I write this on the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. It was 247 years ago today that American colonists, Patriots all, dressed as Indians, boarded three British ships in Boston Harbor and tossed tons of tea into the water. The reason for this action was simple. The British had imposed a tax on products without the Colonists being represented in Parliament. Whether the revolt started over the 2% tax on tea or the fact that it was taxation without representation is debated, but after independence was won, the Founding Fathers established a government with representation for We the People!

The system used for determining the people who we sent to determine laws and policies for us worked fairly well, but slowly, corruption set in. We can argue when this started, but scandals such as Tammany Hall and Huey Long point to the existence. The Founders gave us the right to vote for our leadership, but recent events have raised questions about how often the leader for whom we voted was kept from office.

A lot of our protections for voter security have been ignored. Voter ID, for one, has been tied up in courts for years. Here in North Carolina, it was put on the several ballot several years ago. Voters approved it (60%-40%) and it went on to become a Constitutional Amendment. Then, before it could be implemented in an election, a federaljudge blocked it because it would “suppress” some voters Never mind you need an ID for just about anything, it’s too hard to get an ID, according to this federal (liberal) judge. Compromises were made and new forms of identifications were added to the approved list. That was approved, but another judge blocked it. Finally in October, just before the general election in November, An Appeals Court judge lifted the ban, but election officials decided it was too late to require ID!

There was wide spread cheating during the 2016 election for Hillary. It wasn’t enough! There was massive cheating in the 2020 election for Biden. They were caught doing the cheating, but they tried to cover it up. Like the old saying, if a tree falls in the forest but the media and big tech don’t report it (or block you from reporting it), did it really happen.

So, here we are. We have Biden claiming to be President-Elect. Trump has lawyers fighting court battles to retain the Presidency. We have no idea of whether governors’ races or Senate races or Representatives races were affected by the cheating. Probably so. I know I don’t trust that our governor won re-election legally! And, next month, Georgia has a run-off election for both of it’s Senate seats (I say again, two seats!) that is already showing signs of huge malfeasance! So, the question remains: how do we know whether the people who are in office right now are there fairly and squarely. We won’t know until we get a handle on voter fraud! Otherwise, the right to vote means nothing!

Thomas Jefferson said, ” What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that this people preserve the spirit of resistance.”

Consider the warning to have been made.