14 October, 2022 by Eric Dunkelberger

Earlier this week, Tulsi Gabbard, former Representative from Hawaii (2013-2021), publicly walked away from the Democrat Party. The former Vice-Chair of the Democrat National Committee posted a video laying out why she was leaving the party behind. In the video, she accused the Democrat Party of everything the Republicans knew the Dems were guilty of. She said the Democrat Party were an “elitist cabal of warmongers” that pushes “cowardly wokeness” and “anti-white racism”. She also said the Party “actively work(s) to undermine our God-given freedoms enshrined in our Constitution”. She implied that Faith and Freedom have no place in the Democrat Party. She laid Open Borders, rampant crime and a lack of unity at the feet of the Biden Abomination.

Tulsi’s video, her speech and subsequent interviews all raised much speculation. Yahoo had a headline after her video came out that said she was leaving the Democrat Party for the GOP. Nowhere in the video did she say anything about joining the GOP. Ballotpedia yesterday had Tulsi listed as an Independent (as of October 2022). Of course, Yahoo is usually wrong about everything. On the other side, I hear those saying what a great Vice Presidential candidate she would make.

Here’s the thing: I absolutely applaud her walking away from the Democrat Party. I applaud anyone who walks away from that Party. When someone walks away so vocally, setting the Party ablaze, I’ll stand and give her the ovation she deserves. But, I’m going to keep things in perspective. While she blasted the Dems for their open border policies, she is an advocate for amnesty, like Lyndsey Graham and Marco Rubio. In 2016, she endorsed Socialist Bernie Sanders. After dropping out of the 2020 Presidential run, she endorsed Joe Biden. Over her tenure in the House of Representatives, she voted with Democrats on 90-94% of votes. She might not of voted with them on the truly wacko bills (I don’t know if she did or not), but 90% is a pretty good indication of how liberal she is.

I’ll give Tulsi Gabbard her due. Way to go, Tulsi! I’ll buy you a beer! But, I’m a Constitutional Conservative. I love our country. I love our Republic. I love The United States of America. I have worked on campaigns for Conservative candidates. I believe Conservatism is the ONLY way out of the debacle into which the Democrat Party has gotten us. While the DemSocialists are against everything Conservatives stand for, too many times, the RINO’s are right there holding us back and helping the other side!

WHEN we win back the House and Senate, status quo must end. Leadership needs to change. There is no way Mitch McConnell should be the Senate Majority Leader. I can think of several good Conservative options. Kevin McCarthy in the House, also needs to be replaced. Jim Jordan would be great! Conservative and Constitutional; the way to Make America Great Again!