1 November, 2021 by Erich Dunkelberger

When I was younger a long time ago, there was a saying; “Crime doesn’t pay”. I spent my life working, getting paid for what I did, and, if I qualified for a bonus, I gladly accepted. I understood that anything done against the law, there were consequences I would have to pay. It was the way life worked. For most of us, that’s the way it still works.

Now, however, crime might pay for some. Wrapped up in the multi-trillion dollar bill being discussed in Congress is a provision to pay “reparations” to those who illegally crossed into our country and had children separated from them. The amount of this extravaganza is $450,000 each. At this point, I’m sure the language is still being drafted because the bill hasn’t passed yet and provisions in the bill are still being pulled to make the total price, currently at $1.7 Trillion, acceptable to enough to get it through. The thing to remember is, so far, everything that’s been pulled would have been to the benefit of American citizens to pay those who couldn’t care less for our country.

They want to pay a fortune to aliens who had children removed from their “care” after illegally crossing our borders. They broke the law as far as that goes. However, looking deeper, the children were separated because the adults couldn’t prove the children were theirs. These massive influxes of people crossing the borders was a perfect way for human traffickers or coyotes (and no, not the canine types) to make huge sums of money. President Trump stopped a lot of that from happening. President Biden is doing nothing to stop it, preferring to allow anyone and every one into the country and giving them free transport all over the country. Either way, this is proof of the Biden administration sanctioning a “Crime Pays” policy. They get paid for illegally crossing the border or they get paid for the inconvenience to the trafficking business.

Of course, you can put this right at the feet of Congress. For a lot of them, crime has been paying for years. Let’s face it; how can so many multi-millionaires come from a $174,000 salary? I doubt that happens legally. But, nobody is going to investigate wrong doing when you are one of the elite. In other words, that old saying about crime not paying, well, it doesn’t apply to everybody!