18 March, 2022 by Sentinel105

This is a tenuous time in our geopolitical history. The possibility of war is everywhere. It could start at any time, if the wrong person made the wrong move. Right now, most of the national leaders shy away from being the person that triggers the beginning of World War III, although, in my opinion, more than a few have no problem if war should come.

Every four years in the United States, we elect (or re-elect) a President. He is the leader of the Executive Branch of government, the Commander-In- Chief of our military and de facto Leader of the Free World! Most importantly, he must be a strong leader! He must have a group of advisors around him who know what is going on in the world and make sure the President is prepared for anything that comes up.

In 2020, we failed to elect a leader. Or maybe we took a step away from election integrity and allowed the election to be stolen from us! Either way, we ended up with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, neither of which is qualified to lead a clown circus down the streets of Washington DC. It’s not that they don’t have advisors around them; It’s just a clown car full of unqualified foreign policy losers! Biden hasn’t shown any desire to take up the mantle of leadership. He chooses to send his Vice President in his place. She became the Southern border tsar, the Afghan border tsar and the Ukrainian border tsar. She actually visited the last two, but not the Southern border. She failed at all three!

It is important to maintain a strong demeanor when talking to other world leaders. It’s hard to do when you have a national policy of America Last as Biden/Harris do. When you negotiate from a position of weakness, you end up with agreements that are bad for America and good for our potential enemies. We are doing exactly this in Iran on their nuclear agreement. Before President Trump ended the agreement, we were giving them pallets of cash while never requiring a site inspection, thus allowing the potential of nuclear weapons. I’m sure the current negotiations will be little different. John Kerry was involved in both. The difference is we gave an opening to the Russians to be involved! You can’t get much weaker than that, can you?

Last month, Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin had a video conference regarding tensions in Ukraine. I’m sure there was a lot of chest thumping from both. Biden may have even threatened to take Vlad behind the building a beat him up. He’s used it before. A few weeks later, Russian units entered Ukraine and all Biden was left with was to call him a war criminal. Last week, Putin called a meeting of the United Nations. Did Biden? No!

Next week, President Biden meets President Xi. With Taiwan and the US dollar being the international reserve fund, America has a lot to lose. Any guesses as to the stronger of the two?