10 April, 2022 by Sentinel105

By now, most people have heard of the admission that Disney is actively trying to force our children into the LGBTQ lifestyle. They aren’t only introducing children to this alternative reality, they are grooming them into accepting and joining it. Disney is receiving backlash because of their admission. Parents are protesting outside the gates of their parks. Many people are cancelling their Disney+ subscriptions and the Disney stock is falling. Year to date, Disney is down over 15.8%. While I applaud efforts of those reacting to the assault on our kids, I suggest they might want to look closer to home.

The aggression against family values to which Disney recently confessed is happening in many of our own communities. It’s all part of a three-prong attack on our children: Critical race theory, 1619 Project and “sexual orientation”. CRT, summed up, says all whites are racist and anyone siding with them is racist too. The 1619 Project says America would have been a nice country if it hadn’t been for the Europeans landing here. But the “sexual orientation” should be delved into a bit deeper.

Teachers in the 50’s and 60′, when I was going to school, left sexuality for parents to talk about to their kids. I don’t really remember any of my teachers discussing their marital status and certainly not the sex of their partners. The thought of what went on in the bedroom was just plain taboo, as it should be. It was generally left until Junior High before we had classes like Biology or Health and, by that time many of us had received our “birds and bees” talk from our parents. That’s not the way of today for our children.

Now, children as young as five or six are shown sexual positions in “educational” material. They are taught to read using books that tell them how normal it is to have parents of the same sex. Teachers ask kids how they feel about their sexuality. Do they feel as if they should be a different sex. It’s really quite disturbing, if not disgusting, what’s going on in our schools. Schools have no business bringing these topics up to kids, but, too many teachers think they are the only allowable source of education or indoctrination. Parents have no business raising their children, they say.

Why the sexualizing of kids? For what are they grooming them? How many of our children will end up in therapy because of this? How many of these kids will just go missing? How many children go missing from Disney parks?

It’s an election year. Primaries are in full swing. The above questions might be important to ask anyone running for a school board, state or local. Recent history shows that it is a lot more difficult to ask such questions (and get answers) after they are already elected to the position. I have seen them close a meeting at the first sign of a hard question. It’s almost like after someone gets elected to office, they think you work for them.