11 May, 2022 by Eric Dunkelberger

Well, the numbers are out from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics; the Consumer Price Index increased another 0.3% in April of 2022, seasonally adjusted. Prices for shelter, food, airline fares and new vehicles were the biggest contributors. This means that the price consumers have to pay for goods over a 12 month period rose to 8.3%. From what I see, May’s numbers will probably go up further.

Americans are feeling the pain. At the grocery store, prices are skyrocketing for goods, if you can find what you came for. Some items you’ve come to expect to be in stock, just aren’t there anymore. Baby formula is one of those. I help with a local Food Pantry and over the last few months, the number of people we help with food has increased. Things are about to get even worse.

Inflation is a tax on everyone, but it hurts those of low and medium incomes much worse. You have to pay more to gas up the vehicle to get to work. The paycheck you receive from your labors just doesn’t go as far as it did. If you have a variable interest loan, you’ve probably already seen the rate go up, making your payment more. Everything costs more!

You would think that our Representatives and Senators would show concern for their constituents, but, alas, no. Yesterday, the House voted for sending $40,000,000,000 in military aid and humanitarian aid to Ukraine. I have to wonder if the Big Guy still gets his 10% cut. Of course, it’s probably not just one Big Guy, but many. Nancy Pelosi and several of the DemSocialist committee chairs visited Ukraine last week. Were they cementing their shares? That much money would go a ways to helping OUR America, but that’s not the agenda the Biden Administration is following.

Today, the House was supposed to vote on the extremely radical Abortion For All Act, which codifies abortion. It provides for abortions during all nine months of a pregnancy, overturns all state pro-life laws, removes all religious exemptions for healthcare workers, all babies targeted by race, sex or genetics, all at taxpayer expense! To DemSocialists, murdering babies is more important than easing the pain Americans are feeling economically.

Now, for some housekeeping; the inflation rate is not caused by Russia invading Ukraine and it certainly wasn’t inherited (15 months ago) from President Trump’s policies. Costs started rising almost immediately upon the Biden Administration taking office. It started with Biden locked away in his office signing executive orders to end any program Trump had in place. Implementing the Biden ( or who ever) agenda just made everything worse. The Biden agenda does nothing for America or Americans except damage them!