17 September, 2022 by Eric Dunkelberger

For the last five or six election cycles, I’ve been part of a panel who has graded candidates statewide, and occasionally in other states, to determine which candidate has the highest degree of Conservatism and Family Values. I study a campaign’s donations, endorsements, past voting record (for those already in office), and website. In previous years, we did this exclusively for the Republican Primaries. This year, I missed the primary panel due to a prolonged hospital stay, but I was invited to do the grading for a panel for the General Election. This is the first time, and hopefully not the last, this group has done the General.

I got involved with this group, because I was basically doing the same thing for my own ballot, local, state and federal. I ended up grading more races than I usually would, but, hopefully it would help other voters find the right candidate. I usually was volunteering to campaign for one or two candidates. To be fair, I excluded myself from grading in those races.

This year, doing the General Election, I was grading Republicans, Democrats and Libertarians, or Independents. One thing I noticed immediately while studying the websites for the Dems, was the lack of much, if any, information about their positions. There were several vague references to making the economy better, but none of them said anything about how they would go about it. Most of them mentioned climate change (hoax). Some mentioned the LGBTQXYZ movement. Some mentioned the systemic racism. Some of them mentioned election reform, but their idea of that is to make it easier to cheat, just the opposite of what we want! When added to their donations and endorsements, they were fairly easy to grade!

Another thing I noticed was blatant lies and misrepresentations out of the Dems campaigns. This comes from campaign ads running on television as well as their websites. The majority of them give the idea that the only issue of interest to anyone is abortion. They believe there is only two degrees on the argument: total ban on abortion or abortion up to the moment of birth or beyond! According to them, that’s the only difference between the two parties. Republicans will ban all abortions while Democrats will continue murdering babies at will! Their numbers are all askew also! On one ad, they claim 85% of women want abortions legalized. That may be the case if your sample is inside a Planned Parenthood facility or DemSocialist Headquarters, but not anywhere else.

Anyway, do your own homework and find out the right candidate to vote for. If you like the condition the country is in now, vote DemSocialist. If you prefer America First, energy independence, less crime, secure borders, etc., vote Republican! Remember, there are many more issues before you than murdering babies! It’s your choice. Make the most of it!