13 November, 2021 by Erich Dunkelberger

Back in 1965, Paul Harvey did a piece called “If I Were The Devil”, which basically laid out the destruction of American society. It was a forceful warning to America, probably largely ignored by those who said, “That could never happen here”. For those interested, you can find the transcript here. It is amazing how prophetic it has become, especially the last line!

It received a lot of notice during the Obama regime, which was actively trying to supplant America’s position in the world. This period was a great time for the Socialists and the Communists because they couldn’t thrive under the principles that built our country. It was a full-on assault on Conservatives and the religious!

Now, under the current administration, they are apparently attempting to blow past the Obama years. To hear the Sewer Stream Media, everything is going great. Any hiccup is incidental to “building back better”. Some think it’s just Joe’s bungling. But, what if it’s not?

If, for what ever reason, they were trying to destroy the America we love and support, would they be doing anything differently? Aren’t they on a path to remove the country from its position as a world leader? What about our sovereignty?

One of this administration’s first actions was to scrap the Keystone pipeline and stop a lot of the drilling we were doing. This ended our self-sufficiency for gas and oil. We’re back to looking to other countries for our supplies. Some of that we are importing is coming from countries who do not like us. Gee, that doesn’t sound like too good an idea.

After the debacle in Afghanistan, where we pulled out of our military positions without notifying our Allies in country, we lost a lot of trust. Has anything been done to rectify that? No, not that I know of. The Pentagon shifted the responsibility of getting our citizens and Afghan’s (and their families) who had helped us over the past 20 years to the State Department, who botched the job, ultimately costing lives in the process. By the way, sources, other than government, say that there are still thousands of people we were supposed to get out are still there! But Biden managed to get out a bunch of undocumented Afghans out of the country and spread all over our own country.

With the “mismanaged” exit from Afghanistan, the military was a bit demoralized, as were the veterans who served there. Add to this the lectures our military has to endure on white supremacy and racism. Now, the vaccine mandates are causing many to leave rather than subject themselves to the vaccine. Those who did get the vaccine will have to worry about effects in the next 5-10 years. This doesn’t even take the build-up of the militaries of Russia and China into account.

Our southern border is wide open for human traffickers, drug cartel members and other nefarious types, but that’s okay with this administration. All of this should make for an interesting time as we talk among family members over the most expensive Thanksgiving meal in a long time! My position is it’s not by accident!