1 November,2022 by Eric Dunkelberger

As of February of this year, the Department of Homeland inSecurity reported they had lost 20,000 children and their sponsors. They just don’t know where they are. Now, this would be horrible were we talking about illegals only. But, we’re talking about children. The DHS says they aren’t even sure of the names of the kids. They don’t really mention whether or not they know the true relationship of the “sponsors”!.

I’m sorry, but the first thing I think of with this involves child slavery and the sex trade. There are three options. Some of the “sponsors” are more than likely members of the cartels (unbeknownst to the DHS) and supply the children to the slavers. Another option is the DHS is facilitating the trade. Then, there’s the option where DHS may be more involved. I hate to consider this, but we all know how this Cabinet-level agency bends and/or disregards the law.

But one has to think, if the DHS were not involved in the effort, why are they not forthcoming with information that Oversight Committees of the Senate has asked of them regarding the lost children? What are the ages of the children? What’s being done to find the “lost”? Undoubtedly, benefits are going somewhere. I mean, when the DHS sends illegal aliens somewhere, they also send more benefits than American seniors get. Come on man, follow the money!

The fact that the DHS lost that many children is disturbing enough. Their dereliction should be illegal! How far up the ladder does this go? Is Secretary Mayorkas involved? How about AG Garland? Is there 10% for the Big Guy? The DHS is a rogue organization. They use the FBI as stormtroopers against parents who don’t want their children exposed to drag queens or mutilated by “medical facilities”. If a person is Pro-American, that means you could be a domestic terrorist.

There are plenty of actual criminals out there that could occupy the time of the DHS. Of course, they would probably not stay in jail long because some judge somewhere would let them go without bail. The only ones of interest to this DHS are the ones who disagree with their DemSocialist masters! The number of missing kids, like I said, was as of February this year. How many more have been “lost” in the subsequent eight months? No matter what: Remember The 20,000+! Evidently, the DHS wants us to forget them!