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1 June, 2023 by Eric Dunkelberger

Wednesday night, the House of Representatives passed what they call the Fiscal Responsibility Act. Obviously, according to the items included in this bill, they have absolutely no idea of what fiscal responsibility means. This bill gives the government unlimited spending until January of 2025, after the next Presidential election. The bill should have been called the American Economic Demise Act. That would have been more accurate.

The blank check portion of this legislation is nothing but a lie. They say it has a cap of $4T ($4,000,000,000,000), but actually has no limit on amount, only a time limit. If the spend addicts in Congress reach that $4T in the fist year, they’ll blow straight through it! I expect the National Debt to be more like $35-37T by the time January 2025 rolls around. As I said, that will be after the next election, so that will mean the Congress that must face the next ceiling debate will be a Lame Duck session. If DemSocialists win, they will advance a clean debt suspension bill, so they can continue their addiction of unencumbered spending.

But, what about the spending cuts, you ask. There were never any spending cuts involved. It’s all deception, semantics. The numbers start with an automatic increase of 5% above what was spent last year. Then they negotiate a “cut” of 1-2%. In reality, there’s still an increase of 3-4% over spending of last year. Then they talk about the painful cuts they proposed. Far too many people believe the lies but, not everyone! Even the default date was bogus: notice how it changed from May 29 to June 1 to June 5. just enough time to get the bill passed. One thing for certain, Schumer will use the bogus June 5 deadline to eliminate any filibuster.

The bill passed last night with more DemSocialist votes than Republican votes. Now it goes to the Senate, where, I’m sure, Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell will find enough Republicans to vote for this travesty. Remember the 19 Republicans that voted in favor of the Omnibus bill. I’ll bet that would be the place to start.

This debacle of a debt ceiling debate has shown that the 20 Conservatives that held up Kevin McCarthy’s vote for Speaker were right. He didn’t have the backbone to push an advantage., or even find one. He needs to be replaced! Of course, once this bill is passed and signed into law, the damage will have been done. This bill, and the free-wheeling spending it allows, will cause inflation to increase. The argument of whether or not we are in a recession or not will be academic. The pain felt by everyone, but especially the low-income and middle class will show that we are in one. The question will be whether or not we can avoid a depression! This Administration will continue to push the America Last policies.

Two examples of this policy were obvious in their timing. Before the House vote, the FBI Director said the Oversight Committee they would not be honoring the subpoena. The bill the House passed funded the FBI completely. During the vote, the next round of military aid to Ukraine was announced. This proves that the debate was just an exercise in futility. There is no fiscal responsibility in Washington, even if they knew what it means!


20 May, 2023 by Eric Dunkelberger

DemSocialist policies are in full view. The streets of our major cities run rampant with crime. The District Attorneys of those cities are derelict in their duties by ignoring those responsible for the criminal activity or releasing those criminals with no bail or just released without charges. When criminals find that there are no repercussions for their activities, crime rates rise astronomically. Of course, eventually, businesses get tired of being robbed blind and close up and leave. The people most damaged by this are the poor and the elderly. But that’s fine, because the DemSocialist policy says the businesses are at fault due to their lack of community spirit. The mayors of cities, as well as the City counsels contently spend the budgets into oblivion and the school boards have long given up any semblance of educating their charges; they’re easier to control if they can’t think for themselves.

The DemSocialist-run states are just a step more corrupt. The governors and attorneys general enforce laws to their own benefit or that of the Party. They stand up before the crowds of citizens espousing their agendas supposedly for those people, but, in actuality, they hurt the poor and elderly. Of course, the Government-sponsored media will blame the pain felt by the people on Republicans and many of the people will believe them!

The corruption on the federal level reigns supreme. The DemSocialists stand by their Party platform. They allow an invasion at the Southern Border, with a high proportion of military age males. Some of those could be terrorists who hate the country; so far this year, over 90 terrorists on the watchlist have been found. There is a steady stream of human trafficking and drug trade crossing the border illegally. The illegals go across at Ports of Entry, get processed (for all that’s worth), are given a court date three to four years down the road, then are shipped to cities and towns across the country, never to be heard from again. Thankfully, much of the open areas, especially in Texas, was closed by State Troopers and the Texas National Guard, an example of a State doing what the Federal Government refuses to do!

Preventing terrorism is the responsibility of the Intelligence Community, but, apparently, they have abrogated that responsibility. They would rather dabble in the take-over and perversion of the political system of the country whose Constitution they took an oath to protect and serve. I’m quite sure Party over Country is not in the US Constitution.

The Federal law enforcement agencies swore that same oath. They, also, have failed to do their duties! The Departments of (In)Justice and Homeland Security have advanced to the level of the old KGB or Stasi. Their new obligation is to the Party rather than to the Rights as laid out by the Constitution of the United States. They give cover to crimes committed by fellow DemSocialists while hiding exculpatory evidence or twist the law to manufacture whole new crimes! They set out to stage events using undercover agents and/or confidential informants to entrap their political enemies. They should be going after the Deep State conspirators instead, but they are too busy giving them cover, furthering their agenda!

The Swamp is deep. Draining it is difficult. Far too many fear the agents provocateurs of the Swamp. Recently, the release of the Durham Report outlined details of the corruption of the current political system and showed who did which crimes at what time. Anyone know the statute of limitations on Treason? There isn’t one! The hard part, before anything can be done about going after the wrongdoers, the alphabet agencies are going to have to go through a thorough shakeup, righting their path to follow the Constitution. After all, you can’t ask the snake in the hen house to judge himself. It’s time to hold the snakes accountable.

13 May, 2023 by Eric Dunkelberger

“Government does not solve problems. It subsidizes them.” Ronald Reagan said this on 11 December, 1972, a little over eight years before becoming President of the United States. It’s been a well-documented roller coaster since then. The past 28 months, that ride has been straight down in many respects. We have been on a steep downward trend economically, technologically, and commercially. The last time we were in this position was during the Carter Presidency, where the inflation rate was around 18%. We, the People were feeling so much anxiety, a new phrase was coined: the Misery Quotient. It took us about 15 years to get over it.

At present, we have a lot of factors working against our recovery. The most pressing now is the economy. We have a Government that spends like there’s no end to the money. I started to say “like a bunch of drunken sailors”, but that would have been an insult to drunken sailors! Once upon a time, they had a budget and “tried” to live within it. Under Obama, that pretense went right out the window. Obamacare was a huge budget-buster from the start! Of course, there wasn’t a budget, because the Senate never bring it up for a vote. They would just reach the debt ceiling, have a shut-down, then raise the ceiling and pass a continuing resolution to spend more money. This is not a Republican or Democrat issue. Both are failing the people of the United States! There’s plenty of fault to go around.

Right now, we are in the same position I just described. We are about to hit the debt ceiling. Congress has known for several months it was coming up and, as usual, waited until the last minute. To make matters worse, we are $31.7 Trillion dollars in debt and there are economists who say this is unsustainable. The Federal debt to GDP ratio is 120.34%. The Federal Reserve, I believe, is trying to completely tank our economy. This would open the door for the World Economic Forum to make America it’s slave. We are already begging other countries for our oil needs.

America doesn’t have a revenue problem. The IRS took in a record amount last tax season. We have a spending problem. We can not continue to spend the way we always have before. The more spending, the higher inflation in spite of what DemSocialists say. The spending has to be curtailed. That money, which the Government so freely spends, belongs to We, the People. The Government doesn’t have any money until they take it from us! With our current debt, a new-born citizen already is $94,821 in debt. Break that down to actual taxpayers and that figure is $247,766 each!

A couple of weeks ago, the House of Representative passed a debt ceiling- spending cuts bill. There were supposed to be talks between Biden, the Senate leadership and House leadership last week, but it must have been inconvenient for Biden; it was rescheduled for this coming week. Whatever happens, Biden needs to put away his position of “just raise the ceiling and let us spend”! Americans are tired of that! Of course, I know they won’t do anything that helps the United States. The DemSocialists are working overtime to destroy the country!

30 April, 2023 by Eric Dunkelberger

The DemSocialists have been waging war on America for over two years. Rarely do they fire a shot; they are fighting against the middle-class by economic means. They have clamped down on the supply chain. Mothers looking for baby formula, couldn’t find it. DemSocialists found it overseas. They have made America dependent on foreign oil, where we once were (and could be again) producing enough petroleum for our self-sufficiency and export of the remainder. During Covid, DemSocialists shut down businesses. Many of those businesses didn’t survive the Scamdemic. When it became “safe” to go back to work, they made hiring much more difficult by paying people not to work! I live in a beach area and, to this day, there are a lot of restaurants with “Help Wanted” signs in the window.

I am a Christian Conservative. I hate seeing what the Biden Abomination and Demsocialists have done, and continue to do, to the United States. I love America and the US Constitution. More importantly, I love Jesus Christ and his Word! It’s time to fight back. Any company that demonstrates their hatred of America or Christian values doesn’t deserve my money. Actually, I’ve been doing this for around a decade. When a blue jean company declared they didn’t want gun owners to buy their jeans, I, as a gun owner, obliged them. Any company that donates to groups that don’t have the best interests of the USA, shouldn’t expect any of my dollars. I won’t be funding their agenda! If a company tries to exploit or degrade my family values, I’m not game for it.

The old Mickey Mouse Club and the Disney programming of today are vastly different. Today, Disney is making movies with MA or R ratings marketed toward family viewing. Well, not my family! I haven’t watched Disney in a long time, I hated it when the Star Wars movies fell under Disney’s label. There’s no way I’m taking my family to Disney parks because of their in-your-face promotion of the LBGQTXYZ agenda. And then there are the links to pedophilia by some of the employees at the parks. There are better family activities in which to partake, thanks. I’ve been completely satisfied with my selection of movies and documentaries on Pure Flix, a Christian option to Netflix and Hulu.

Big Tech isn’t immune. I don’t use Google. Their browser results are slanted heavily to the DemSocialist side. To get true results, you have to scroll down a minimum of two to three pages, if at all! There are better choices. I dropped DirecTV after they dropped One America News from their programming. It’s not wise to mess with my First Amendment. Or any of the other Amendments! Don’t even get me started on Big Pharma!

With the uproar recently over Bud Light’ alignment with Dylan Mulvaney was interesting to watch. It didn’t affect me as I switched from Bud Light to Yuengling years ago when they decided to put a rainbow on their can. I’ve never gone back. Obviously, they haven’t changed their opinions, but have gone more extreme, so there’s no reason to change my mind.

As far as shopping goes, I have choices there too. I don’t buy Nike products. They lost me when they were fine with kneeling for the American flag. Of course, the slave labor from China was another strike against them. Under Armour was okay with Nike’s position, so it was fine for me to not buy their products. Amazon is out; Mammoth Nation is in. They use vendors who support the United States!

I’m not rich, but I do have principles. My values must match those of the businesses I patronize. I see no reason to spend my dollars only to have it go to an entity I cannot support. I will do it no longer. Recent events show me that I am not alone.

23 April, 2023 by Eric Dunkelberger

The theft of the money in American’s pockets continues. This time, it’s not going to fund the war in Ukraine, nor is it paying off student loans that the students want to welch on (of course, that will come). No, it will involve the focal point of the American Dream, home ownership.

For decades, in fact centuries, Americans wanted to buy their own home. They worked to that end. They saved their money to that end. After World War II, the American Dream became easier. The veterans, who defeated the Nazis and Imperial Japan, returned, armed with VA Loans. Existing homes were being snapped up, while new homes were popping up everywhere. The economy was great and so was the lives of the people of this country, especially after considering that just 15 years earlier America was beginning to plunge into the Great Depression.

Life was good! This continued for many years. The economy ebbed and flowed as usual, as did the housing market. Loans were available for houses, although at varying rates depending on credit. Anybody that desired a home, could save their money, balance their checking account (to track how much money they had at any given time) and could figure a budget, could buy a house.

That was then and this is now. On 1 May, 2023, The Biden Abomination, in cahoots with the Federal Housing Finance Agency, have decreed that those who have good credit, dictated as over a 680 score, will be forced to subsidize those with a lesser credit score, with the intent to redistribute financing for home ownership. The rule (not a law mind you) states that anyone with more than a 680 score will be charged an “extra” $40 per month on a mortgage of $400,000. If that buyer has a good sized down payment, that will cost them more. In other words, homeowners will be fined for being responsible. All this to redistribute wealth, steal wealth in the name of equity.

Now, let me remind everyone, the economic situation is not really great right now. Inflation in 2021 was up about 8% over 2020. 2022 showed an increase of around 6% over 2021. Over the past two years, the rate of inflation rose 14%. Things are not improving. It costs more to live in the same manner now than it did last year. People are cutting back. The housing market has slipped over the last few months. Builders are filing fewer permits to start new homes. Sales of existing homes has declined 22% over the same period of time in 2022. Fear exists that this rule will only serve to further stifle home sales!

To date, the Biden Abomination has done nothing for Americans but hurt them. I believe this new edict will further that record. Will the Biden recession become the Biden depression?

15 April, 2023 by Eric Dunkelberger

As I said before, the two hallmarks of a Banana Republic are having rigged elections and the arrest of political opponents. With that in mind, welcome to the Banana Republic of America. With that moniker, comes the tendency of a “rules for thee, but not for me (and my cronies)” mentality. This is exactly where we sit right now. The Biden Abomination has completely weaponized federal agencies against its citizens.

In Biden’s speech of 20 January, 2021, he claimed to want unity and said he would work toward that goal. Of course, from that point on, and actually much before that on the campaign trail, he has gone the opposite direction, a complete 180 degrees from his promise. From the J6 debacle on, conservatives, Republicans, and Trump supporters are treated differently that DemSocialists, Communists and Tyrants. The J6ers were set-up, arrested, perp-walked, detained, imprisoned without lawyers or trials. On the other side, in 2011, protesters, upward to 100,000 of them, took control of the Wisconsin State House and I don’t recall any incarcerations or trials. Same with the DemSocialist controlled cities going up in flames, while news crews are calmly saying these were peaceful protests, with the flames in the background of the news feed. If there were any arrests, it was catch and release.

The FBI and DHS both actively work to suppress dissenting viewpoints. If you go against their positions, you are labeled a “domestic terrorist” and the full weight of the threat from the agencies, who take an oath to protect and serve the Constitution, will land on them. If a concerned parent is upset that a activist teacher is trying to talk their child into a sex change operation, often behind the parent’s back, the fault is on the parent. Under a new law in the state of Washington, this could actually mean the state takes the child away from the parents! However, it’s just fine for drag queens to gyrate in front of a toddler.

After the Washington Post published the story of Hunter Biden’s laptop, the FBI did nothing. In Congressional hearings as much as a year later, the testimony was they weren’t sure where the laptop was. When Rudy Giuliani pushed the point, the FBI came and took all of his electronic devices. All of them, except the hard drive copy of Hunter’s computer, which he tried to give to FBI agents. They said they didn’t want that device and they took everything else!

Right now, there’s another example developing. In January of this year, Pentagon security information began leaking out. This is definitely classified information. It must really be classified, because the Secretary of Defense said recently he knew nothing about the leak until last week. Of course. that points more toward the complete incompetence of him and his whole staff than anything else. The information released gave data on operations in Ukraine (including our troops on the ground), conditions on the ground, as well as current and ongoing spying on our allies. It points out the lies put forth by the Biden Abomination to the American public. Thursday, a 21 year old Massachusetts Air National Guardsman was arrested, complete with drones to video the perp walk and detention in an armored personnel carrier. He was apparently an IT person, although the Left calls him a gamer.

The Left is screaming about how terrible the leak was, which it was, but not so much the nature of the data. It looks to me like a whistleblower who broke major security laws. If this is what happened, then he went about it in an abysmal manner! On the other hand, how could he have gotten the information out? To whom could he have turned?

Now that the accused leaker has been arrested, The Sewer Stream Media will drop coverage of it. They may mention future court appearances in short “news breaks”, but any mention of the data will be dropped. It doesn’t benefit them or their masters to mention it further. After all, isn’t that another hallmark of a Banana Republic? They all have a state-owned media that reports on the good that the tyrant does, never mentioning the damage they do to the People!

31 March, 2023 by Eric Dunkelberger

The Justice System in America is corrupt. That being said, the vast majority of law enforcement that goes out on their roles do an amazing job. The problem is the leadership at the local, state and federal levels. It’s the leaders of the various agencies that are weaponizing justice against American citizens who don’t think a certain way (or just don’t think at all). It is they who are launching a war against America at the expense of our legal system!

For instance, take the debacle of January 6. 2021. You either go along with the prevailing viewpoint, echoed by the J6 Panel or the Sewer Stream Media or you are a “conspiracy theorist”. The prevailing view is Trump supporters broke into the Capitol Building creating havoc and causing damage! That came from hand-picked testimony from witnesses. There were no rebuttal witnesses. It was truly a kangaroo court. There was plenty of video of the whole incident, thousands of hours, but, according to the chairman of the panel, they never saw any of it, nor did they care to. After the election of 2022, the new Speaker of the House released the videos to Fox News, or more accurately, Tucker Carlson, who released several videos that showed a completely different viewpoint. The Trump supporters were allowed into the Capitol; they were so disorderly that they stayed within the velvet ropes set up for tourists. Another video showed the Qanon Shaman being escorted by up to eight Capitol Police officers through the building, ending up in the House chamber. He was subsequently sentenced to 41 months in prison. Within two weeks of airing the video (and after the lawyers started talking about a motion to vacate the conviction using that video), Jacob Chansley, the Qanon Shaman was released for good behavior. I wonder if he had to sign any agreements to not talk or sue.

The videos showed how huge a sham the J6 panel hearings were. They raised a lot of questions. The panel had worked and spent a lot of money trying to find some offense they could pin on President Trump and failed. Trump had gone through two impeachments, he was raided at Mar-A-Lago by the rogue FBI. He’d also announced that he was running for President of the United States again.

Yesterday, the Soros-owned Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, announced that Trump had been indicted by a grand jury. Instead of prosecuting actual criminals committing real crimes terrorizing the citizens of Manhattan, Bragg was spending all his effort to “get Trump”. The end product had problems with the statute of limitations and his main witness is a convicted perjurer. Two excellent attorneys, Jonathon Turley and Alan Dershowitz said he had huge problems and the indictment was a foolish idea. Still, he continued. I imagine there will be a plethora of motions on Tuesday, the supposed day of Trump’s arraignment. We’ll see what happens.

Over the last three years, there have been many breaches of confidence by rogue agencies against American citizens. It has been said that light is the best disinfectant. the Twitterfiles, various whistleblowers and videos of the agencies activities has done just that. The more light, the more corrupt the Do(I)J and DHS appear. Still, there are those who provide cover for them. The thing to keep in mind, however, is if they’ll do this to a former President, they’d certainly do it to you.

I hear those that say, “Well, just hold on until the next election.” How naive. The crimes of 2020 and 2022 have not been corrected. Until we have election integrity, we don’t have fair elections. We will continue to have Maricopa County, Az and Fulton County, Ga and a dozen others to boot! Without fair elections and with a politicized Justice System, we have nothing but a Banana Republic!

20 March, 2023 by Eric Dunkelberger

Once upon a time, we, as parents, sent our children off to school for teachers to teach reading, writing and arithmetic. We didn’t send them to teachers as surrogate parents. They were OUR kids! We didn’t want them taught about sex, and especially not deviant sex acts. We expected elementary school teaching to prepare for junior high, and then to prepare students for high school. The goal was to have our children ready for trade school or college.

This isn’t a fairy tale, but it is history. Now, the children go to school to teachers that think those kids belong to THEM. School is no longer about learning to read, write, add or subtract. They gave up Critical Thinking for Critical Race Theory, where everything is the fault of white people! Want to debate that, well, you can’t because they tell you what to think, not how to think! And, since I mentioned writing, if you have second graders or older in public schools, ask if they can write in cursive. You might be surprised. I wonder if the reason cursive isn’t taught is because our Founding Documents are written that way.

Edmund Burke said, “Those who don’t know history, are destined to repeat it.” The geniuses of the Left think the answer to this is simple. Don’t teach history and no one will know when it repeats or what that means in the greater scheme of things. They removed the traditional history classes and replaced them with skewed versions (The 1619 Project). Beside that, their whole premise is everyone with European heritage is basically racist (CRT). I experienced this first hand when a granddaughter came over for Thanksgiving and began describing how the Pilgrims were evil and cruel to the Native Americans from the landing of the Mayflower on in history. Why delete our history? If the young don’t know our history, they won’t know that they have rights. They’ll believe their rights are whatever the Government deigns to give them, when, in reality, their rights come from the Almighty and the Bill of Rights protects Americans by prohibiting the Government from denying these rights! That works only if you know of your rights! Without rights, our kids become sheep, ready for slaughter.

To make matters worse, add in the warped sexual education “introduced” to our children. Children are told there are a multitude of sexual preferences. There have been reports of “teachers” speaking of adult situations and describing the activities going on in adult bedrooms. What possible good could come from this type “instruction” to children from age five to pre-teen? Absolutely none! Then factor in telling children that their gender can be fluid. The gender a child is born with may not be their “true gender identity”. They are told they should experiment. They are also warned not to talk to their parents about it!

There was very little good that came out of the Covid Scamdemic, but one of them was parents started finding out what was passing for education when schools started remote learning! Many parents were appalled. Then came the brazenness of the Drag Queen Reading Hours. Enough was enough! Parents started going to school board meetings and, ultimately, were called domestic terrorists by AG Garland! Still, they persisted! In the last election, there were a large number of school boards that changed from DemSocialist to Republican! The battle continues!

Our Pastor said in his message yesterday that today, the most commonly quoted verse in the Bible was probably “Judge not, that you not be judged.” (Matthew 7:1 ESV) . He also said that it was probably most used by non-Christians! They use it to shut down arguments, knowing that what becomes unspoken of, soon becomes tolerated. However, the Word gives many cases where judging is permitted. It’s okay to judge for discernment and to judge judicially. I can discern between good and evil and this is evil. Therefore, I judicially judge this evil should not be tolerated. Continue on in protest Parents!

10 March, 2023 by Eric Dunkelberger

Around North Carolina, March is known for March Madness. It’s wall-to-wall basketball. In Texas, March means Texas Independence. For the Irish, of course it’s St. Patrick’s Day. Irish whiskey and Guinness everywhere! But, apparently, March in Washington, DC is the season for hearings.

Currently, there are two confirmation hearings for positions within the Biden Abomination. Both of the nominees have now withdrawn their names after finding out that they won’t be just rubber-stamped. We also have the much-heralded Twitter/ Big Tech hearings. Alejandro Mayorkas is embroiled in a hearing. There are even various committee hearings on bills before they go to the chambers of Congress (the way it used to happen, as laid out in the Constitution). There are Intelligence Committee hearings going on concerning the classified documents that Biden has left all over the place. News flash: nine new boxes were found yesterday in Boston! Other hearings are being planned, including one involving Hunter Biden.

There are the makings for a lot of fireworks. There are many issues the GOP says it wants to get to the bottom of. The prior J6 panel did nothing but muddy the waters. The majority of the people believe it was nothing but a bunch of political hacks trying to cover their tracks. to back up that position, Speaker McCarthy has turned over the videos from that day to Tucker Carlson. It shows a completely different story of what happened than what has come out of the show hearings from the last two years. The end of a lot of conspiracy theories are about to be revealed. The videos show the Capital Police allowed the crowd into the Capital. The Shaman was escorted by CP on a guided tour. Outside, the crowd overrunning the Capital Police was caused by tear gas fired toward them, but landing among the police line that quickly folded.

The Covid hearing wants to determine how and where the virus came from. Again, the majority of people know where it came from and that’s China. The events at the lab are suspicious and suggest a cover-up. The virus, the vaccines and the boosters ravaged our military physically and emotionally, with much help from its own leadership. Another news flash: China is not our friend!

I don’t want to watch two years worth of hearings like the last two, where nothing happens. What is the point of that? I want the truth revealed and acted on. Already, several witnesses have been proven to be lying. There should be someone in the hearings who can issue arrest warrants for perjury in the room and a US Marshall to execute it. We know the FBI can’t be trusted to do the job. After a witness proves to be lying under oath, cuff the witness, take the person to be further interrogated, with his lawyer, with transcripts going to the committee chair for further action! Business as usual needs to end!

4 March, 2023 by Eric Dunkelberger

A year ago, I was a grumbling DirecTV subscriber. I started each day watching One America News Network, then switched over to Newsmax. I can count the number of times I watched liberal news channels this century on no fingers. Never! Trump calls it Fake News and that’s an accurate description of it. Personally, I call it Sewer Stream Media.

As I said, I was grumbling about my DirecTV subscription. It was expensive, and constantly getting more so. I don’t know how many times I got a bill and it was higher than the month before. Another problem, I live within five miles of the Atlantic Ocean. During a tropical storm or hurricane (or sometimes a heavy rain storm) I’d lose the satellite signal. I had been toying with the idea of a streaming service.

That was a year ago, when the average mortgage rate was under 4% and my weekly grocery bill ran around $125. This is now, where the average mortgage rate is 6.65% and the same groceries cost around $200. During that year, DirecTV announced that they were having contract difficulties with One America News (OAN) and would be dropping the channel when the contract ends in April, 2022. That’s all hogwash, because, according to OAN owner Robert Herring, DirecTV was offered the channel at no charge during negotiations. The truth is, DirecTV and AT&T, majority holder of the company just didn’t want to carry the Conservative channel! Big Tech was trying to de-platform OAN. DirecTV obliged!

I ended my DirecTV subscription, sent back my two receivers, paid to livestream One America News from the channel and immediately went livestream from Fubo! If DirecTV didn’t want to carry a Conservative channel, I didn’t need to pay for their services! The change actually saved me about half of what I was paying the satellite company! I’m like that. I prefer not to use services that don’t like my beliefs!

So, in January 2023, I’m watching Newsmax on Fubo, having already watched OAN, and news came out that Newsmax was about to be dropped by DirecTV. Prior to being dropped, Newsmax was announcing it on every show and the news scroll at the bottom had it on the screen at least half of the time. DirecTV said it was dropping Newsmax for cost-saving reasons, but keeping 22 lower rated DemSocialist channels. Doesn’t take much of a business man to know that was a bad idea! Newsmax was dropped a little over a month ago.

Here’s the thing; after OAN was dropped, I never heard a word from Newsmax about what happened. I’m sure they were happy to acquire those viewer from OAN but didn’t cover the injustice! After they were dropped from DirecTV, They’ve asked every contributor or guest for their opinions about the abridgement of free speech. To this day, they still are! Meanwhile, DirecTV’s market value has lost around $10B!

I’m reminded of a poem by Martin Niemoller, a Lutheran pastor during World War II. It goes as follows:

Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out–

    because I was not a socialist;

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out–

    because I was not a trade unionist;

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out–

    because I was not a Jew;

Then they came for me–

    and there was no one left to speak out for me.

The last line says it all. Would the assault on Conservative news have been allowed had Newsmax had united with OAN to speak out? We’ll never know!