21 April, 2021 by Erich Dunkelberger

After a trial that lasted two weeks, the verdict was rendered in the Derrick Chauvin case yesterday. During the trial, both prosecution and defense made points for the jurors to consider. There was a lot of information to mull over. After closing arguments, the jury spent around 24 hours in deliberations. Actually, it was less than that, as the judge delayed the reading of the verdict until late afternoon. Just after 5PM, the verdict was read: guilty of all charges. The question remains; was this justice or mob rule?

Last year, Minneapolis, Mn. was plagued by riots, looting and arson, doing much damage to the city. This had to be on the minds of every resident of the city, including the jury members. If BLM didn’t get what they demanded (justice or otherwise), the same thing or worse would happen again. After the trial began, protests were already heating up. Add to this environment a sitting Congresswoman and the current President of the United States injecting their views of the “proper” decision. Rep. Maxine Waters actually incited the crowds to higher levels of violence! The latter incident caused the judge presiding over the case to blast Waters, implying this could be used as a reason for appeal of the case, should Chauvin be found guilty. I’m sure the jurors were aware of some or all of this information and it probably weighed heavy on their minds.

Now, I don’t have all the information of the case. I saw snippets of the trial and read more about it. I don’t know if Chauvin was innocent or guilty. My opinion on that doesn’t matter. The decision was up to the jury to make. And, make it they did. The verdict was guilty of all three charges! Sentencing will take place in eight weeks. Chauvin was cuffed and taken to a prison to wait for that day.

Was the verdict based solely on the evidence or did the thunderous noise of state and federal officials calling for conviction, much of it within days of George Floyd’s death, play a part? Could they really expect that their identities would be protected and their safety and that of their families be guaranteed? The question will always linger. Was it justice or mob rule?