19 September, 2021 by Erich Dunkelberger

When you begin a discussion on Covid, there often is a move to pigeon-hole participants into various categories. In all honesty, I guess that goes on in just about any discussion. It’s that kind of a divisive world. But, in regards to Covid, division is almost automatic. Many people are being turned away from businesses because they aren’t vaccinated. A couple of businesses are going the opposite direction and refusing service to those who are vaccinated. Personally, limiting your clientele for any reason just doesn’t seem like a good business plan.

One phrase heard a lot is “Follow the science”. That usually works. But Covid is different. Actual science is provable. Given certain data, the results should always be the same. If a new valid parameter to that data is added, the result may change, but that new data, when tested, should give the same new result. If someone tells you the science is settled, question that source. Fauci uses that phrase quite a bit and he has been on every side of an argument at some point in his life. I swear, it’s like he goes along with whoever pays the most. True science can’t be bought. However, data can be manipulated. When an experiment starts with a desired outcome and the data is massaged to get to that desired outcome, that’s no longer science!

That phony outcome becomes Sewer Stream Media fodder. It gets disseminated to the public, too many of whom don’t do any form of questioning of that information and take that fiction as fact. The science is settled so it must be true. If this information is on every platform you use, every television screen, or every governmental meeting you see, it must be true. But, is it really?

The origins of Covid is uncertain. I believe it came from a bioweapons lab in Wuhan, China. Others, including the media, says it came from a bat in a wet market. Dr. Fauci says maybe the lab, although his agency funded the research at the Wuhan lab! Once the virus showed up here, it was within a couple of weeks before they had the virus isolated. That’s pretty miraculous. of course, they could have gotten the sequencing from the Chinese, but that seems a little strange that the data would be trusted. however the structure of the virus was determined, it took just a few months before vaccines were ready for trials. The first two Messenger RNA vaccines were in the mix. Immediately, critics with impressive credentials began raising questions about long term consequences. Of course, those questions remain and will remain for the next five+ years. But, by all means, follow the science!

At this point, everyone who wants a vaccine in the United States has had one or two injections of the three vaccines available here. The Biden Administration wants more people to take the jab. Now we have mandates! You have to have the injection if you want work, eat out, go to the gym, etc. Of course the vaccine doesn’t prevent the virus and doesn’t make it a lighter case when you do get Covid. It won’t even keep you from death. But, follow the science!

The media tells you that it’s the unvaccinated who are getting sick and filling the hospital beds. Yet our borders are allowing anyone across and the illegals are being shipped all across the country, but more heavily in the red states. They certainly aren’t getting vaccinated at the border. How do we know they aren’t the ones filling the beds? Who checks? Since the hospitals are paid for treating Covid patients and paid extra for intubating them, how can a spokesperson from the hospital be trusted to tell us the truth?

Then again, there is a leaked zoom meeting between hospital managers for a group of hospitals in the area I live. During the meeting, one of the participants says they need to scare these people (the unvaccinated) into getting the vaccine so they needed to inflate the numbers of cases and the number of beds being used. The video has made the rounds. Even the local NBC affiliate had to report on it! Of course, the numbers have been inflated from the very start of Covid!

When it comes down to it, everything that is being done is for division of the country. They ask you to choose between security of the vaccine against your freedom to go to work and go to the store. They tell you choosing freedom is selfish. Benjamin Franklin once said, “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” The DemSocialists don’t want you to have liberty. But, follow the science.