21 February, 2023 by Eric Dunkelberger

Yesterday was Presidents Day, celebrating the Presidents of our country. The first one led the Continental Army to victory over the British Army to win our Independence. The 34th President led Allied forces to defeat Nazi Germany in the European Theater of the Second World War. There were other great Presidents. We’ve had some mediocre Presidents. There have been some who were terrible! The current resident of the White House certainly qualifies as the worst of the latter group!

We awoke yesterday morning to find Joe Biden in Ukraine, promising unending love and lots of money (taxpayer money).He preferred to go overseas rather than to handle domestic situations. He could have (and should have) gone to East Palestine, Ohio, where a train had derailed. The cars contained hazardous material, vinyl chloride. Norfolk Southern, operators of the train, indicated the best way to handle the toxic material was to set it ablaze, which created a huge black pillar of smoke. Half of the town was evacuated. Only half!

The situation in Ohio had been ongoing for around two weeks, largely disregarded, the citizens ignored. Obviously, this was a problem with transportation, and the Transportation Secretary was completely absent for the first 10 days of the crisis before speaking, saying nothing important.. There was no FEMA presence and EPA was AWOL! These people were getting the bureaucratic run-around. The EPA told the residents that the water was clean and the air was safe.

Then, things got interesting. Donald Trump said he was going to East Palestine on Wednesday (tomorrow). FEMA and the EPA showed up on site the next day! Of course, by that time, two more trains had derailed, both carrying hazardous materials.

The Department of Transportation has had a terrible 2023 so far. First, the complete shut-down of air transport for a day and then the derailing of three trains ( there’s now been a fourth) so, I’m sure, the “Mayor Pete” has some explaining to do and his flippant attitude isn’t going to work in the House hearing that is soon coming! Neither will blaming Trump!

As for Biden, he’s had an even worse two months. Beside the catastrophe that is the Southern border, he’s done next to nothing to secure our airspace. He let a CCP Chinese spy balloon go completely across the country before shooting it down over the Atlantic. I doubt we’ll ever hear about the data acquired by the platform. Of course, anything gotten by the balloon was probably already sent to China. Within days of that shootdown, NORAD discovered three smaller, lower-flying balloons. They were dispatched much quicker, downed by four Sidewinder missiles (one missile per balloon and one miss) at a cost of $1.6 Million.

Speaking about out taxpayer dollars, the budget battle is heating up, with Biden saying there is no compromise; just raise the ceiling! If that is the case, inflation will be much worse later this year and next!

Considering the domestic affairs that Biden has pretty much caused, I can see why he might have preferred going to the warzone of Ukraine. Of course, our State Department warned the Russians off from making strikes while Biden was in-country. I’m sure the Russians and Chinese are quaking in their boots!