4 May, 2022 by Eric Dunkelberger

A row can be anything from a squabble all the way up to a riot or battle. I’m afraid we are heading toward the latter as opposed to the former. And, it’s all right on cue before the midterm elections.

On Monday, it was reported that someone leaked a copy of a first draft of a ruling from a Supreme Court Justice regarding the overturning of Roe v. Wade. The timing was suspicious. The DemSocialists are fast realizing their agenda is in trouble. More and more people are waking up to the fact that policies of the Socialists are doing harm to American people. It is looking like a red tsunami in the November elections, with control of both houses of the legislature going to Republicans in a big way. Title 42, the Disinformation Governance Board (Ministry of Truth), Hunter Biden’s laptop, and more are all causing backlash! Even Pfizer had hundreds of pages released (today) regarding their vaccine. It’s obvious, the DemSocialists needed a distraction to stir the muck up.

And, voila! Someone connected to the Supreme Court of the United States decides to leak information he has obtained. He needs to be prosecuted! Justice Roberts has confirmed it is authentic. This was by no means coincidental; this was organized. Almost immediately after the announcement, barricades went up around the Supreme Court building. Now, I’m sure that the barriers were readily available, from having just recently been taken down from the January 6 protest. Hundreds of Pro-murder activists appeared as if they had been waiting in the wings. California right out of the gate brought forth a state bill making California an abortion sanctuary state, telling people they could come there from other states to get an abortion and the state would pay for it. I’m not sure how far that bill will go, since the state is broke! Planned Parenthood is all excited about California’s actions. They came out with the statement that abortions are sacred. By Tuesday, pallets of bricks mysteriously appear in major cities ready for the revolt. Various DemSocialist politicians are out in front of activists spurring on violence.

Let me clear up a few things. The DemSocialists believe they can whip up their support to murder innocent babies in the womb. They will cause damage and mayhem. Antifa is already involved. They hope enough people are anti-life to sway the election! Problem is, the pendulum has swung away from their position toward Pro-Life. All the family values people need to do is go to the polls!

On the leak itself, it was a first draft and may be added to or taken away from. It will definitely change somewhat before it is actually released some time in June or July. The violence is there to create intimidation also. Pray for the Justices! If Roe v. Wade is overturned, that means it will go back to the states and individuals, as laid out by the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution. It is not a flat out ban on abortions as media screams! It is a state matter and should never have been a federal one. The states will handle it.

On the violence that is going to happen (it happened in LA last night), remember the violence before the last election. The media called it peaceful protests, often live on camera in front of buildings on fire. It’s the DemSocialists that will be causing the damage, just like they did in 2020. I’m quite sure the Pro-Life people will not be instigating any such chaos!

As for Planned Parenthood’s claim that abortion is sacred, No, not a chance. It could only be sacred to Satan!