25 September, 2021 by Erich Dunkelberger

I get a lot of poll questions thrown my way. Many are sent as a fundraising tool. Others are just an effort to get an email for future advertisements. The ones I like most are those that seriously ask a question, then give the results at that point. The last category is the only one in which I participate.

This morning, AMAC (The Association of Mature American Citizens) sent me their weekly poll. To paraphrase, the question asked which mistake by the Biden Administration was the greatest threat to the country. The choices are as follows:

  1. The border crisis
  2. The Afghanistan pull-out and stranding of citizens
  3. The handling of COVID
  4. The economic policies
  5. Unsure

Now personally, I believe there should have been another choice. My choice would have been “None of these were a mistake”!

The Biden Administration has always wanted an open borders policy. They deliberately opened the southern border for that goal. Their plan is to let as many people into the country as they can, ship them all across the country, “lose” them, grant them amnesty then give them the right to vote (DemSocialist, of course). I doubt that the Haitians who were gathered in Del Rio, Texas were sent back to Haiti. They are now all over the United States, probably with taxpayer money. The Central Americans normally at our borders are in camps all along the southern states. The Afghan refugees have been sent to military bases “for processing” but many of them are just walking off of the base. It’s certainly not military members providing security! Lastly, amnesty is in one of those Infrastructure bills just waiting to be passed.

The sudden pull-out from Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan and the complete mismanagement of the withdrawal of American citizens, Afghans who helped Americans and should have a special visa, and the refugees was absolutely a debacle, or in military jargon, a Charlie Foxtrot! But was it a classic case of bureaucracies not working together and getting people killed or was it a plan to demoralize our military and ruin relations with governments who have worked hand in hand for years?

The handling of the China Virus was no mistake. It has always been about dividing people. Do you mask or not? Do you get the vaccine or not? Do you need the vaccine if you’ve had the virus before and have antibodies? Do you lockdown or not? These questions are coming to a head all over the world. There are protests in Great Britain, France, Italy and Australia. It’s at a boiling point here!

The economic situation is obviously by design. The DemSocialists want to destroy Capitalism, but can’t because they need the businesses to tax at a crippling rate so they can spend all of their money. Let’s face it; they are going to need around $25-30 TRILLION to waste on all of their dream programs.

So, that’s my case for the sixth choice of “it’s no mistake”. Yes, Biden is completely inept, but those who are running him are pure evil. Prove me wrong.