by Erich Dunkelberger, 21 January, 2021

The inauguration of the Biden administration has come and gone. Before, during and after the ceremony, calls for unity went out. Republicans should unify with Democrats, they say. Americans throughout the country need to be united. It IS the United States after all. The problem is that Democrats haven’t got a clue what the word means.

According to Merriam-Webster, the definition for unity is as follows: 1) the quality or state of not being multiple: oneness 2a) a condition of harmony: accord 2b) continuity without deviation or change ( as in purpose or action). Of those choices, I believe Number 2 is the appropriate usage of the call for unity from Washington DC.

Of those choices, I believe Number 2 is the appropriate usage of the call for unity from Washington DC. Therein lies the problem; the calls for unity have no relationship to any actions. The Democrats want nothing less than capitulation. If surrender isn’t coming, they want to track you down, discredit you with or without phony charges (Democrats excel at this), enslave, re-educate (re-indoctrination), or imprison you. Does that sound like unity to you? It doesn’t to me!

The Democrats aren’t the only guilty party. The Republicans are confused in the word also. Far too many elected officials sat during the hard encounters after the election. I was lucky to have had my Representative who stayed in the fight. Neither of my Senators were even on the field! Now, after the inauguration, here come the letters and emails from the GOP asking for our money so they can fight Socialism from the other side of the aisle. I’m not sending my dollars to you to be wasted. You’ve done that far too long.

If unity is truly your goal, my advice for both sides of the aisle, think about what’s best for ALL Americans! With just over one day in, the Biden administration is not off to a good start. The direction they are choosing is America Last. That will make the Socialists as happy as they get, which isn’t very much. The House and Senate Democrats are barreling down the path to further divide, which is the opposite of unity. For the Republicans, who stood tall the last few months should take pride. The rest, I want to see primaried by actual Conservatives!

As far as I’m concerned, unity means getting to the bottom of the massive voter fraud, foreign and domestic that got us here! If you can’t trust your vote to matter, how can you trust the outcome? You might want to get to it, before we all become subjects of the Chinese Communist Party!