10 March, 2023 by Eric Dunkelberger

Around North Carolina, March is known for March Madness. It’s wall-to-wall basketball. In Texas, March means Texas Independence. For the Irish, of course it’s St. Patrick’s Day. Irish whiskey and Guinness everywhere! But, apparently, March in Washington, DC is the season for hearings.

Currently, there are two confirmation hearings for positions within the Biden Abomination. Both of the nominees have now withdrawn their names after finding out that they won’t be just rubber-stamped. We also have the much-heralded Twitter/ Big Tech hearings. Alejandro Mayorkas is embroiled in a hearing. There are even various committee hearings on bills before they go to the chambers of Congress (the way it used to happen, as laid out in the Constitution). There are Intelligence Committee hearings going on concerning the classified documents that Biden has left all over the place. News flash: nine new boxes were found yesterday in Boston! Other hearings are being planned, including one involving Hunter Biden.

There are the makings for a lot of fireworks. There are many issues the GOP says it wants to get to the bottom of. The prior J6 panel did nothing but muddy the waters. The majority of the people believe it was nothing but a bunch of political hacks trying to cover their tracks. to back up that position, Speaker McCarthy has turned over the videos from that day to Tucker Carlson. It shows a completely different story of what happened than what has come out of the show hearings from the last two years. The end of a lot of conspiracy theories are about to be revealed. The videos show the Capital Police allowed the crowd into the Capital. The Shaman was escorted by CP on a guided tour. Outside, the crowd overrunning the Capital Police was caused by tear gas fired toward them, but landing among the police line that quickly folded.

The Covid hearing wants to determine how and where the virus came from. Again, the majority of people know where it came from and that’s China. The events at the lab are suspicious and suggest a cover-up. The virus, the vaccines and the boosters ravaged our military physically and emotionally, with much help from its own leadership. Another news flash: China is not our friend!

I don’t want to watch two years worth of hearings like the last two, where nothing happens. What is the point of that? I want the truth revealed and acted on. Already, several witnesses have been proven to be lying. There should be someone in the hearings who can issue arrest warrants for perjury in the room and a US Marshall to execute it. We know the FBI can’t be trusted to do the job. After a witness proves to be lying under oath, cuff the witness, take the person to be further interrogated, with his lawyer, with transcripts going to the committee chair for further action! Business as usual needs to end!