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    Dark into light

    There is a trend raising its ugly head in Washington, DC and, I fear it will gobble up more of our liberties as time passes. That growing trend is the increasing secrecy centering on bills, Executive Orders, and, now, treaty negotiations. Washington has always had secrets. Every nation does. Now, however, the secrecy is becoming blatant.

The latest example is the TPP, the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement. It’s details are hidden from public view in the basement of the Capitol.  If a Senator wants to read the bill, that’s where he has to go to see it. he can’t make copies or remove it, and he can’t talk about it to anyone.

Rumors about the deal run rampant; they run from complete surrender of sovereignty to it’s a great deal that will put more people to work. The last one comes courtesy of The Chamber of (Progressive) Commerce, so I have my doubts about that one. Some of the provisions, reportedly, are not to be made public for four years. During Obamacare, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said we had to pass the bill before we find out what’s in it, which was obviously a lie. Evidently, this is far more sensitive. It’s such a mystery that Wikileaks has offered a reward for details, and apparently, got some of them. According to them, the deal has 29 chapters, but only five have anything to do with trade. One chapter concerns globalism, placing more weight on global banking (hopefully not global currency) and multi-national corporations.

Wikileaks is not where the public is supposed to turn to find out what our government is doing. So far, only one Senator is screaming for the agreement draft to be made public. If it’s as good as the administration claims, why keep it secret? What could be in it that harms the country that they want to keep covert?

I’ve already mentioned Obamacare; we know how well that worked for many Americans. It didn’t! Add to that the questions of what our State Department was doing out of Benghazi  several years ago, or the suspicious nature of the events surrounding the Extortion 17 mission, or the still secret details of the FCC Net Neutrality internet takeover, or the Iran nuclear talks and you just have to stop and wonder,”What exactly is our government trying to do?” To my mind, it’s past time for this administration to come clean with the American people!



The Golfer-in-Chief is back at work now and the world situation awaits his attention.  Russia may have invaded Ukraine, although Vlad assures everyone that it was an accident; his troops didn’t mean to cross the border. It was faulty maps. They were only looking for the road to Crimea. Hamas and Israel have a cease-fire going all of one day so far. I’m sure the rockets will soon commence from Gaza. China is flying fighter aircraft within 30 feet of US Navy P-8 Poseidon anti-submarine warfare aircraft in a show of disrespect. The French government was dissolved, probably because they stood in Hollande’s way to socialism and the 75% tax rate. Iran continues on its road toward nuclear weapons development. ISIS (I refuse to call it ISIL or Islamic State) beheaded an American journalist and the US air war escalated to more targets in Iraq. One of the casualties was an American fighting for ISIS, which caused consternation at the possibility of American and European ISIS members with valid passports returning home to cause terror attacks in their homelands. Of course, here in the United States, you don’t even have to worry about passports as we have an open border policy on our southern boundaries.

So, upon return to the job, after speaking at an American Legion meeting on Wednesday and not receiving a warm, fuzzy reception, much to Sen. Kay Hagan’s chagrin, the pressing matters for action are revealed. With all the afore-mentioned situations in need of attention, the President’s deliberations turn to the United Nations’ global climate change treaty. That’s right, the most important issue on Obama’s mind is the non-existent global warming. Since the US Senate has already decided not to pass the treaty, Obama plans to circumvent Congress with a “legally binding” accord that basically names and shames offending polluters. He will tell his EPA to further crack down on carbon emissions, which will result in restrictions doing damage to businesses and the national economic recovery, if there has been a recovery.Then, the UN plan calls for the industrialized nations to pay the third world countries to clean up their areas of operation.

Legally, to me, an international “legally binding” accord sounds just like a treaty. A treaty, according to the US Constitution, requires two-thirds approval of the US Senate. The United Nations has tried to get this approved by the Senate for the last eighteen years or so, to no avail. Hence, Obama will call this an accord, stating it doesn’t need Senate approval. Even the French Ambassador to the UN Climate Change committee says it doesn’t require approval by the Senate.. The channeling of funds to poorer nations to help them adapt to climate change is even more of a problem, as all spending starts in the House of Representatives. This seems an abuse of power by the President, who already faces a lawsuit for his abuse of power.

Most reasonable people believe that climate change, aka global warming, is a hoax. It is perpetrated by psuedo-scientists who start out with a result, then manufacture the data to support that result, thus earning the money for the grant established by climate change advocates. Manhattan isn’t under water as the projected twenty years ago. The ice pack isn’t shrinking; it’s actually increased. The average temperature hasn’t increased; in fact, it hasn’t in the last 17 years. This year, we’ve had record lows this summer. The forecast for this winter in the Farmer’s Almanac shows a colder than normal winter with more snow for us.

This administration’s belief they can  make their own agreements could cause serious problems nationally. If this goes unchallenged, as so many other things have, it could just  be assumed to be approved, by other than constitutional means and the United States will be deemed to have passed the treaty. Will the Senate challenge it? Under Harry Reid, I doubt it. The House could pass articles of impeachment, but, again, the Senate would never take it up. If this goes unchallenged, next up would be the UN Small Arms Treaty, a curtailment of the 2nd Amendment. After that, the UN Laws of the Sea Treaty, in which the US Navy would have to ask permission to fulfill its missions, could be next. Once one domino falls, what’s to keep the rest of them from falling?


Last Tuesday, the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on the President’s Constitutional duty to faithfully execute the laws, as laid out in the US Constitution in Article II, Section 3. The speakers for the hearing were, Michael Cannon, a director for health policy affairs at the Cato Institute and Jonathon Turley, the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University. Together, they blasted the President’s execution of Obamacare, or, more accurately, his failure to execute. They pointed out that, after passage of the law, Obama has on numerous occasions, changed the details of the law. From collecting taxes that were not authorized to choosing to delay taxes that were authorized, he has picked which parts of the law to enforce, while disregarding other parts and failing to enforce others.

The aforementioned Article II, Section 3 of the US Constitution, lays out the duties of the President of the United States, one of which is “he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed”. This was the subject of the hearing Tuesday and, together, Cannon and Turley dismantled the handling of the laws by Obama and made it abundantly clear the Framers of the Constitution would not approve of the piecemeal attention given the law by the President. As egregious as the abuse is in this regard, I believe Obama has gone way beyond this charge in his attempt to grab powers from the other branches of government.

In the last five years under Obama, He has intimidated the Justices of the Supreme Court, gone around the Houses of Congress and consolidated central power not in the government, but in the Executive branch. His EPA, has passed regulations without Congressional approval. Those regulations have laid waste to companies, levied fines and destroyed employment across massive swathes of the country. They have killed the coal industry, causing concern among the electric companies. The last large lead smelter will close in the next week or two due to regulations, amounting to back-door gun control. His Border Guards are ordered not to enforce laws regarding illegal aliens (yes, I said it) entering our country and they dictate which, if any, violators get deported.

Then, there are the multitude of executive orders given. Under Obamacare, one of the provisions was that doctors were not required to ask certain question of patients. One of those questions was whether or not there were guns in the house. Last year, Obama penned an executive order that it was okay for doctors to ask the question, under penalty of Medicare money. Another order okays questions of sexual orientations and behaviors. There are orders for government grabs of food, crops and water in the event of a national emergency. The President decides when to declare a national emergency. There are guidelines and executive orders for when martial law can be declared, with more orders giving even more power to the President. Evidently, the National Defense Authorization Act of a few years ago didn’t go far enough.

There are many websites that someone could visit with many conspiracy theories, from FEMA Camps to be used for detention of American citizens opposed to big government to others.The problem is that a lot of those theories are rooted in the possible abuse by a government bent on control. As I look at our history, it occurs to me that many of the things that are going on in the government are the same things that Thomas Jefferson laid out as grievances against the King of England in the Declaration of Independence.