20 March, 2023 by Eric Dunkelberger

Once upon a time, we, as parents, sent our children off to school for teachers to teach reading, writing and arithmetic. We didn’t send them to teachers as surrogate parents. They were OUR kids! We didn’t want them taught about sex, and especially not deviant sex acts. We expected elementary school teaching to prepare for junior high, and then to prepare students for high school. The goal was to have our children ready for trade school or college.

This isn’t a fairy tale, but it is history. Now, the children go to school to teachers that think those kids belong to THEM. School is no longer about learning to read, write, add or subtract. They gave up Critical Thinking for Critical Race Theory, where everything is the fault of white people! Want to debate that, well, you can’t because they tell you what to think, not how to think! And, since I mentioned writing, if you have second graders or older in public schools, ask if they can write in cursive. You might be surprised. I wonder if the reason cursive isn’t taught is because our Founding Documents are written that way.

Edmund Burke said, “Those who don’t know history, are destined to repeat it.” The geniuses of the Left think the answer to this is simple. Don’t teach history and no one will know when it repeats or what that means in the greater scheme of things. They removed the traditional history classes and replaced them with skewed versions (The 1619 Project). Beside that, their whole premise is everyone with European heritage is basically racist (CRT). I experienced this first hand when a granddaughter came over for Thanksgiving and began describing how the Pilgrims were evil and cruel to the Native Americans from the landing of the Mayflower on in history. Why delete our history? If the young don’t know our history, they won’t know that they have rights. They’ll believe their rights are whatever the Government deigns to give them, when, in reality, their rights come from the Almighty and the Bill of Rights protects Americans by prohibiting the Government from denying these rights! That works only if you know of your rights! Without rights, our kids become sheep, ready for slaughter.

To make matters worse, add in the warped sexual education “introduced” to our children. Children are told there are a multitude of sexual preferences. There have been reports of “teachers” speaking of adult situations and describing the activities going on in adult bedrooms. What possible good could come from this type “instruction” to children from age five to pre-teen? Absolutely none! Then factor in telling children that their gender can be fluid. The gender a child is born with may not be their “true gender identity”. They are told they should experiment. They are also warned not to talk to their parents about it!

There was very little good that came out of the Covid Scamdemic, but one of them was parents started finding out what was passing for education when schools started remote learning! Many parents were appalled. Then came the brazenness of the Drag Queen Reading Hours. Enough was enough! Parents started going to school board meetings and, ultimately, were called domestic terrorists by AG Garland! Still, they persisted! In the last election, there were a large number of school boards that changed from DemSocialist to Republican! The battle continues!

Our Pastor said in his message yesterday that today, the most commonly quoted verse in the Bible was probably “Judge not, that you not be judged.” (Matthew 7:1 ESV) . He also said that it was probably most used by non-Christians! They use it to shut down arguments, knowing that what becomes unspoken of, soon becomes tolerated. However, the Word gives many cases where judging is permitted. It’s okay to judge for discernment and to judge judicially. I can discern between good and evil and this is evil. Therefore, I judicially judge this evil should not be tolerated. Continue on in protest Parents!