13 July, 2021 By Erich Dunkelberger

Independence Day was a short week and a half ago. It was a great day! Flags were displayed proudly everywhere along with buntings on porches. Because it was on a Sunday this week, it started with church. The attendees were dressed in red, white and blue from scarves, shirts, ties. The American flag was on the screen when I walked in. After the service, a few of us went for a quick lunch, then four of us headed to a free concert celebrating God and Country in North Myrtle Beach, SC. I mention the town because any city that supports a concert for both God and Country deserves to be mentioned in this day and age! It was a fantastic afternoon, culminating with the song, “I Pledge Allegiance To The Lamb”. What a way to end a show!

I start with this description as one take on the American flag. I’ve always thought of myself as fairly patriotic! The prior week, we saw the other side of the coin. A employee of the New York Times said there were a lot of American flags on display and how disturbed she was by that. Disturbed? I just shook my head. Then, we had athletes trying to win a spot in the Olympic trials disrespecting the flag. I’m sorry, but, if you win a spot on the team, aren’t you going to be wearing that flag on your uniform? Why even try out for the USA team if you dislike the country? Perhaps you should try out for the teams from China, North Korea or Iran.

Over the last few days, I’ve seen other American flags. These flags have been carried by Cubans in the streets of Havana in protests of government abuse of their citizenry, while chanting “Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!” Now, if you still watch the Sewer Stream Media, You probably didn’t see the American flags carried through the streets. They tend to edit things like that out. They’ll tell you that they are protesting for better Covid care or more vaccines or some such garbage. That’s a lie! The Cubans see the American flag as a symbol of Freedom! Socialism and Communism never do anything FOR the people! They do it TO the people! Their only achievement is shared misery! The Cubans are tired of the misery. They want Freedom and they want it now! My prayers are with the Cuban people! Unfortunately, Communist governments are hard tyrants!

In 2020, we saw American flags in the streets of Hong Kong too. The Communist Chinese used the Wuhan Flu as a reason to clear the streets of protesters and silence the people in quarantine! They brought their security forces in to maintain “peace” and the voices of those protesters remain silenced!

Around the world, the American flag stands for Freedom. When there is trouble, disaster or otherwise, other countries call out for the United States of America and people come to there aid, usually wearing the American flag on their uniforms! So, why would an American be disturbed by the American flag? Could it be they she belongs to those against Freedom? There are plenty of Marxists, Socialists and Communists in this country. Maybe we should take a hard look at Hong Kong and Cuba (and Venezuela) to see the tyranny unleashed by those philosophies, before it gets any more entrenched here!

As for me, I’ll continue to fly the American flag in front of my house. I’ll continue to do what I can to maintain the Freedom our Constitution guarantees. If that disturbs you, sorry, NOT SORRY! Remember, Socialism and Liberty are incompatible philosophies!