27 October, 2022 by Eric Dunkelberger

It’s less than two weeks until Election Day, 8 November, and already the shenanigans have begun. Pollsters are gathering last minute data in an effort to get the best results they can get. The goal here is to get as close to the election results, while still manipulating results in favor of their candidates. There are, of course, some honest polls, but they are rarely connected to universities or liberal news sources: those will always lean extreme left. I have my favorite, but do your own homework.

Candidates are out campaigning. Republicans are talking about issues. Democrats are criticizing their opponents, using quarter-truths (at best) and flat out lies! They are heavy into accusing Republicans of worst case scenarios. Republicans will tell you what they want for America: the curbing of inflation, lower crime rates, a strong economy, a strong military, and closed borders to name a few. DemSocialists are more vague in what they want. They want access to abortions though the third trimester, and to end “global warming”. Anything else, you have to read between the lines.

From now until Election Day, you will also see the underhanded parts of politics. There will be people coming out of nowhere to accuse Republicans of this, that or the other. No proof? No problem. The Sewer Stream Media will cover for the accuser. There will be more bombshells exploding on the campaign trail than in Ukraine. Innuendos carry weight (through the SSM) when repeated enough. Ruin a man’s reputation and it’s difficult to recover.

Of course, then there’s always the cheat going on. And it’s begun in earnest! Earlier this week Hillary Clinton accused the Republicans of already plotting to steal the 2024 election. She should be an expert in that because of her failed attempt to steal the 2016 election. The DemSocialists have a definite trait. Anything they are guilty of doing, they blame their opponent. Joseph Goebbels, Chief Propagandist of the Nazi Party in Germany, would be so proud that his favorite habit is being kept alive so well.

As it stands, GOP lawmakers are already questioning Pennsylvania as to why they sent out 255,000 absentee ballots to unverified people. My home state of North Carolina Board of Elections was issued a court order to clean 40,000 voter registrations from their rolls. These were duplicates registrations, deceased voters, voters who had moved out of state. They’ve been under court order for several months and have yet to do anything.

Right now, there are more than 100 lawsuits surrounding elections nationwide. They encompass mail-in ballots, voting machines, voter registrations and poll watchers. The cheat will be strong this year. DemSocialists are already prepping for it. Just today, reports came out that there may be a shortage of ballot paper. Better vote early, so the Dems know how many ballots they need to “find” on Election night. That’s exactly how our Governor won his two elections, late at night “finding” enough votes to, not only win, but overcome the trigger amount for a recount!

We’ve done precious little for election integrity. Very few states have paid any attention to it at all. In 12 days, we’ll see the results. If states start shutting down, delaying the final result. we’ll know we should have done more. After all, it’s the only way the DemSocialist can maintain control.