1 September, 2022 by Eric Dunkelberger

For over twenty months, the Biden Abomination has done a lot of damage to this country. Their policies have caused the US to go from energy independent to energy bums, from a recovering economy to a country in recession on the way to inflation and, possibly, hyper-inflation. Foreign relations is at an all-time low, with few countries actually showing any respect for the United States, even those on the dole from the American taxpayers.

But, the biggest damage to our country comes from the division the Biden Abomination has caused. They took office 20 January, 2021 with the goal of unity. That was their stated campaign platform. Since then, they have done everything possible to divide us into at least two groups. Covid has brought divisions: masked or unmasked, vaccinated or unvaccinated. Climate change, or as I prefer hoax, has brought the division between the internal combustion engine and electric cars. Last week, California put out the press release they would ban gas engines by 2035, but this week they wanted people to refrain from charging their electric cars due to the strain of the electric grid caused by a heat wave.. There’s also abortion, immigration, crime and the police, causes guaranteed to promote divisiveness.

During the last school year, many parents became aware of what schools and their school boards wanted to teach their children. They objected to the 1619 Project, Critical Race Theory and the sexualization of their children, and rightfully so! Parents wanted Reading and writing and arithmetic. They preferred education instead of indoctrination. Around the country, parents went to school boards to voice their opinions. School boards shut the protests down or had the parents arrested. In the county just north of me, the school board, when faced with parents who wanted to voice their opinions, abruptly cancelled the meeting and had parents escorted out. There wasn’t a subsequent meeting that didn’t have a long list of speakers after that! With this going on across the country, the Attorney general decided to get involved, wanting the Department of (In)Justice to investigate the parents as “domestic terrorists”. Now we have a new division, namely DemSocialists against domestic terrorists (AKA Parents).

Over the last couple of months, things have intensified. A politicized FBI came out with a listing of emblems they say represent domestic terrorists. They include the Gadsden Flag, the Liberty Tree, and the Gonzales Banner, to name a few. Two of those represented Patriots during the War of Independence and the Gonzales Banner was during the War for Texas Independence. Basically, anyone who disagrees with the Biden Abomination policies is a terrorist. So sayeth the Government. The Sewer Stream Media echoes the sentiment, so it must be true, says the DemSocialist!

Tonight, Biden speaks to the country. I doubt he will tackle things that actually matter to citizens, such as inflation, crime, border incursion. He may bring up the FBI invasion of Mar-A-Lago, but since the Do(I)J says they won’t pursue charges until after the mid-term elections in November, he probably won’t. The media has dubbed this speech as the “Soul of the Nation”. I’m pretty sure it will be nothing more than lies and misrepresentations. What it will be is divisive!