28 June, 2022 by Eric Dunkelberger

Ronald Reagan once said,” The most terrifying words in the English language are: I.m from the government and I’m here to help.” This would go double when talking about the Federal Drug Administration. Their function is to insure drugs are safe for use and effective. They have completely abandoned that function! It’s almost like the FDA is regulated by the pharmaceutical companies and not the other way around.

It used to be that a vaccine was a drug that kept a person from catching a virus and keeping that person safe. But, then, during Covid, the FDA decided they needed to change the definition of a vaccine. The new definition said the vaccine won’t necessarily stop you from getting the virus or make the effects of the virus less life threatening. The vaccines, under this new definition, are no longer safe and effective.

In fact, The vaccines are anything but safe and effective. Look, if the vaccines were safe and effective, why would the companies not go for approval as opposed to the Emergency Use Authorization. Could it be the waiver from liability. There is only one vaccine that has gotten its approval and it is in use in Europe and won’t be brought to the United States until 2023, if then. Were there any human trials? How many and what were the results? Could this be the reason Phizer wanted the vaccine data kept secret for the next 75 years?

Under the FDA, we currently have vaccines that cause blood clots, myocarditis, strokes and other ailments. They don’t keep you safe! They are not effective! However, the vaccines are out there under FDA EUA. There is a pilot shortage. It’s why the airlines are cancelling flights. Pilots don’t want the vaccine (required) because of the high risk of blood clots. Hospitals need staff, but many of them don’t want the vaccine (required) because there are a few medical personnel that follow ACTUAL science. Student athletes are now required by many schools to have a ECG before they can play because so many athletes are just dropping to the ground dead!

There are a lot of things the FDA could do to help the situation, including their jobs to make drugs safe and effective. but they won’t or can’t. Until they do, they’ll just continue to be as untrusted as the CDC, WHO, and NIH. It’s criminal! Unfortunately, the Department of (In)Justice is just as untrusted right now!