31 March, 2023 by Eric Dunkelberger

The Justice System in America is corrupt. That being said, the vast majority of law enforcement that goes out on their roles do an amazing job. The problem is the leadership at the local, state and federal levels. It’s the leaders of the various agencies that are weaponizing justice against American citizens who don’t think a certain way (or just don’t think at all). It is they who are launching a war against America at the expense of our legal system!

For instance, take the debacle of January 6. 2021. You either go along with the prevailing viewpoint, echoed by the J6 Panel or the Sewer Stream Media or you are a “conspiracy theorist”. The prevailing view is Trump supporters broke into the Capitol Building creating havoc and causing damage! That came from hand-picked testimony from witnesses. There were no rebuttal witnesses. It was truly a kangaroo court. There was plenty of video of the whole incident, thousands of hours, but, according to the chairman of the panel, they never saw any of it, nor did they care to. After the election of 2022, the new Speaker of the House released the videos to Fox News, or more accurately, Tucker Carlson, who released several videos that showed a completely different viewpoint. The Trump supporters were allowed into the Capitol; they were so disorderly that they stayed within the velvet ropes set up for tourists. Another video showed the Qanon Shaman being escorted by up to eight Capitol Police officers through the building, ending up in the House chamber. He was subsequently sentenced to 41 months in prison. Within two weeks of airing the video (and after the lawyers started talking about a motion to vacate the conviction using that video), Jacob Chansley, the Qanon Shaman was released for good behavior. I wonder if he had to sign any agreements to not talk or sue.

The videos showed how huge a sham the J6 panel hearings were. They raised a lot of questions. The panel had worked and spent a lot of money trying to find some offense they could pin on President Trump and failed. Trump had gone through two impeachments, he was raided at Mar-A-Lago by the rogue FBI. He’d also announced that he was running for President of the United States again.

Yesterday, the Soros-owned Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, announced that Trump had been indicted by a grand jury. Instead of prosecuting actual criminals committing real crimes terrorizing the citizens of Manhattan, Bragg was spending all his effort to “get Trump”. The end product had problems with the statute of limitations and his main witness is a convicted perjurer. Two excellent attorneys, Jonathon Turley and Alan Dershowitz said he had huge problems and the indictment was a foolish idea. Still, he continued. I imagine there will be a plethora of motions on Tuesday, the supposed day of Trump’s arraignment. We’ll see what happens.

Over the last three years, there have been many breaches of confidence by rogue agencies against American citizens. It has been said that light is the best disinfectant. the Twitterfiles, various whistleblowers and videos of the agencies activities has done just that. The more light, the more corrupt the Do(I)J and DHS appear. Still, there are those who provide cover for them. The thing to keep in mind, however, is if they’ll do this to a former President, they’d certainly do it to you.

I hear those that say, “Well, just hold on until the next election.” How naive. The crimes of 2020 and 2022 have not been corrected. Until we have election integrity, we don’t have fair elections. We will continue to have Maricopa County, Az and Fulton County, Ga and a dozen others to boot! Without fair elections and with a politicized Justice System, we have nothing but a Banana Republic!