13 May, 2023 by Eric Dunkelberger

“Government does not solve problems. It subsidizes them.” Ronald Reagan said this on 11 December, 1972, a little over eight years before becoming President of the United States. It’s been a well-documented roller coaster since then. The past 28 months, that ride has been straight down in many respects. We have been on a steep downward trend economically, technologically, and commercially. The last time we were in this position was during the Carter Presidency, where the inflation rate was around 18%. We, the People were feeling so much anxiety, a new phrase was coined: the Misery Quotient. It took us about 15 years to get over it.

At present, we have a lot of factors working against our recovery. The most pressing now is the economy. We have a Government that spends like there’s no end to the money. I started to say “like a bunch of drunken sailors”, but that would have been an insult to drunken sailors! Once upon a time, they had a budget and “tried” to live within it. Under Obama, that pretense went right out the window. Obamacare was a huge budget-buster from the start! Of course, there wasn’t a budget, because the Senate never bring it up for a vote. They would just reach the debt ceiling, have a shut-down, then raise the ceiling and pass a continuing resolution to spend more money. This is not a Republican or Democrat issue. Both are failing the people of the United States! There’s plenty of fault to go around.

Right now, we are in the same position I just described. We are about to hit the debt ceiling. Congress has known for several months it was coming up and, as usual, waited until the last minute. To make matters worse, we are $31.7 Trillion dollars in debt and there are economists who say this is unsustainable. The Federal debt to GDP ratio is 120.34%. The Federal Reserve, I believe, is trying to completely tank our economy. This would open the door for the World Economic Forum to make America it’s slave. We are already begging other countries for our oil needs.

America doesn’t have a revenue problem. The IRS took in a record amount last tax season. We have a spending problem. We can not continue to spend the way we always have before. The more spending, the higher inflation in spite of what DemSocialists say. The spending has to be curtailed. That money, which the Government so freely spends, belongs to We, the People. The Government doesn’t have any money until they take it from us! With our current debt, a new-born citizen already is $94,821 in debt. Break that down to actual taxpayers and that figure is $247,766 each!

A couple of weeks ago, the House of Representative passed a debt ceiling- spending cuts bill. There were supposed to be talks between Biden, the Senate leadership and House leadership last week, but it must have been inconvenient for Biden; it was rescheduled for this coming week. Whatever happens, Biden needs to put away his position of “just raise the ceiling and let us spend”! Americans are tired of that! Of course, I know they won’t do anything that helps the United States. The DemSocialists are working overtime to destroy the country!