2 April, 2022 by Sentinel150

The need for a petroleum reserve became apparent in the early 1970’s. We were getting petroleum from an arbitrary OPEC, who controlled the flow of oil to drive the prices higher. Wars in the Middle East further hampered production. The gas shortage of the ’70s demonstrated the need of a strategic petroleum reserve here in the United States. It was established as aa emergency reserve, to be used in the event of a natural disaster or war. Currently, we have over 500 million barrels in the reserve.

The Strategic Petroleum Reserve has been used several times, such as after Hurricane Katrina and, most recently after cyberhackers shut down the Colonial Pipeline, stopping the flow of gas all along the Eastern Seaboard. As news of the hack came out, I saw the price double almost immediately. so, dipping into the reserve in an emergency isn’t uncommon.

Two days ago, President Biden decided to release one million barrels a day for up to six months, in an effort to reduce the price of gas at the pump. In my humble opinion, this doesn’t qualify as an emergency. The high prices of gas weren’t caused by a disaster and it wasn’t caused by war, in spite of what the Sewer Stream Media says. This disaster is solely the responsibility of DemSocialist policies furthering their green agenda. They want to forego any fossil fuels for “sustainable energy” at any cost. This is illustrated by those saying a car owner can save $80 a month by switching to a $50,000 electric vehicle. The fact that people are struggling to put gas in their vehicle at $4-$6 a gallon, doesn’t seem to matter to them. They apparently think anyone can afford another $600 per month bill for the loan on that electric car, so delusional are they!

If Biden actually wants to help the workers of this country, he doesn’t need to release oil from the reserve, but end the policies he put into place on his very first day in office; let America go back to being self sufficient in the oil market. Put the oil rigs back to pumping. Open up the pipelines!

But, that’s not the DemSocialist agenda. Biden will release 180 million barrels over six month. If war does come, he’ll increase that number. Same if there’s a natural disaster. While we’re at it, lets ship some of the reserve to Europe. They’re in need. He’d be content to use all of the reserve, thus ushering in the need to convert to renewable energy quicker and bringing about the ruin of the country they hate!