11 March, 2022 by Sentinel 105

Yesterday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its monthly inflation figures. After monkeying with the numbers for the optimal public perspective, they announced inflation rate for the month of February was 7.9%. Immediately after release, the Denial Cadre, led by Comrade Jen Psaki, came out with the line, “We’ve seen inflationary numbers go down month to month”. Well, that’s not true; inflation has been going up pretty much from the time Pres. Biden took office. Everything he’s done almost looks like his goal is to destroy the economy.

As the economy turned downward after January 20, 2021, they raised the specter of Covid as the excuse. Now, however, more people have awakened to the fact that they were scammed and DemSocialists feared fallout from midterm elections. They needed another excuse. Enter Vladimir Putin and Russian aggression, as Russia invades Ukraine.

Of course, using Putin as the reason the inflation rate is increasing here has a flaw. Sooner or later, people are going to realize inflation has been rising far longer the threat of Russian aggression. Putin can’t survive as the excuse too long! Believe me, the Denial Cadre is already looking to blame something else next month. The current inflation rate of 7.9% is the highest in 40 years. I see no reason it’s going to subside anytime soon.

Years ago, there was a character on TV named Erkel, whose catch phrase was, ” Did I do that”, knowing full well he had caused that. Biden isn’t even THAT honest, as his catch phrase is “I didn’t do that. I wasn’t my fault”. To make matters worse, he’s got his Cadre to echo his works all over the network news ad infinitum (or nauseum, take your pick). Remember, right now the threat of World War 3 are looming large. It’s just that everyone is maneuvering to not get the blame for starting it!

Too many of the national leaders have destroyed their country’s economies through lockdowns and passports and closed cities. they are desperate to find an out. The question is, is a world war the answer? Is it EVER an answer?