16 October, 2021 by Erich Dunkelberger

More and more people are beginning to feel some heat where their economic situation is concerned. We seem to be working harder and still losing ground. It’s hard to watch the evening news on network television paint such a rosy picture of our economy. Obviously, they aren’t in touch with any reality you know. I haven’t heard them tell the truth in ages. The truth of the matter is the average family is spending approximately $179 more a month than they did nine months ago for the same products.

Of course, chances are, you have trouble finding all of those products in stores. Some of this is caused by a lack of workers reporting to work because of Covid. That’s what the Sewer Stream Media says anyway. They say things will be fine shortly. The Government is taking care of things. My hair stood on end just writing that! More regulations and restrictions are being handed to businesses and industries every day. it’s what socialist governments do. And they’ll keep it up until Bernie Sanders is happy and all the shelves are empty like in Venezuela!

The gas pump isn’t really helping matters right now, is it? At the end of 2020, I was paying about $1.75/gallon. The closest gas to me currently is $3.05. Now, I know I’m not in the one of the most expensive areas, like California or New York, but that difference still hurts the old wallet. Of course, that will continue to climb as the United States has gone from being self-sufficient in gas and oil production to reliant on others for our needs.

How did we get here? At present, The United States is $28.88 Trillion in debt. This isn’t all Biden’s fault; he had a lot of help in this. But, he has surely accelerated the pace! To break that down, that’s $228,999 per taxpayer ($86,776 per citizen). Our debt owned by other countries is around $7.6 Trillion. This is not a good position to be in for our national security. And we are spending more than the Gross Domestic Produts is earning us!

On the employment front, we have about 153,000,000 in the workforce. But, there’s over 100,000,000 out of the workforce. Just about every business I drive by has a “Help Wanted” sign in the window. Our unemployment rate, as reported by the media is 4.8% (the U-3). However, if you use the U-6 formulation, the number is 8.1%. That will increase as companies are forced to lay off people who are not vaccinated. They will more than likely be added to the unemployable number, thus not figuring into the 4.8% figure.

If this causes you concern, just remember: the DemSocialists and some of their supporters among the Republicans are not finished spending yet! And don’t forget those new tax increases they want!