6 October, 2021 by Erich Dunkelberger

After the creation of The Constitution of the United States, the People determined that there was something missing. There needed to be assurances that their God-given natural rights would always be protected. The Bill of Rights was written with that intent. It laid out specific rights and guaranteed those rights against violation. In 1791, it became part of the US Constitution. It stated that these rights weren’t created by the government and couldn’t be stripped by the government!

The First Amendment of the Bill of Rights protects the freedom of speech, religion and the press. It also protects the right to peaceful protest and to petition the government. Freedom of religion has been under attack for many years. Religion makes living an immoral, perverted and indecent life difficult. Freedom of the press has been a joke for a couple of decades at least. Only a few outlets report actual news. The rest spout nothing but propaganda, calling the few true news sources conspiracy theorists! Freedom of speech has been attacked numerous times and defended successfully all the way up to the Supreme Court. But, it continues to be assaulted.

Earlier this week, Joe Biden asked his Attorney General, Merrick Garland, to declare any person arguing against the use of Critical Race Theory, Project 1619, mask mandates or sex education at a school board meeting a domestic terrorist. There was agreement between the two to employ the FBI to harass parents wanting only the best for their children. Now, granted that there have been some board meeting that have gotten loud, but most of the time, it was instigated by intransigence among the board members. Recently, a nearby county school board meeting was cancelled after members saw 50 parents wanting to speak. The meeting was just ended abruptly, and the meeting was rescheduled for the following week in a closed session! The parents were definitely upset, but the members didn’t want to hear their voices and they got their way.

School board members are elected officials. They should be responsible to the People. They are, after all, responsible for determining policy to educate our children! Way too many times, the members are in the pocket of the teachers’ groups or unions and too many of them want to indoctrinate to an agenda as opposed to actually educating.

One of the very few good things that came out of Covid (funny how that keeps popping up everywhere) was parents had the opportunity to see what was going on in the “classroom” as kid were taught remotely in their own homes. Parents were incensed and rightfully so! Those school board members should hear how those parents feel. Those children do not belong to those members to do whatever they want. They are the responsibility of those parents!

The FBI doesn’t belong in those meetings. They don’t need to be harassing parents protecting their children! Maybe they should go and do their actual duty. They could go and investigate election fraud (they can learn how from the forensic auditors in Arizona) or track down some human traffickers. You know, real bad guys instead of trying to entrap parents!