Lately, I’ve heard a lot about lists. I’ve heard AOC talking about gathering a list of Trump supporters so punishment could be meted out. Likewise, I’ve heard Senator Kamala Harris wanting a similar list for use in going after people who disagree with her or the Party. Obviously, being on either of those lists could be hazardous to life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness. I think the subject needs some conversation.

First, some context. My parents were immigrants from Germany in the 1930’s. My Grandmother brought my Father and his brother out of Germany in 1933. My Mother left Germany in 1935 with her mother and two sisters. The families didn’t know each other then, but the reason for the departure of both families was the same. Their separate departures were brought about by the coming of power of the Nazi Party (National Socialist German Workers Party). The families did have one thing in common however; both were Jewish. Had they stayed, they would have been put on a list simply for their religion. Certainly, both my Grandfathers were put on a list. After the Nurnberg Laws, being on that list meant you couldn’t own a house, a business, couldn’t find employment. Basically, you were considered subhuman! I had family members who were put on that list. Obviously, they didn’t fare well!

Hopefully, you can understand my apprehension about collecting names for a list to be used for some sort of retribution. As a matter of living today, I’ve got licenses, permits and memberships to various organizations. All of those could be used to make a list. I pay taxes, and make various donations. We’ve learned there are those in the Treasury Department that aren’t friendly to Conservatives. They have compiled lists for “special treatment” (where have I heard that?).

This being said, I’m more than a little disturbed when politicians start wanting to make lists. The lists they want would definitely include my name! I agree with Thomas Jefferson, who wrote in the Declaration of Independence that I was endowed by my Creator “with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”