Well, the election audit in Maricopa County, Az. is very close to being finished. I’ve heard the count could be complete in a matter of days. There is some analytics to still be done. Officially, the results could be announced in two to three weeks. But, some concerns are getting out. Reports that there are a lot of ballots missing are out there. Those ballots went missing after the election, but before arriving for the audit. Obviously, this would mean chain of custody, which is mandated by law, is a joke! Does anyone remember the report of shredded ballots in a dumpster?

There are a couple of other investigations going on elsewhere. In Antrim County, Mi., it’s been proven that their voting machines could be logged into remotely. There’s no reason for them to need to be logged into remotely, but they could be… and were, twice. In Fulton County, Ga., preparations for an audit were put on hold until a judge could make a ruling on a motion to dismiss filed by lawyers on behalf of the Board of Elections supervisors. Everything at the site of the audit was under lock and key and the Sheriffs Department was supposed to be providing full-time security. The Sheriff pulled his deputies from their station and the next morning the door was found wide open. This is another chain of custody problem!

Every serious audit so far (not the ones where they just went through the same motions done during the original counts) has revealed serious issues. Algorithms that switched votes, illegal voters, missing ballots and videos of inappropriate activities on election night are just a few of them. Any one of these could cause doubt in the election process.

Now, the Attorney General of the United States wants the Department of Justice (?) to inject themselves. There already has been an exchange of words between AG Merrick Garland and those running the Arizona audit. Garland has told the people running the Maricopa County audit to stop counting. In return, lawmakers in Arizona have told Garland if they come in and touch one ballot, they will be arrested! This will become an argument dealing with the 10th Amendment, which reads: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Elections laws and their implementation are under the purview of the state legislatures. They can call for audits at their discretion. The current federal government wants to control them. Gee, I wonder why?! The “For The Corrupt Politician” Act has already passed the US House (HR1). S1 is to be brought before the Senate later this month. This bill would give control of elections to the Feds! Interesting timing for the Department of Justice(?) to step into a Constitutional issue. S1 has an uphill battle to pass the Senate! This could either push the bill over the line or backfire and lose big! We’ll see.

Six months ago, the DoJ had the opportunity to investigate voter fraud and decided to punt without benefit of any investigation. They saw no evidence of fraud. Why do they want to get involved now that evidence of how much fraud and illegal activities actually went on during the Election 2020 is about to be released? I doubt it’s to prosecute those involved!