20 October, 2022 by Eric Dunkelberger

Yesterday, Joe Biden announced that his administration is releasing another 15 Million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. I’m already on record as saying this was a terrible idea (click here to see) and my opinion hasn’t changed. It wasn’t an emergency back in April and it still isn’t. It’s terrible energy policy instead!

This latest release is nothing more than a vote buying scheme. The Biden Abomination thinks that if they can keep the price low(ish) until after the mid-term election in November, the lemmings will vote for them. Never mind the fact that it was their policies that caused the prices to more than double, close to triple in some locations, in the first place. They have to lie about this. In the same speech on the plundering of the reserve, they said that their Abomination did not repress or stop oil production in America. Oh, yes they did! On the first day in office, Biden halted the production of the Keystone pipeline and cancelled all drilling on federal land. Production nosedived from that point in time, 20 January, 2021! They want to blame Putin and his war for the price increases at the pump, but, in reality, that increase began more than a year before, on day one of the Biden Abomination.

A few months ago, Biden went to negotiate with Saudi Arabia for an increase of their production of oil. That was the reason given for the trip. Last month, OPEC decided to cut production by up to 2 Million barrels a day in an effort to bring the price up internationally. This brought talk of sanctions toward Saudi Arabia from the United States. Interesting enough, there’s 26 nations involved in OPEC, but Biden singled out just the Saudi’s. In response to Biden’s comments, the Saudis put out the statement that the discussions regarded not so much an increase of production, but rather a delay of the cut of production until after the November elections!. If true, and I believe it is, Quid Pro Joe was hoping for a quid pro quo. All he was after was a delay until the election for the price at the pump to start going up.

The release of 15 Million barrels of oil from the SPR will barely make a dent for Americans feeling the bite of inflation. Who knows, maybe Biden can make a deal with our enemies in Venezuela for oil. Or, maybe we can get oil from our enemies Iran. Or, how about ending the sanctions on Russian oil. One thing is certain: Biden has no interest in becoming energy independent again. They are talking about American production again, but they have no intention of bringing it on line.

I remember the gas lines of the ’70’s. I remember the rationing. I remember the violence at the gas pumps as someone tried to cut in front of another. I remember the gas stations running out of gas. Is this where we’re heading? Is this what Joe wanted to delay until after the election?

Things are looking grim. Globalists are all calling for war. Americans are low on their oil needs. What could be the worst time for a war? Throw into the mix a report by the Heritage Foundation giving a rating of weak, for the first time, to the US Military. If the DemSocialist’s goal is the destruction of the United States of America, how much closer can they get.