By Erich Dunkelberger 5 April, 2021

Recently, the Georgia legislature passed a bill strengthening their voter integrity laws and the Governor signed it into law. This is a welcome relief after the fiasco that happened last November, and probably again in January on a Senate run-off. There is an audit of ballots planned soon, or going on now.

Almost immediately after the legislature passed the bill, the Progressives/Socialists went into overdrive against the bill. Their weapon of choice is misrepresentation (lies) of fact, talking of how this bill constitutes voter suppression. Usually, this involves Voter ID. Anyway, the media is beating their agenda drum, giving cover for the Progressives using the same scripted words and phrases.

Then, leftist corporations began sounding off. First, it was Delta Airlines announcing their thoughts of ending operations in Atlanta. Coca-Cola spoke up against the law. Then, Major League Baseball said they were pulling the All Star Game out of Atlanta because of the law.

I don’t have a problem with either people or businesses speaking their mind about things. That’s the First Amendment at work! A business has the right to say what they want, but I have the right to not spend any of my money with them. I’ve been doing that for a while now.

When Colin Kaeperneck started the kneeling social justice stuff, I quit watching the Forty-niner games. When the NFL said they agreed with the opinion, I discontinued the Sunday Ticket and haven’t watched an NFL game since then. When Nike decided to make Kaeperneck their spokesman, I decided they didn’t need my money any more. When Under Armour said they agreed with Nike on social justice issues, they decided to not require my business. I figure there are plenty of businesses that do want my money to become vocal about issues. Coca-Cola lost my business a month or so ago, after training employees on how not to be so white. Hey, I’ve got a long memory.

The First Amendment gives the right to speak your mind. You have that right. Corporations are no different, but I’d caution you not to antagonize your clientele. The National Football League started acting against its viewers and their viewership has dramatically gone down. Maybe, the MLB should think about that before angering its base. Of course, the Atlanta Braves have said they don’t agree with the MLB decision. As for Delta Airlines, Georgia is already talking about curtailing the state incentives they give Delta. Regarding Coca-Cola, the CEO has already doubled down, basically saying they don’t really need our business. So be it!