15 November, 2022 by Eric Dunkelberger

Here we are. The 2022 Election was a week ago and the cycle is over. Well, it should be! The truth is, The US Senate is still up for grabs, and the House and at least one Governor. The Sewer Stream Media is complicit in calling races (again) way too soon. Everybody is expected to allow the media and the opposite party to tell them who won the election. Anything less is, or will be, called domestic terrorism.

There were problems with this election cycle from the beginning. Absentee ballots were being mailed out to people who never asked for them. In some places, more ballots were sent than are registered voters in the area. On election day, conservatives were turned away from their voting places due to malfunctioning machines. Elsewhere, people showed up to vote, only to find out a vote had already been registered in their name. There had been warnings of this, and the advice was to stay at the polling place, call the police and report an incident of identity theft. I’m unaware this ever happened, but it should have. A crime had definitely occurred!

I’ve seen videos of plenty of malfeasance, or criminal activity. Video out of Georgia showed a man doctoring ballots. Out of Arizona, video shows the current Secretary of State, who was running for higher office, in the ballot room. At that time, the Governor’s race which she was in was highly contested. This was a blatant conflict of interest! The corruption ran deep in this election. It ran deep in in the 2020 election! It was evident in the election of 2016!

Voter integrity and election security has been proven lacking. Things have to change! After 2020, the DemSocialists tried to take over the election system and hand it to the Federal Government. That would have been a huge mistake. The answer to any problem should never be “give it to the Feds”! They’ve already taken too much power from the States. Read the Tenth Amendment! The States actually need to take some of that power back! The States need to handle the credibility problem of the election system. Quickly!

When the state of Florida can count 22 million votes in one night and Arizona takes more that 7 days to count 7 million and Nevada the same amount of time to count 3 million, there’s a definite problem. I’ve said it before. The amount of time it takes to count the vote is in direct proportion to the amount of cheating necessary. Before the election of 2020. most states had there votes counted in one night. That needs to return! There were audits done in Fulton County, Georgia and a full forensic audit in Maricopa County in Arizona after the 2020 election and they found many problems. The DemSocialists denied the problems and too many of the Republican leadership let it go without doing anything!

My state of North Carolina needs to implement Voter ID. It’s already been ruled as constitutional by the US Supreme Court. It was passed as a NC Constitutional Amendment in 2016 and it’s past time to implement! The vote was counted this election cycle in one night. That should be the standard. Better security should be employed so that ballots aren’t suddenly “found” in the amount that propels a candidate, surprisingly always a DemSocialist, to victory, with a total passing the threshold for a mandatory recount! Our current Governor won two elections that way!

The States have a lot of improvement before integrity is worthy of our trust! The alternative is in full view. Just look to the protests in Brazil. You may need to do a search on a search engine other than Google to see it. But it’s there and it’s huge!