The United States is at a crossroad. The two paths ahead of us are vastly different. It’s untenable to turn around and we can’t stay where we are. Many will refuse to go down the path to the left and many will likewise not go toward the right. What happens at this crossroad will determine if and how the country survives.

In Maracopa County, Arizona, a full forensic audit of the election of 2020 is going forward. The process of the audit of 2.1 million ballots is approximately 50% done. The remainder is still a month down the road. Already, there are discrepancies that have been found. Reports of the findings will start to be released after completion of the audit. The full report will probably be a month or more later.

Georgia is fighting for an audit of its own in Fulton County. The DemSocialists are fighting to stop the whole idea. Their cries that “there’s nothing to see here” is falling on deaf ears. The more they balk at an audit, the more they raise questions. If the election was so fair and pure, why not prove it?

New Hampshire did an evaluation of their voting machines and came away with higher than anticipated errors. Pennsylvania and Michigan are looking at Arizona, anticipating their own audits. The further we go, the more fraud found could create a Constitutional crisis.

Meanwhile, in the US Senate, Leader Chuck Schumer wants to push S1 to a vote by the end of June. Called the “For the People” Act, the law would basically legalize all the dirty tricks employed by DemSocialists in 2020. It should be called the “For the Corrupt Politician” Act. If passed, this law will guarantee there will never again be a fair and free election, while creating a slush fund to help re-elect corrupt politicians!

I’ve said before that the only way we can accept further elections is to find out exactly what happened, to prove no laws were broken and to make sure nothing illegal happens in the future! There can never again be any question of our election process. S1 is definitely NOT the way to do this!

So, here we are at the crossroad! The DemSocialists will push to the left fork for more fraudulent elections, while using divisiveness to widen the chasm. It’s how they’ve won for years! Those who desire fair elections (a recent poll said around 64% think there was fraud in the last election) will push to the right fork. The direction we go will determine if we stay a Republic or become another Socialist country. I stand with the Republic!