20 March, 2021 By Erich Dunkelberger

The cause for vote integrity has taken more than a few bumps and bruises. In fact, it’s ben closer to a mugging which left the victim hospitalized with broken bones, internal bleeding and comatose. For a while, the caregivers weren’t sure it would survive. Now, although its not out of the woods yet, there may be signs of life Several inroads are being made toward the advancement of vote integrity.

A couple of days ago, a Michigan judge ruled that the Democrat Secretary of State had broken the law by unilaterally changing some of the rules governing how the election there was to take place. That being the case, what about the five or six other states where the same thing happened, my own state of North Carolina included (I still don’t believe the Governor won re-election).

One of those aforementioned states was Georgia, where a state Supreme Court justice is allowing a full audit of absentee ballots for Fulton County, the Atlanta metro area. This has been back and forth several times, but just two days ago, the justice made his decision. Election laws mandate the ballots be protected and saved, but, after the passing of four and a half months, I’d be surprised if there aren’t some missing. I believe it was Fulton County that had some of the log books for the voting machines went missing. On the bright side, the Georgia House and Senate passed some strong vote integrity laws that would strengthen the laws. Not sure if the Governor will sign it.

The Arizona Senate has ruled for a full audit of 2.1 million votes for Maricopa County. A month ago, the state legislature and the county Board of Elections were arguing about who has authority over the election. I’m sure this was just a ploy to delay the inevitable, which it did. In court, it was decided the Senate has the power to call for an audit, which they now are. The problem here is this; between then and now, bags containing shredded ballots were found in a dumpster where the ballots were being warehoused. Later that day, a barn belonging to an election official caught fire and burned. Coincidence? I don’t believe in them! I’m betting that they come up severely short on the ballot count.

Far too many courts have dismissed cases of voter fraud without hearing evidence. The Supreme Court has done the same thing on several cases. The Supremes have abandoned the idea of protecting the Constitution, which is their responsibility, in favor of avoiding any semblance of a “crisis”.

There are several states that are following Georgia in bolstering vote integrity laws. I applaud that! What happened last November should never happen again! But, there were laws already on the books before November and people broke those laws. Why would we think any new laws would fare better the next time? Personally, and I’ve said this before, if I’m to have faith in vote integrity, I need to see multiple perp walks in multiple locations! That should go a long way.