17 April, 2021 by Erich Dunkelberger

I received an email in my inbox this afternoon and the first line in the body made the statement that 27% of Americans felt less patriotic. It gave four criteria that they used to determine this figure. Do I fly the American flag? Proudly, yes! Daily, and it’s lit at night! Do I proclaim my pride in country loudly? If you don’t hear it, you’re not listening! Do I display other American symbols, gear, etc.? Yes, inside the house and outside. Do you support the Second Amendment? Absolutely! The email went on to try to sell me something that I could live without, so I deleted it. But, it did make me think about that opening statement. How accurate could that be?

I consider myself pretty patriotic. Most of my friends are likewise. We participate in Conservative affairs through numerous groups. We volunteer for Conservative candidates and pay attention to positions our elected officials take and let them know when we disagree. Most importantly, we are aware! Most of us want our country back!

I have acquaintances from the left. Most of them don’t have a clue what is going on aside from what they are told by the Propaganda arm of the DNC, commonly referred to as the Sewer Stream Media. Yellow journalism is several steps above the drivel spewed by those who call themselves news outlets! Everyone of them reads from the same script handed down to them by their handlers. You hear the same phrases in the same order for the same action, no matter what outlet you use.

I’d be hard pressed to find any from the left who are less patriotic. Those on the left actively pushing for Socialism were never patriotic to start with. Socialism is the complete opposite of American Patriotism. Socialism is shared misery. America prefers shared opportunities. Has Socialism ever raised anyone out of poverty? Capitalism has! Before anybody starts with how greedy Capitalism is, Capitalism and avarice are NOT synonymous!

The email’s opening statement can’t be accurate or it is worded very poorly. When I look around, I don’t see less patriotism. I see more frustration. I see more aggravation. I see more annoyance. I see more determination to take back our country. We want America First again! Isn’t that the epitome of Patriotism?