The General Election of 2020 will go down in history as the election that makes or breaks America! That was the way it was promoted. It was one side or the other; Freedom or Cultural Marxism, Capitalism or Socialism, Unicorns or Wolves, depending upon which side you stand. What is certain is Trump/Pence would continue on one path and Harris/Biden (even Joe Biden called the team this several times) would take us down a completely different path. I have often said that Liberty and Socialism are incompatible philosophies. This was what the 2020 election was about. That is not for what this election will be remembered!

On election night, I was at home in North Carolina watching online switching between coverage on Epoch Times and the NC Board of Elections website. I watched as the various projections started to come in. I had doubts on several of the projections for Biden, but when North Carolina went blue, I really had doubts. The NCBoE website showed a close race. I continued watching as Trump started gaining, along with most of the Republican candidates. And then, Trump and the other Republicans were ahead and pulling further and further ahead. The blue left North Carolina on the map and was replaced with leaning blue, then back to gray, meaning uncalled. And then… everything came to a screeching halt! It stayed that way for a week and a half.

Let’s back up about a month. In North Carolina, election law and policy changes go through the General Assembly, as in most states (if not all). It’s in the North Carolina Constitution. But, The Director of the NC Board of Elections, in conjunction with the state AG, decided to change the rules on her own. Why? Because, well COVID! One of her rule changes concerned the length of time after election night they would allow mail-in ballots. They decided on the 12th of November. Another rule changed need for matching signatures. When these rule changes went public, the General Assembly was not in session and couldn’t come back unless invited by the Governor, Roy Cooper. He refused! Cooper was enjoying his own little dictatorship, as he completely ignored his Council of State and went about making mandates, edicts, and restrictions centering on mask mandates and shutdowns, thus hurting the economy while doing little to stop a virus. No counting went on, supposedly, until the evening of the 12th. Then there were gains for the Democrats and then back to the Republicans.

That’s what happened in North Carolina. I’m most familiar with my own state! There is absolutely no way that I trust the numbers of my states election! Now, during all of this time, other states evidently shut down the election at about the same time. Sounds like a bit of coordination! Reports of discrepancies started coming up! Several states weren’t allowing Republican witnesses during the count, as required. Ballot boxes started appearing or, worse, disappearing. Questions of the accuracy of the voting machines arose, as did the control of those machines.

Currently, six states are involved in lawsuits or recounts. The lawsuits are either working their way through Democrat held courts on the way to the US Supreme Court, or are already on SCOTUS’ docket! State legislatures are holding hearings on the integrity of their elections and what should happen next. Now, the state of Texas, along with 18 other states (and growing), is challenging the constitutionality of the election in four states. That’s already on the docket before the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, the Lame Stream Media is ignoring just about everything that’s going on. Move along, nothing to see here. It’s just nuisance behavour! Big Tech is backing them up, blocking posts and banning posters. They are the ones who declared the winner of the election! For those getting their news from either of those groups, you are not being well served! All you are getting from them is their narrative. They are telling you what to think, believing you to be incapable of free thought!

To be clear, this isn’t about one side or the other won. Do I have a choice as to which I prefer? Obviously! No, this is about vote integrity, pure and simple. In a fair election, I could accept whoever won. I might not like it, but I could accept it! The DemSocialists still haven’t accepted the 2016 election! The allegations show this was anything but a fair election. This was either theft of the votes or a full on coup! That determination I leave for the courts.

All of this causes me to doubt vote integrity. If I can’t trust my vote to actually count, how can I trust the government that claims to be a result of that vote? What’s the remedy? Anarchy? That’s has been the answer to those on the Left (BLM, Antifa, etc). I am praying for Justice. Justice denied would mean a continuation of a vote of no confidence!