Dark into light

    There is a trend raising its ugly head in Washington, DC and, I fear it will gobble up more of our liberties as time passes. That growing trend is the increasing secrecy centering on bills, Executive Orders, and, now, treaty negotiations. Washington has always had secrets. Every nation does. Now, however, the secrecy is becoming blatant.

The latest example is the TPP, the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement. It’s details are hidden from public view in the basement of the Capitol.  If a Senator wants to read the bill, that’s where he has to go to see it. he can’t make copies or remove it, and he can’t talk about it to anyone.

Rumors about the deal run rampant; they run from complete surrender of sovereignty to it’s a great deal that will put more people to work. The last one comes courtesy of The Chamber of (Progressive) Commerce, so I have my doubts about that one. Some of the provisions, reportedly, are not to be made public for four years. During Obamacare, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said we had to pass the bill before we find out what’s in it, which was obviously a lie. Evidently, this is far more sensitive. It’s such a mystery that Wikileaks has offered a reward for details, and apparently, got some of them. According to them, the deal has 29 chapters, but only five have anything to do with trade. One chapter concerns globalism, placing more weight on global banking (hopefully not global currency) and multi-national corporations.

Wikileaks is not where the public is supposed to turn to find out what our government is doing. So far, only one Senator is screaming for the agreement draft to be made public. If it’s as good as the administration claims, why keep it secret? What could be in it that harms the country that they want to keep covert?

I’ve already mentioned Obamacare; we know how well that worked for many Americans. It didn’t! Add to that the questions of what our State Department was doing out of Benghazi  several years ago, or the suspicious nature of the events surrounding the Extortion 17 mission, or the still secret details of the FCC Net Neutrality internet takeover, or the Iran nuclear talks and you just have to stop and wonder,”What exactly is our government trying to do?” To my mind, it’s past time for this administration to come clean with the American people!