19 November, 2021 by Erich Dunkelberger

Last Independence Day, the Biden Administration was touting the fact that our holiday meal would cost us $.14 less than the preceding year. I’m not sure how they came up with this figure; it could have been per hot dog or something like that. I don’t know. Prices were already going up within a month of the Biden regime taking office.

Since then, It has been nothing but a spending spree, with very little good to show for it! One bad policy after another has weakened the United States economically in every way. The increase in our national debt has had an adverse effect on inflation. The supply chain has been throttled back by regulation. Our loss of self-sufficiency in fuel production has almost doubled the price at the pump.

All this will make this Thanksgiving more expensive. If you’re flying or driving to Grandma’s house this year, it will cost more. The food on the table will likewise cost more. Family activities will cost more. There are those who have lost their jobs through policies that divide.

The DemSocialists spend their time and efforts blaming the harder times people are experiencing on Trump, although he hasn’t been in office for ten months and conditions were trending favorably when he left. But, judging from the approval rating Biden has, currently at 36% and falling, most people must know better.

No matter how difficult things are this Thanksgiving, there’s still a lot to give thanks for. There’s the sunrise and the sunset. There’s the beauty around you. There’s family and friends. The list goes on. This Thanksgiving Day, give thanks where it is due. All glory goes to the LORD!

Happy Thanksgiving!