It’s a new year now, so it’s time to hope the year brings Peace, Liberty and Justice for all. To get all three would be great; any two out of three would be acceptable. Just one of the three would make this year better than last year, which had none of the three.

I’ve never thought of myself as a great prognosticator, as evidenced by the fact that I’m certainly not a multi-millionaire, but that’s never stopped me from trying. A year of Peace, Liberty and Justice I just don’t see unfortunately. Liberty and Justice is a possibility, but it will be at the expense of Peace, and it will require intestinal fortitude. Singularly, none of them makes it through to the end of the year.

Peace is the most fragile of the three. Last year left the country with half of the population pitted against the other half. The anarchist BLM and Antifa, funded by the Democrat Socialists, had free reign in several areas of the country much of the year. They held portions of several cities hostage and city officials allowed them to retain control. The Media and Big Tech gave them cover throughout the year. One of the Big Lies of 2020 had to have been that BLM and Antifa were involved in only peaceful protests, despite burned out parts of several cities.

Justice will be an uphill battle. Last year left us with a stolen election, or, at best an attempted stolen election. Despite overwhelming evidence, completely ignored by Media and Big Tech, DemSocialists insist this was the fairest election in the country’s history. Hogwash! We had ballots for Democrats run through tabulators repeatedly on video! We had electronic voting machines with an error rate of over 68%, built into the programming. We have access, as required by law, denied to Republican observers! We had rules changed for voting by election officials, when the state legislatures were the only ones who could change the rules legally. There are liberal judges refusing to hear cases or delaying cases hoping to run out the clock. The only way, at this point, is for grand juries to start indicting people and roll them up to get to the elusive leaders of this coup! I don’t see this happening and, after January 20, flatly will not happen!

That leaves Liberty! The first step should be with Congressional leaders growing spines and doing what they should do. State legislators from several states have already recognized the fraud perpetuated in their states and decertified the results. Congress could realize Biden did not win those states and award the Electoral College votes to President Trump and he begins his second term on January 20. I hope this happens, but we have too many invertebrates in Congress!

No matter who gets inaugurated in 19 days, half of the population is going to be upset! We could be faced with four more years of the domestic terrorism of BLM and Antifa, or a work up to another civil war. Thomas Jefferson said, ” The tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” I hope for Peace but I fear we will see spilled blood.