29 April, 2022 by Eric Dunkelberger

From 1933 to 1945, the Third Reich (Nazi Germany) had a Minister of Propaganda. Fascist Italy had a Ministry of Popular Culture. The Soviet Union’s censorship body was the Glavlit, whose job it was to eliminate any undesirable “lies” in print, then expanded from there. Propaganda has been around for a century at least, and mostly through tyranny.

Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goerbels once said, and I’m paraphrasing, if you tell a lie often enough and convincing enough, people will begin to believe it. He basically worked through radio and papers, flyers and speeches. Imagine if he had had the internet, television and non-stop news in his time.

Actually, you really don’t have to imagine it; just look at the news media of today, the Sewer Stream Media. It’s all the news you need to believe the government line. Want proof? Just look at all those wearing masks alone in a car, despite the biggest advocate for wearing a mask(s), Anthony Fauci wrote a paper making the case that more people died from masks that the Spanish Flu. But the maskers are so adamant about their masks that they will not go without them and they want to make sure you’re masked also!

Big Tech and the Propaganda arm of the DNC have been doing this for a long time, but now more people are getting their information from other places. Of course, Twitter was a huge offender. I’ve been censored by them more that once. They’ve even put me in Twitter jail a few times. Anything that goes against their agenda can not be allowed. At least until Elon Musk bought Twitter early this week. I’m not saying twiter has been cured of the disinformation disease, but, who knows, maybe.

Any hopes that we could have Free Speech at last was short lived, as the next day Joe Biden created the Disinformation Governance Board with its new leader Nina Jankowicz, described as a disinformation expert. Now, everything I have seen attributed to her is pretty much the definition of disinformation. As for her job, she is making Biden’s missing Millions taboo, mocking of Kamala Harris is taboo, Hunter’s laptop is taboo and, I’m sure her list is bound to grow.

The purpose of Biden’s announcement is to clamp back down on the Free Speech and Truth and to make sure only the Disinformation is heard by the rank and file Americans. Remember a few months ago when the FBI wanted to make any parent disagreeing with School Boards a domestic terrorist. This Governance Board will do the same for anyone on the right who disagrees with ANY policy favored by DemSocialists! Just think, those who think men get pregnant will be determining what’s Truth and what’s Disinformation. We just don’t need this at all!