2 July, 2021 by Erich Dunkelberger

I saw a meme the other day that just had me rolling. It had the look of a media “Breaking News’ graphic and the headline read, ” US facing “massive shortage” of conspiracy theories as all of them have come true.” Now, that’s funny, but, it occurred to me, there was a ring of truth to it.

Over the last several years, the Sewer Stream Media takes information, spins it to fit an agenda they can push to benefit their friends, and calls it news. Any differing viewpoint, they quickly call a conspiracy theory and those who continue that viewpoint become extremists. They’ve used this trick over and over. One tip-off of this trick is when you see a story where all the “news” personalities from all the channels are using the exact same adjectives and the same phrases in their reporting as if they’ve all been briefed on how to report the event. That’s because, they have! It’s a story designed to divert your attention away from inconvenient facts!

Let’s take climate change, for instance. It’s an oldie, but, evidently, a goodie as it is still trotted out to this day.. In fact, its advocates are blaming it as a cause of the condo collapse in Miami, while using it to add $300+ Billion to an infrastructure bill in the House just yesterday. Since the 1970’s, because of climate change ( or global cooling/warming, etc), it’s been prophesized that we should have been under water, or frozen solid or baked to a cinder many times over by now. Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” has been debunked on so many levels that it should be embarrassing. They continue to use it though!

You can also look at the Russian Collusion scheme the SSM tried to use against President Trump. When it went to hearings, all of the eye-witness accounts turned out to be either phony are at best 3rd party hearsay. It came out that Trump wasn’t doing anything they were blaming him for. You couldn’t say that about Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. If you did, you were told that was nothing more than a conspiracy theory and you are a extremist!

Covid was the source of a lot of back and forth over the last two years, and it still is! Did it start in a wet market with a bat or was it man-made in a lab? The latter was a conspiracy theory, but with the release of emails from Dr. Tony Fauci, it seems more fact than fiction. The vaccine is just as troubling. Are they safe or will they kill you. I have to remind people that the vaccine was never approved for use by the FDA, only for emergency use. The SSM rarely mentions that! On the other hand, why take a vaccine if it doesn’t keep you from getting Covid, as people are finding out now.

I could mention the “conspiracy theory” concerning voter fraud, but the last couple of articles I’ve written have been about that. The further the Sewer Stream Media reports falsehoods as truth and the truth as conspiracy theory, they will continue to be embarrassed, as if that’s possible for the DemSocialists. Anyway, we must continue to dig for the truth and never accept anything at face value, or the eggs will be on our faces also.