4 June, 2022 by Eric Dunkelberger

A few days ago, in a televised broadcast, President Biden said most Americans feel financially comfortable. He said Americans were getting out of debt and were able to save more. Now, obviously, that’s a good thing, if true. Personally, I say it’s not true, but another bold-faced lie put on Biden’s teleprompter by some aide who hasn’t got a clue about the economy.

Currently, the inflation rate in the United States is 8.3%, at least until 10 June. Paychecks aren’t going as far as they used to. Energy prices increased 30.3%. Food prices jumped 9.4%. The shelves where baby formula once was are either empty or covered up to hide the incompetence of the government. We have to beg other countries to help feed our babies. As the military moves pallets of formula from other countries, does it go to the grocery stores. No! The first loads went to hospitals, where doctors wrote prescriptions for the mothers needing it!

With the above data stacked against us, with our paychecks shrinking due to inflation, where inflation is outpacing pay increases, how can people save money or get out of debt. Of course, getting out from under student loan debt is constantly dangled by the DemSocialists, so maybe they’ve come to expect that as fact, instead of promise.

Perhaps the Biden administration needs to get a real expert to give courses on the economy. Maybe Jaime Diamond, who recently said a financial hurricane is heading for the United States. If you think things will get better, think again. Interest rates will be going up at least a half point per month for the next year or so. Energy prices aren’t going to improve, according to one of Biden’s advisors. We’re heading into a summer of rolling blackouts. That ought to do wonders for the economy. NOT! Think the government is going to help? Again, NO! Biden says he is helpless to stop energy prices or food prices increasing. The truth is, he hasn’t got a clue about how to stop the price increases, but, even if he did, he wouldn’t lift a finger to help!

So, the televised announcement of just how great off our country is, is nothing but fertilizer. But, since there’s a shortage of fertilizer to farmers (more and more of the farmers are skipping the first application) maybe the administration is thinking this fertilizer will help. I think not!