not), but 90% is a pretty good indication of how liberal she is.

I’ll give Tulsi Gabbard her due. Way to go, Tulsi! I’ll buy you a beer! But, I’m a Constitutional Conservative. I love our country. I love our Republic. I love The United States of America. I have worked on campaigns for Conservative candidates. I believe Conservatism is the ONLY way out of the debacle into which the Democrat Party has gotten us. While the DemSocialists are against everything Conservatives stand for, too many times, the RINO’s are right there holding us back and helping the other side!

WHEN we win back the House and Senate, status quo must end. Leadership needs to change. There is no way Mitch McConnell should be the Senate Majority Leader. I can think of several good Conservative options. Kevin McCarthy in the House, also needs to be replaced. Jim Jordan would be great! Conservative and Constitutional; the way to Make America Great Again!

17 September, 2022 by Eric Dunkelberger

For the last five or six election cycles, I’ve been part of a panel who has graded candidates statewide, and occasionally in other states, to determine which candidate has the highest degree of Conservatism and Family Values. I study a campaign’s donations, endorsements, past voting record (for those already in office), and website. In previous years, we did this exclusively for the Republican Primaries. This year, I missed the primary panel due to a prolonged hospital stay, but I was invited to do the grading for a panel for the General Election. This is the first time, and hopefully not the last, this group has done the General.

I got involved with this group, because I was basically doing the same thing for my own ballot, local, state and federal. I ended up grading more races than I usually would, but, hopefully it would help other voters find the right candidate. I usually was volunteering to campaign for one or two candidates. To be fair, I excluded myself from grading in those races.

This year, doing the General Election, I was grading Republicans, Democrats and Libertarians, or Independents. One thing I noticed immediately while studying the websites for the Dems, was the lack of much, if any, information about their positions. There were several vague references to making the economy better, but none of them said anything about how they would go about it. Most of them mentioned climate change (hoax). Some mentioned the LGBTQXYZ movement. Some mentioned the systemic racism. Some of them mentioned election reform, but their idea of that is to make it easier to cheat, just the opposite of what we want! When added to their donations and endorsements, they were fairly easy to grade!

Another thing I noticed was blatant lies and misrepresentations out of the Dems campaigns. This comes from campaign ads running on television as well as their websites. The majority of them give the idea that the only issue of interest to anyone is abortion. They believe there is only two degrees on the argument: total ban on abortion or abortion up to the moment of birth or beyond! According to them, that’s the only difference between the two parties. Republicans will ban all abortions while Democrats will continue murdering babies at will! Their numbers are all askew also! On one ad, they claim 85% of women want abortions legalized. That may be the case if your sample is inside a Planned Parenthood facility or DemSocialist Headquarters, but not anywhere else.

Anyway, do your own homework and find out the right candidate to vote for. If you like the condition the country is in now, vote DemSocialist. If you prefer America First, energy independence, less crime, secure borders, etc., vote Republican! Remember, there are many more issues before you than murdering babies! It’s your choice. Make the most of it!

1 September, 2022 by Eric Dunkelberger

For over twenty months, the Biden Abomination has done a lot of damage to this country. Their policies have caused the US to go from energy independent to energy bums, from a recovering economy to a country in recession on the way to inflation and, possibly, hyper-inflation. Foreign relations is at an all-time low, with few countries actually showing any respect for the United States, even those on the dole from the American taxpayers.

But, the biggest damage to our country comes from the division the Biden Abomination has caused. They took office 20 January, 2021 with the goal of unity. That was their stated campaign platform. Since then, they have done everything possible to divide us into at least two groups. Covid has brought divisions: masked or unmasked, vaccinated or unvaccinated. Climate change, or as I prefer hoax, has brought the division between the internal combustion engine and electric cars. Last week, California put out the press release they would ban gas engines by 2035, but this week they wanted people to refrain from charging their electric cars due to the strain of the electric grid caused by a heat wave.. There’s also abortion, immigration, crime and the police, causes guaranteed to promote divisiveness.

During the last school year, many parents became aware of what schools and their school boards wanted to teach their children. They objected to the 1619 Project, Critical Race Theory and the sexualization of their children, and rightfully so! Parents wanted Reading and writing and arithmetic. They preferred education instead of indoctrination. Around the country, parents went to school boards to voice their opinions. School boards shut the protests down or had the parents arrested. In the county just north of me, the school board, when faced with parents who wanted to voice their opinions, abruptly cancelled the meeting and had parents escorted out. There wasn’t a subsequent meeting that didn’t have a long list of speakers after that! With this going on across the country, the Attorney general decided to get involved, wanting the Department of (In)Justice to investigate the parents as “domestic terrorists”. Now we have a new division, namely DemSocialists against domestic terrorists (AKA Parents).

Over the last couple of months, things have intensified. A politicized FBI came out with a listing of emblems they say represent domestic terrorists. They include the Gadsden Flag, the Liberty Tree, and the Gonzales Banner, to name a few. Two of those represented Patriots during the War of Independence and the Gonzales Banner was during the War for Texas Independence. Basically, anyone who disagrees with the Biden Abomination policies is a terrorist. So sayeth the Government. The Sewer Stream Media echoes the sentiment, so it must be true, says the DemSocialist!

Tonight, Biden speaks to the country. I doubt he will tackle things that actually matter to citizens, such as inflation, crime, border incursion. He may bring up the FBI invasion of Mar-A-Lago, but since the Do(I)J says they won’t pursue charges until after the mid-term elections in November, he probably won’t. The media has dubbed this speech as the “Soul of the Nation”. I’m pretty sure it will be nothing more than lies and misrepresentations. What it will be is divisive!

25 August, 2022 by Eric Dunkelberger

The Biden Abomination has been working overtime to destroy the economy of this country over the past month. First, they headed off the impending recession by redefining the word “recession”. That, of course, didn’t work as, within two weeks, the Sewer Stream Media which usually provides cover for DemSocialists, came out and referred to the recession in most of their newscasts. Then, there was the massive tax and spend bill that was passed by Congress and signed into law. It had an optimistic name, The “Inflation Reduction Act”, but all it will do is usher in inflation and cost the low to middle class more money out of their wallets.

Now, they have the Student Loan Forgiveness Program, worth a minimum of $300 Billion ($300,000,000,000). Ostensibly, the program forgives $10,000 of student loan debt for people who signed a contract to repay the loan. But, in reality, all it does is shift that burden of payment to people who have never taken out a student loan or people who have already fulfilled the obligation to repay their own college loans. The colleges and universities don’t lose any money. The loan agencies don’t lose any money. The taxpayers of the United States are the only ones who lose. That’s pretty much par for the course for the Biden Abomination!

The first question that came to my mind was, under what authority Biden could do this? I’m positive Biden doesn’t have a slush fund of the size to pay off those loans. Apparently, he’s more prone to being paid off, as the Big Guy. Spending bills are supposed to begin in the House of Representatives, according to the Constitution of the United States. The President can’t just make up a program that requires spending on his own. Yet, here we are! Even Nancy Pelosi says Biden can’t do this without Congress. When you start asking around, you quickly find out there is no plan to fund this. No one can tell you about any funding mechanism.

Another question, who exactly qualifies for this program? The published answer is you qualify if you make less that $120,000 ($250,000 for a couple). Do you have to be registered Democrat? What if you are Conservative or Independents? Does it apply only to federal and state bureaucrats. I heard that close to the President’s sphere, there’s enough qualified loanees to get around $9,000,000.

This whole idea is basically an effort to pay a bunch of people for votes! They think those who owe college debt will vote Democrat in hopes of further cuts to their debt. For those who are actually working and earning a pay check, one can only hope they took enough math courses to determine that the debt reduction of $10,000 is not offset by the loss in value of what they earn. The inflation and added taxes they have to pay costs them more than the reduction of their debt! Besides, the DemSocialists may find that they have successfully enraged everybody who believes in fulfilling their obligations and now have to pay off everybody else’s obligation. When you add these people to the immigrants who worked hard to earn their citizenships who are enraged at the current talks of amnesty, hopefully the DemSocialist plans to pay for votes will backfire hugely!

20 August, 2022 by Eric Dunkelberger

Last week was a busy news week. The Sewer Stream Media was busily doing their “best” to condemn President Trump for possessing nuclear codes, to either use or sell to the highest bidder nation. The idea was completely ludicrous, a fantasy more than likely made to order by second-rate FBI attorneys or media hackers looking for attention. Regardless, the nuclear codes, if the former President were in possession of them, which I deeply doubt, would have been useless as the codes would have been changed when Biden took office! Anyway, the fantasy did its job making President Trump “look” bad and keep everyone wanting more information. Many news stories came and went last week.

One of those stories was the proposition of needed changes to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. This happened just four days ago and just a day or two after Dr Rochelle Walensky made an announcement that the country would have to prepare to prevent Monkeypox from taking hold in the United States. Somewhere or other, I heard that they were considering changing the name of the virus, as too many particulars were known by the public about Monkeypox.

In my opinion, The CDC as well as the FDA have no credibility at all! Along side the NIH and Tony Fauci, they blew all information about Coronavirus, renamed Covid 19 later, out of proportion. They trafficked in the fear they produced to relieve Americans of many of their freedoms and worked to steal an election!

The reorganization would strive to “improve accountability, collaboration, communication, and timeliness within the CDC and with our customers at all levels of the organization,” according to the CDC. I’m in favor of all of those, though I’m sure the accountability will fall well short of where it should be. The CDC has already come out with new guidelines regarding Covid. They now admit masks didn’t work to stop the spread. They say there should be no difference in how vaccinated and unvaccinated are treated. They also said that the lockdowns didn’t work.

They didn’t mention the VAERS registry, recording the adverse reactions of the vaccines and the deaths they caused. Of course, that would be the responsibility of the FDA. Perhaps they should go through a major reorganization like the one proposed by the CDC. No matter what, these are just more government agencies gone rogue!

Trust the Government, said NO Founding Father EVER!